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Political Tensions between PF and UPND cadres rise over Political Party Flags


The Zambian flag flies along the Presidential flag characterised by the Coat Arms
A mob of PF youths took to the streets of Kaoma Township centre pulling down and tearing erected UPND chitenge ‘flags’ today.

In an interview, Kaoma district Youth Chairperson Alick Kalimbwe said Kaoma central constituency is a no go area for the opposition UPND party.

Mr Kalimbwe said no any other political party is allowed to erect any ‘flag’ in the locality except for the ruling PF party adding that President Edgar Lungu cannot be compared to FDD’s Edith Nawakwi or Hakainde Hichilema and his UPND or the rest in the country.

He said President Lungu is the Head of State and all other political parties should give him total respect and no any other political party is given chance to campaign or erect any ‘flag’ before parliament is dissolved.

Mr Kalimbwe said President Lungu will win the forthcoming General Elections slated for August 11, this year with the 50-percent-plus-one majority vote.

He said the massive defections of UPND members in Kaoma Central, Luampa, Nkeyema and Mangango constituencies is a sign enough that UPND is dead and buried.

But UPND Kaoma district Coordinator, Kenny Ndumba said that UPND was a listening party as all members have gotten a directive from their political leader Hakainde Hichilema not to engage in political violence.

Mr Ndumba said as a country only one flag with the coat-of-arm is allowed in all institutions and other places in Zambia as such he has given the PF cadres 48 hours in the district to remove their party ‘flags’ erected all over the town centre.

He said if PF cadres will fail to pull down their party flags in the locality, then UPND cadres will as well going to remount their party ‘flags’.

Mr Ndumba warned that any PF cadre who would be found pulling and tearing UPND party ‘flags’ in the area will be dealt with accordingly adding that his opposition political party is popular and has many youths who are able of beating up all PF cadres in the district.

He said UPND cadres have been quite for a long time despite being provoked by PF cadres in the area and that no one in the country is above the law whether from the ruling or the opposition political party.

Mr Ndumba said UPND cadres will not succumb to the day-to-day intimidation being perpetuated by PF members in the district.

Last week there was a near punch-up in Kaoma district when UPND and PF cadres almost clashed as the two groupings were mounting their party ‘flags’ at district’s Kalukungu market.

The fracas started when supporters from the two political parties were trying to outdo each other as they were hoisting their party ‘flags’ at the popular market.

Quick action by police prevented the situation from degenerating and the law enforcers have since pulled down all the 15 political party ‘flags’ in Kaoma’s town centre and markets in a bid to stop clashes between political cadres.

But barely a few days later, UPND and PF cadres again remounted their party ‘flags’ in Kaoma’s Town centre.

And Kaoma Police Officer-In-charge, James Chitembo has advised PF and UPND cadres to learn to co-exist as the mood for campaigns is now gaining momentum.

Mr Chitembo said political party chitenge ‘flags’ will only be allowed at the party offices and not in the business areas.

He said that the electoral Act stipulates that all political parties will only be allowed to campaign when parliament is dissolved.

Mr Chitembo said that the erection of political party Chitenge ‘flags was a source of confusion in the district among political party cadres.


  1. The head of state has his own orange flag which put alongside the National flag wherever he is, presidential powers doesn’t mean even ruling party chitenges have to be all over the show as a sign of power, fun how pf caders interpret some of these things, your party regalia should also wait until campaigns commence mwanvela ba kwindi imwe.

    • So what was the whole point of the meeting to end political violence?? Immediately after the meeting when ECL said it will be difficult to manage I knew one of the resolutions of stopping cadres from controlling public places won’t work becoz it works for the PF as patronage to the cadres

    • By the way where is the president up to with the 500 000 jobs that they were supposed to have created now that the elections are around the corner. Please just say the number no ifs or buts or the global situation. The president should be above all else and respectable. Tell us.

  2. Those PF Youth Leaders should be arrested, they sound like rebels. another Lingandambo faction.
    Only Mushala used to declare North Western province as no go area for UNIP.

  3. Let us all political players be civilized and prevent breakdown of law and order. Why can’t you cadres behave yourselves? You can differ in opinion but do you have to resort to hooliganism? Shame to all parties involved.

    • Let the cadres learn from accolades that Kudos have received by being rational. Sometimes just learn to make sense.

    • Ba Kudos….you have shocked with the wisdom from that skull head.

      Let these thugs co-exist. In fact in that area there are no Tongas and Bembas to fight but mankoya chaochao. Why main each other for ECL and HH who are enjoying sumptuous living in their mansions?! Stop it!!

