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Lungu’s victory depends on parley candidates-Simuusa


AGRICULTURE and Livestock Minister Wylbur Simuusa (centre) flanked by his deputy Lackson Kazabu (left) and Permanent Secretary Julius Shawa during a 2013/2014 Crop Forescasting Survey media briefing in Lusaka
Former AGRICULTURE and Livestock Minister Wylbur Simuusa

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu’s re-election will largely depend on the popularity and credibility of the parliamentary candidates the Patriotic Front (PF) will adopt for the 11th August a general election, Wilber Simuusa has said.

Mr Simuusa, who is Nchanga PF member of Parliament, said the parliamentary candidates would be the ‘‘running mates’’ to President Lungu and if the ruling party was going to make a mistake of adopting candidates that were unpopular, there was a danger that the Head of State would find it difficult to win the presidency.

He said while President Lungu had remained popular and likeable by many Zambians, it would be the popularity and credibility of the candidates that would be adopted that would make the PF win the general elections in the first count of the vote.

Mr Simuusa said in an interview yesterday that there was need for close scrutiny of the parliamentary candidates because the electorate had become enlightened and new the kind of people they wanted to represent them in Parliament.

He said serving MPs who had remained loyal to the party and had performed well in their constituencies should be given preference because they were on the ground and would easily retain their seats with majority votes.

Mr Simuusa said there was a general perception in the ruling party that the PF had been infiltrated by outsiders who were positioning themselves to be considered for adoption at the expense of loyal members who had worked hard for the party for a long time.

Mr Simuusa said some of the serving MPs had misunderstood a statement by PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri that unpopular candidates would not be re-adopted and should therefore be assured that their constituencies would not be given to people from outside the ruling party.

“I would in fact state that the candidates the PF will adopt will be running mates to President Lungu because they are the people who will make it possible for the Head of State to get re-elected. If we are going to have candidates that are unpopular, there is a danger that the President will have difficulties in getting re-elected.

‘‘We also have to deal with the general perception that the PF has been infiltrated by outsiders some of whom had been hostile to the leadership of the party. The perceived outsiders are positioning themselves to get adopted and are eyeing the constituencies of faithful and loyal serving MPs who have grip on their seats,” Mr Simuusa said.

Mr Simuusa said the PF had remained the most popular political party and that the adoption process had attracted a lot of aspiring candidates.
He said in his constituency, eight people including himself had applied to contest the seat on the PF ticket and cautioned that care would have to be taken in the selection of candidates if victory was guaranteed.

He said people were keen on knowing who would be adopted and that those who had immensely contributed to the growth of the PF should not be abandoned.


    • Simusa no wonder you were fired.You are dull.What will determine if Lungu wins or not is his performance.Even if he choses pipo you want us to believe are popoular [which I take includes you in your myopic thinking]Lungu will fail if pipo feel he has not performed.To determine if he has performed go the ground and check the price of mealie meal,prices of essential commoties[detergents,cooking oil sugar etc].These are the things that matter.Not wether Simuusa and his gang of underperformers think they are popular.


    • Bwana Simuusa, you still don’t know that the presidential vote is independent of the parliamentary vote?

    • Simusa why talk about Lungus team when you are UPND?
      You should be happy if Lungu if Lungu feilds a weak team.

  1. The Zambians will vote for humility and stewardship. Only President Lungu exhibits these qualities. PF MPs will win because of him and not the other way round.

    • If zambians reelect ecl majarity of the pipo will join the poverty wagon as imf is likely stepping in with sap.this is a timely warning.

    • Laundering Lungu from Economic Shredder, Unprecedented Borrower, Violence sponsor and chief warlord, Corruption supremo, Brutal freedoms suppressor, and individual with fastest fattening body and pocket by masking him in words….humility, poor, big heart, and stewardship.

      PF campaign strategy in full swing and Kudos in driving seat…!

    • Actually they will vote for someone who has a vision for the country and not a dull person pretending to be humble but has no clue. Unlike you, most Zambians actually have brains now.

    • People are not eating humility silly. They spending time on queues for the staple food.thanks to the visionless leader at the helm.
      Is Lungu being a good steward by increasing his salary while the majority of the Zambians are wallowing abject poverty?

  2. In my view, PF will win the majority in Parliament but HH will win the Presidency. This has happened before. In 2001 for instance, Levy won the Presidency with a negligible number of MPs wining on MMD ticket. Lungu is now no match for HH and no single MP will be elected based on the Lungu factor.

    • That can be the best combination so that checks and balances are in full swing and now with the constitution guaranteeing MP tenure, the winner can form cabinet of quality that will save Zambia from its current downward economic trajectory.

    • Fortunately, that wont happen. ECL will win in majority both parliamentarian seats and the presidency itself.. For Lungu its known where he will get the winning votes and these places are; Eastern p, Northen p, Luapula p,Lusaka p,Mchinga p and Copperbet proveinces, including the swing province of Central. While other contenders we wonder where will they get those winning votes??

  3. I know for sure that Simuusa is not going to be adopted.

    Whereby you have done nothing in Nchanga Constituency.
    Whereby you had Presidential ambitions.
    Whereby you were once a member of the Cartel.

