CBU Students appeals to Government forgive students on the verge of expulsion

Copperbelt University
Copperbelt University

Copperbelt University
Copperbelt University

Copperbelt University students have appealed to government to forgive students who are on the verge of being expelled from the university once it reopens.

The students say government should exercises lenience and give them a second chance so that they can become better people and add value to society.

The students have also appealed to government not to remove the meal allowance because it is their only source of income that helps them meet basic needs whilst in school.

The students made the appeal after a closed door meeting with Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kamwili in Kitwe.

And Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili said it was sad to see intellectuals like university students engage in riotous behavior over issues of delayed allowances when they clearly understand challenges government is facing.

Mr. Kambwili said the students should be in the forefront to educate society on the economic situation in the country instead of condemning government and siding with the opposition political parties.

However, Mr. Kambwili has thanked students for taking a proactive stance by publicly apologizing for their riotous behavior and advised them to put it in writing for him to table the matter before cabinet.

And CBU Chaplain Father Charles Chilufya said a program has been put in place to help the students understand the importance of dialogue as opposed to engaging in violence.


  1. I thought this guy is minister of information. To me he is working like a minister without portfolio. Last week he was at Kasumblesa covering the lame duck minister of home affairs and today he is at CBU. Where are the ministers paid to carry out these functions.

    • Expel those chaps so that others can learn from them. How many times are they going to ask for a second chance. The only thing that I am in support of is restoration of the meal allowance, chapwa.

    • Ati “when they clearly understand challenges government is facing”…..

      Kambwili does not even know what challenges government is facing and he expects student to??!!!!!

      Klueless Klown Kambwili, these “challenges” have BEEN MADE BY YOUR PF Government! And that is enough to make ANY Zambian as mad as hell! What have you done with OUR money? AND what have YOU done with US$ TEN BILLION you have borrowed in our name?

      Truly dull and incompetent. You cannot even manage to pay small items like meal allowances?

      Get out idiyots. You had your chance and you blew it just like you have blown all our money!

  2. This is what its come to…begging from people will voted in power to give you education because they wont they wont open the gates…when are our people going to wake up and relies that they hold all the power if they stand together. These minister’s kids are not studying at UNZA or CBU the ministers wouldn’t care if these universities were closed for 12 months.

  3. kekekeke..begging to a non entity..a minister that does not have a grade twelve certificate or degree..kambwili is a dull chap

  4. You are just envying the hard working Kambwiil and his PF govt.Learn to give credit where it is due.The man is fit even to be a running mate to Lungu.He is committed to the well being of this Country.

  5. The questionable opposition parties should stop misleading the young ones by giving them ill gotten money to cause anarchy at CBU and UNZA.Your useless tactics will not help you cheat Zambians who are generally happy with the status quo despite a few challenges here and there like any other country.

    • @Janet. I am sure you know no better that’s why you like the status quo or you are one of the pack causing the status quo and you couldn’t care less. The challenges this country is facing is due to cluelessness, corruption and need I say more? Don’t you dare speak on my behalf!

  6. Thev learnt there lesson,, give them bck the meal allowance n open the gates…. Yo children are not even at these skuz anyway,, *CBU na *UNZA,,, kwateniko imitima yankunda

  7. Its like everything is coming to normal. kwacha, meal meal, load shedding, copper and now students. UPND didn’t start well its like they built their house on the sand(they chose to be deceptive) They have entered June without blankets.

  8. @can’t believe it

    If u are a supporter of the up and down association,then you are in trouble because PF seem to be steadily fixing all the outstanding challenges and by August,2016 it will be political diarrhea in that camp.

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