  4. Iliteracy is to high in these cadres y fight for a flag this is total ignorancy we ned issue based campeghns nt fightng

  5. both officials from the 2 parties are idi0ts who seem to think the can intepret the law better. well baf00ns u re all madly insane. only the presidential seal and the national flag are a symbol of power. y dont u see a pf flag on the presidential motorcade mounted. for upnd u seem wise but ure craz official. until parliament is dissolved thats wen party symbols can be used to advertise and campaing everywhere

  6. Mmmmm surprise surprise from Mr Kudos-for the first time in the annals of his 14:16:04 blogging to blog rationally!Hope he’s not defecting to the party of rational & radical realists UPND!

    • he is welcome to UPND… Chacine…. he has acted like a level headed man even though he should have castigated the PF youth leader in Kaoma more than the UPND because the former is provocating the matter.

  7. PF is equal to violence and blood shed. Have you ever heard of Lungu expressing shock at the people dying by his cadres or on the road? A good leader would have been at the scene of the 22 who have perished on the GN road.

    • Both Lungu and Kanganja are soiled by the blood of innocents losing their lives as both are proving to be incompetent in office they hold. Lungu has all instruments to decree stoppage to violence with orders to relevant organs for desired results but for reasons best known to himself he chooses to shy away! Who then does he want to govern if people are being killed daily? As for Kanganja perpetrators of violence are right under his nose and even when the public he wants to lure with prize money offer to assist the police, nothing is done to the frustration of many! The Chipata beatings and urinating on journalists is at snails pace and those who recently stripped naked a lady within distance of the Vice President are roaming free despite the public identifying culprits what has Kanganja…

    • contd….. and his men done? Lawlessness happens in presence of police but bias determines action that has to be taken. Should anyone therefore wonder why the public are taking it out on police and also apply instant justice? Its frustrations! Thus Lungu and Kanganja you need to do something or as government changes hands you both may find yourselves in awkward predicament!

  8. Flags signify dominancy of locality. No foreign country can be allowed to fly its flag in Zambia. Doing so could triger war between countries. Even in animal kingdoms this happens, e.g. if another lion strays in another kingdom there will be a fierce fight between the lions. In the same vein, party flags are unlawful, those who fly them are doing it ilegally. Therefore, to prevent confusion between political parties, party flags must be banned.

  9. 1 KINGS 3 vs. 5 the lord appeared to him {Solomon (Lungu)} in the dream and asked him; what would you like me to give you? Vs 9 give me wisdom to rule your pipo (Zambians). The lord was pleased that Solomon ( Lungu)had not asked for riches (like HH and GBM) I will give you what you have asked for. Chapter 5 Solomon (Lungu) prepares to build the Temple while HH built himself a very big house. Come August 11 Solomon (Lungu) as indicated in chapter 6 is coming to build the Temple. Solomon’s enemy starts with HA (1 Kings 11:14-16) and lungu’s enemy starts with HA. Will the Edomites (UPND) and their leader (HA) win in 2011?

    • Lungu can never be likened to Solomon. Perhaps Barabas…. Lungu has a known criminal past.

      I am a born again believer and frown on taking Gods word in disrepute.

  10. Id!ot poorfool cadres, should learn to co-exit you damn fakaz! Watch this space even as we zambians are headed for a national august burrial for the death of this ka violent party called ‘poorfools’. Rubish & very dirty party with stains of bloody from its top hierachy to the shiiit.. shame on you s.t.u.p.i.t id!ots! Viva flight HH & its humble & vissionary crew 2016.

  11. When your rival disparages your head of operations / MD and tells you to fire him and suggests who you should promote, you politely thank them and give your MD a double digit pay rise….lol

  12. Folks listen, punch for punch kind’a politicking is so outdated and primitive. It is not acceptable that parties (PF and UPND) should be coming up with all sorts of symbolic materials (combart attire and flags) to exert their presence in various constituences. We should empower the Electoral Commission of Zambia to ban unruly party cadres like FIFA bans unrully soccer fans. Aya nimaloza. It is high time the tuma Organization formed to champion voter awareness programs and ECZ started enlighting the nation and voters to behave humanly. What are you waiting for? Have’nt you been funded already?

  13. Ba UPND do not bring Mapatizya formula to Western Province.PF has done alot in western province and it should not be compared to a small regional party with a parochial regional agenda.

    The most expensive road Mongu Kalabo road for example is our pride and UPND could not have done such a road if they were in power for obvious reasons known by Zambians.If i may ask,why was Sakwiba Sikota dribbled after suffering for that Party ?

    • And why did panga violent Lungu matchet Sampa out of PF?

      Isn’t it a shame that a failed lawyer cum gambler usurped state power on back of violence to wreak economic havoc ?

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