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President Lungu Pardons 525 Prisoners

General News President Lungu Pardons 525 Prisoners

Amos Chanda
Amos Chanda

President Edgar Lungu has pardoned 525 convicted prisoners including those on the death roll in a bid to decongest prisons in the country.
Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda has told Journalists in Lusaka today that some of the prisoners are facing life imprisonment while others are serving long sentences.

Mr. Chanda says the President has since signed a warrant for the release of the 525 prisoners using his special amnesty provided for under the prerogative of mercy provisions in Article 59 (d) of the Constitution of Zambia.

He says the Head of State has released the inmates upon being convinced that they are indeed reformed.

Mr. Chanda adds that President Lungu has from February 2016 to date released over one thousand prisoners in a bid to decongest prisons across the country.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chanda has also disclosed that President Lungu has authorized the Minister of Finance to amend and issue a Statutory Instrument number 103.

He says the SI relates to the acquisition of goods such as motor vehicles for public benefit and to liberty refunds of tax for NGOs and Churches in the country.


    • No wonder violence is on the increase since PF took over. Sata released over 1000 violent criminals on the streets and lungu wants to release over a thousand as well at the time when there are no resources to monitor these criminals.

  1. No one should wonder why our brethrens balls,dicks,eyes and hearts are being ripped off!!!In as much as he has the powers,the timing for the pardons is terrible!!

  2. Just hope those pardoned are truly reformed characters, & this is not for political reasons, i.e. seeking votes as this President does not fill one with confidence, after”Kanenegate”!!

  3. God forbid but what happens if those convicts do the same to his family? Lungu is thinking about elections and not thinking forward.

  4. The reason is to discongest the prisons. Why not build more prisons than to release 1000 criminals who will cause more problems.

  5. Dat’s da prblm wit u fools u always bring hate on ur frnds it’s 2 much of u talkin ill on da president whom do y think u r?u shud ve respect 2 da head of state

  6. Does our cluless,visionless,brainless,useless,hopeless and a drunkard Wrungu know that certain people cant be reformed with the current economic hardship do you think this people will let us move freely.

  7. Lungu has a lot of criminal friends who are serving time behind bars and this is just a way of releasing some of those criminal friends of his! I’m very sure that the lebanese criminal friend of his has been released. I’m talking about Mathew Mohan who killed a business partner Sajid itowala. Mohan is a greater friend of the drunkard and I’m very sure he is now free coz for some time there has been maneuvers to have him freed by his criminal friend Edgar!

  8. I am sure they have to register as voters so they can vote for him. What a good move. Now you have 500 more supporters. Kalichenjela Kamabala.

  9. 1. How can the president be convinced that all those 525 prisoners have reformed?
    2. It’s a wrong way of decongesting prisons.

  10. These are the same chaps pf is displaying as defectors, kikiki niyokosa candelo, even a weakening dollar and improved copper prices won’t help, kuyabebele we can’t hold on to a clueless bunch of fleas, we just need visionary leaders that’s all.

  11. Why doesnt he decongest prisons by releasing those who are in prison for petty crimes like stealing a chicken, or a loaf of bread etc.etc Why release MURDERERS back on our streets!!!

  12. This nonsense of pardoning prisoners must come to an end. Establish parole boards that will assess eligibility of prisoners to operate in society again on leased time. If they offend you quickly dump them back in prison without the need of a trial. Now as it is these thugs may strike again, get a good lawyer and successfully defend themselves from gaol. What is wrong with us, still stuck to the same old colonial-infused laws that do us no good but just give the presidency dubious powers over matters it doesn’t even warrant in knowledge and in depth. Do we really consider the consequences on the wider society, the victims, and the felons themselves!!???

  13. Releasing them is for Mr. Lungu and monitoring them is for the public. Should you notice any of the pardoned going back to the old habits please report to the relevant authorities. Suggest they form up a co-operative and be given land where they can now start farming which now is the in thing.

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