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UPND defends decision to embrace MMD MPs


UPND Deputy Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo
UPND Deputy Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo

The opposition UPND has defended its decision to embrace MMD members of Parliament.

UPND Deputy Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo says Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili should not castigate the party for embracing politicians the people rejected in 2011 because the circumstances are different from what the PF did.

Mr. Lifwekelo says the PF were condemned because they embraced MMD Members of Parliament who were before the courts of law facing corruption charges.

He says the MMD MPs the UPND has welcomed are not facing criminal charges in court.

Mr. Lifwekelo has further stated that it is not a guarantee that all the Members of Parliament who have joined the UPND or those yet to join the party will be in the UPND government.


  1. Kambwili neckless HIV man with no libido should by now start thinking how to answer the Roan golf course he grabbed after 2011.
    He knows the time is near .
    Kambwili where is Dora and Kaingu working and where did they come frm ?
    Uli mbwafye Kambwili Leave the honourable MMD Mps and are worthy to be given cabinet posts mafi yobe

    • With his Coppertone mediocrity, I am still waiting for Kambwili to leave PF, as he is on record having said he cannot work with the likes of Dora Siliya….I am also still waiting for him to close Zambian Watchdog, using whatever means including FBI…khikiki…ifisushi fyeka-fyeka…What RB did, as ahead of MMD, is worse than immoral, to say the least…If Michael Sata woke up today, he would collapse and die again immediately..

  2. Meant after Aug 11th this man with no neck thought can be a running mate cimukoshi swine sikanka pa kunya.Time is ticking to be answerable u ,Mumbi Phiri feel for you.
    By the way Catholic Priests should counsel Mumbi Phiri even that women’s league the imbecile moron wears is a disgrace .

  3. PF campaign strategy – Donchi kubeba reloaded:

    A. Obtusification: Lying that Lungu is not to blame for all economic ills and that it is Global….and that Zambians should not complain but thank Lungu who is getting fat each day in pocket and body!
    B. Falsification / Smear / Hate campaign: Accuse HH of sattanism, mason, privatisation
    C. Tribalism: Demeaning and intimidating other tribes that challenge Muchinga Bemba PF failure. Label and insult them as Tonga whilst exaulting wako-ni-wako Muchinga Bemba-Eastern alliance.
    D. Violence through Police and PF militias.
    E. Blackout HH from public media whilst Lungu branded campaign vehicles everywhere.
    F. Enhanced corruption of population through economic blackmail.
    G. Heroism. Using KK and Sata legacy to woo Muchinga/Eastern.

  4. The truth is that the UPND has realised it has no strong structures in provinces outside Southern, Western and North Western provinces. The UPND is struggling to find candidates for Parliamentary, Councillor and Mayorial seats outside the named provinces . The UPND has been making noise that it is the most popular party. This is hollow thinking as the UPND is still the third biggest party after PF and MMD. The noise being made by HH, GBM, Scott and Mmembe is just for hotel corridors. Even Luanshya and Chingola were the demographic compositions of these areas could have favoured the UPND , the scramble is for PF seats. Nothing about UPND. The truth is sometimes bitter. UPND has found itself in an optical illusion, and come August 11, reality will sink in.

  5. calling kambwili chimukoshi ca HIV is ok,but loosing appetite when some names are mentioned is bad,,zambians comment wisely,

  6. If you say UPND is a finished party, then you are also under pressure like your fellow PAST FAILURES or FOOLS, when was UPND finished, talk like you have a head on top of your neck, work up, that’s why mulyokela is eveeven better than your father, bumpafu, nyama, mulenya uno mwaka, akukoseleshanyeni.

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