    It is therefore witnessed as follows:
    You will not be adopted.

    • Is Simuusa from the Eastern province….then he will be adopted as RB is now King. If not forget it, unless you are Muchinga-Bemba connected, say with Chikwanda and Luo.

  4. PF may lose elections since they don’t have anyone to explain both their policies and works, of the calibre of Mutati or Late Remmy Mushota. They all know politicking than explaining. For you to win people’s hearts, first you have to be a teacher to teach your audience and proceed to sell them your ideas. PF have done most of the promises in their manifesto, but can’t see these themselves and fall prey to opposition attack tricks and spend too much time responding instead of explaining. They have to work on exchange rate of kwacha. This has put everyone into problems. Most citizens and businesses can’t raise enough kwacha to pay for vehicles, exams, professional subscriptions like ACCA, CIMA, CIM, goods and services importation and have to defer.

  5. This will be PF’s campaign message:
    HH sold the mines
    The opposition have caused all the problems in the country
    It is Global
    HH is lying to you
    Look at the roads
    We will reduce mealie meal but the opposition keep exporting
    HH is a liar and a satanist
    Sata hated Guy Scott

  6. Dollar K9, Constitution given. Mealie meal shortage ended, cheaper to K50/25kg after solar mills installed. Sugar plantation in Chembe (more jobs) Mopani investment (miners re-employed + more jobs) Makasa Unza opened (more edu opportunities) Tractors given to women (empowerment and more food) Chili plantation in Mansa for export (more forex) Mongu-kalabo rd (more trade) Cashew nuts (more forex) MDC funding lsk drainage system (no flooding) more schools, more clinics, more hospital, better communucation (roads) marketeer funds, Itezhi, maamba, and Musonda power stations (no loadshedding), etc. and many more cos u won’t read all. Lastly, incumbency, majority, and govt machinery at our disposal. What do you have: Promises? You have not even done anything to talk about even in your…

    • Too shallow to catch up with the reality of things!! Include the 90 days also, may be it can add salt muli soup before the last person in the Bwalya NYONI, Mukuka and Chanda Banda family endorse FORWARD… Coz for them earlier, going forward meant starving their families forgetting that they did that at the expense of the other families that put their relative in office as a worker and not lord!!

  7. Simuusa is unpopular in Chingola and he will not e adopted to the PF. They will drop him like a chic with an STI.

  8. I agree with simuusa. My appeal to those who are not going to be adopted is that they can still work with PF in a different angle. pipo will know you by the way you will behave when not adopted. Look at sampa and scott who can trust them. even UPND cant. Its like expecting true love from aprostitute

  9. 1 KINGS 3 vs. 5 the lord appeared to him {Solomon (Lungu)} in the dream and asked him; what would you like me to give you? Vs 9 give me wisdom to rule your pipo (Zambians). The lord was pleased that Solomon ( Lungu)had not asked for riches (like HH and GBM) I will do what you have asked for I will give you what you have asked for. Chapter 5 Solomon (Lungu) prepares to build the Temple. Come August 11 Solomon (Lungu) as indicated in chapter 6 is coming to build the Temple. Solomon’s enemy starts with HA (1 Kings 11:14-16) and lungu’s enemy starts with HA. Will the Edomites (UPND) and their leader win?

    • Ninsele fye but no policies as to where the country is heading to.Konkanyenipo ukula tunya abantu whilethey wallow in poverty.Lesa akamiseka

  10. Comment:. Simuusa you’ve got it wrong this you wil not be adopted ta so just join the huge winning family called UPND. Viva HH, viva zambia foward!

  11. Comment: Simusa,what av you done in chingola for u to be readopted ?nothing,chingola was one of the best and cleanest town in zambia,simusa,simusa,you even failed to work on a kilo meter stretch from town to Nchanga hospital,even your house in chingola is very dirty,shame on you,its not about people in PF no,its us pipo in chingola who don’t want you here

  12. Only President Lungu exhibits these qualities I thought bano.ko can make better president than the clueless,visionless,hopeless,useless,brainless and a drunkard.

  13. ba simuusa you are a failure and we do not want you in nchanga constituency tell the nation why PF should adopt a failure like you. If PF make a mistake to adopt this failure(so called simuusa) then will give it to opposition. sorry God for a mistake we made in nchanga constituency for voting simuusa. Just resign and join HH.

  14. the MP is giving a clear picture of how things Ought to be done if indeed lungu is guaranteed of victory. the candidates to be adopted are those favoured and liked by the grassroots who have the vote. this applies to all major political parties as we have witnessed a number of defections taking place especially to and from PF & UPND. LETS WAIT AND SEE AS THE GAME UNFOLDS……#ECL

  15. Comment:kiping on insuitng each other everyday u wil never sove anything guys, sit down every one an start praying to God so that He giv us de wise president, zambia its a christian nation an we dnt want de conflict in diz country. Evetho u ar blaming ECL, first lok at de things He hs fynt for, roads, hsptls, skus an many more. The investors hv start coming to zambia,…. Cnt we jst apretient hm. To rule de country itz by knwldg an wisdom nt by ifyuma an somother things. Awe mwandi its very leyally for me to vote for smone who doesnt knw abut leadership.

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