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PF urges traditional leadership to stay away from politics


PF Member of Central Committee Charles Banda
PF Member of Central Committee Charles Banda

THE Patriotic Front(PF) has noted with regret that some of traditional leaders have decided to throw themselves into the political arena.

PF Member of Central Committee Charles Banda said yesterday that it was sad that traditional leaders wish to hold the political parties to ransom as to who they should adopt as Parliamentary and Local government candidates.

Mr Banda said some of the traditional leaders were fronting their children and grand children for adoption as candidates in the forthcoming general elections and declaring that if such adoptions were not adhered to, they would direct their subjects to vote otherwise.

“This attitude being exhibited by some of our traditional leaders is extremely regrettable and a danger to the existence of our political parties and their role to forward credible candidates to compete in the forthcoming coming high stake process of selecting good leaders for the development of our country,”he said.

Mr Banda who is PF National Chairperson for Mobilisation said PF would always discourage such kind of approach to politics and elections in the country.

He said all the traditional leaders should support the existing rules that politics be left to the politicians and their political parties while the continue offering guidance to the nation on matters of culture, custom and tradition.

He said the PF would always support the traditional leaders in their area of existence.

Meanwhile reports of corruption in the adoption process of candidates among some political parties have emerged in Eastern Province.

Caritas Chipata Governance Programmes Coordinator, John Mthaziko Zulu said in a statement that Caritas was saddened by reports suggesting daylight corruption taking place in the adoption process among competing candidates especially on the positions of Council Chairperson and Member of Parliament.

He said that information gathered by his organisation has revealed high levels of corruption, which have marred the primary elections at constituency and district levels.

Mr Zulu said that some aspiring candidates have corrupted electoral institutions of some political parties in order to give them massive votes.

Mr Zulu has criticized the illegal activities stating that corrupt people should not be allowed in Zambia’s governance system.

He has also called upon law enforcement agencies to get interested in the adoption processes of candidates in all political parties and arrest all those involved in corrupt activities


    • When traditional leaders and the church throw their weight behind government, they are praised. When they say government hasn’t done enough deliberately and say opposition can do a better job maybe, they are demonised.

  1. Awe baBanda work with chiefs and don’t bring confusion in their chiefdoms. PF Members of Central Committee and all party officials are also supporting their relatives. listen to chiefs

  2. Looks like the writing is on the wall. Charles Banda is not wanted in Kapoche and he us using the position of MCC and PF Mobilisation to silence Chiefs. Kazungula is also supported by Levy Ngoma to ensure PF goes into this election as weak candidate in Sinda. If Edgar loses this election, it’s because of people like Charles

  3. Bakalamba atate bake Chiyeso. A Charles Banda Mbalani yaku Nyanja. The Man was a radio announcer on Radio 1 Nyanja section. Very charming Indeed.

  4. Comment: Charles Banda is not wanted in Kapoche Constituency, if am not mistake this man lost twice as MP in Kapoche, what guarantee is there that he can win this time around? PF need to take heed of what traditional leaders are saying, lwenu ba Lungu anga tamumfwe

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