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CTPD demands action to restore fuel supply stability to avert further economic stress

Economy CTPD demands action to restore fuel supply stability to avert further economic...


The Centre for Trade Policy and Development has notes with concern the fuel shortages the nation has been facing in a number of parts of the country.

CTPD has observed panic buying and hiking of the price of the commodity by some traders in some affected parts of the country following the persistent fuel shortage.

In Lusaka, the shortage has often been characterised with long consumer fuel queue going up to late hours just to access the commodity.

CTPD is of the opinion that various factors may be attributable to this and that government through its relevant economic institutions should explore investigating the possible existence of cartel arrangements amongst traders to determine fuel delivery or even hike prices periodically without any clear justification.

CTPD is of the strong view that government should monitor such possible actions very closely as they have potential to worsen the economic situation in the country.

CTPD calls upon the energy regulation board (ERB) and the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC)to fully assess the main triggers of fuel shortages in Zambia and carefully asses’ possible cartel behaviours amongst traders to protect the Zambian economy from further deterioration.

“CTPD warns government and local traders to realise that the Zambian economy is already under extreme economic pressure as lower copper prices and electricity shortages have diminished the pace of economic activity. In addition, unfavourable inflation has worsened the cost of expenditure and financing conditions have tightened substantially, resulting in increased cost of doing business,” said CTPD Executive Director Isabel Mukelabai in a statement.

CTPD further warns that fuel shortages caused in any way should not be allowed to continue as they are a cost and will cause further economic stress, government should resolve immediately any impending issues causing delays in oil supply and make public its assessments and corrective measures being undertaken through the line of energy.

It must be noted that fuel has been an alternative source of power and energy besides natural power from ZESCO, the commodity is a cornerstone for sustained industrial and milling production in the country and therefore tempering with the commodity availability will have a catastrophic effects on the economy.

CTPD is therefore urging government to come up with firm sustained action as quickly as possible to restore fuel supply stability.

Government should establish good coordination among fuel tankers, filling stations and other fuel agencies to ensure immediate supplies of fuel so that the commodity can be stocked and be delivered to filling stations adequately to avoid further stress to the economy.

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  1. I think we should ask white people to take over The affairs of Africa again because African men are useless and pathologically corrupt. The other day I was watching BBC Focus On Africa and I could not for the life of me, believe that Nigeria which produces 2.3 million barrels of crude oil a day and the 6th largest oil producing country in the world, has had a fuel shortage for the last month. People have been queuing for days just to buy fuel.
    African men have failed lamentably to take care of the continent! Time to either let women try or bring muzungu back!

    • I strongly believe that it is this defeatist attitude that is holding Africa back. To believe that we need white people to help us sort out own affairs because we have no faith in ourselves or each other is an indictment of all us. Not only the politicians but African society as a whole. I often wonder what people who think like you tell their children ”’son, you can be anything you want in this life, but you will never as good as a white man, Chinese man or Mexican. You always be last because of your black skin”

      Ask yourself, how many Zambian lawyers, doctors or teachers did the British train when Zambia was a British colony. Were Zambian men and women allowed to vote? Could you travel to any part of this country freely? What were your rights as a Zambian under British…

  2. Put the blame where it is due – PF incompetence and corruption.

    If fuel procurement was done by the private sector there would be no problem at all.

    RB is teaching Lungu the tricks of the trade!

  3. Nigeria apologizes for fuel woes as frustration mounts;
    April 4, 2016 | Filed under: International News,Latest News | Posted by: Newsroom ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — Fuel lines stretched for more than a kilometer (half-mile) on Friday in Nigeria’s capital because of a fuel shortage in sub-Saharan Africa’s top oil-producing country.
    Drivers in Abuja groaned and shouted in frustration when one station closed because it was apparently out of fuel.Associated Press writer Michelle Faul contributed to this report from Abuja.

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