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Nevers Mumba says Gaston Sichilima has no right to suspend anyone in MMD

General News Nevers Mumba says Gaston Sichilima has no right to suspend anyone in...

Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba

Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) President Nevers Mumba has said that MMD founder Member Gaston Sichilima has no right to suspend any member and place the party under the leadership of the Trustees.

Reacting to news that he has been suspended and that the party has been placed under the trustees to call for a convention, the MMD leader maintained that the party will only go to the convention in 2017.

Earlier, MMD founder Member Gaston Sichilima has announced the suspension of party president Nevers Mumba.

Mr. Sichilima who served as deputy minister in six different ministries including in the office of the vice president under the MMD government told QFM in a walk-in interview that he has further given Dr. Mumba seven days in which relinquish his position as President of MMD as his term of office has come to an end.

Mr. Sichilima further called on the party trustees to take over the running of the party and call for an extraordinary convention usher in a new leadership.

Mr. Sichilima who is also former Mbala Member of Parliament has since called on all well meaning members of the MMD to come forward and support for a convention.

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  1. Nevers Mumba has really messed up the MMD. Who would have thought MMD would be in such a condition in a very short period? And who are these MMD trustees? Why have they been watching the Party being destroyed without taking action?

    • Nevers mambala you cant be fighting every day for your position.How many spokespersons have you had since you started fighting with fellow party members…You had Major Richard kachingwe, Nakachinda, muhabi lungu, mbulakulima and others.the list is endless.Even in football, you need to attack and defend, but with you its always defending your position.In football if you are always defending, you will be scored.This attitude is the same as that of FAZ under Kalusha who kept on defending and frustrating others and they were scored a lone goal and saw Kamanga rise to the presidency. Nevers, you have destroyed MMD. Its a shell that has remaind in MMD.If you think you are still needed by MMD members go to the convention and prove them that you are the man they need through the balot

  2. Nevers Mumba just step down…. it seems you’re not needed by almost everyone except for bamuselela kwakaba and utundila. Even those who were supporting you initially (e.g Mbulakulima, Howard Kunda, Nakachinda etc) have all turned against you. Leadership ni pa bantu when people say No just step aside

  3. Nevers Mumba’s fight is against his own members. MMD is his only source of livelihood and it seems some members want to take that away from him. He is not worried about Edger Lungu, Nawakwi or HH but worried about Mbulakulima, Nakachinda and now is it Gaston Sichilima in the ring sizing it up with him. Most major political parties are already campaigning but he is still in the ring defending the ‘MMD Party Presidency’ title.

  4. Nevers & his MMD awe sure. Is this man showing some conviction or is it just stubbornness?
    The only truth ever said by Kambwili “muntu nga asha ubupatili (I’m sure he meant all men in collar) alapena”.

  5. MMD is now attractive to even Guston Sichilima, the man who celebrated the death of Sata by firing gun shots. After 2011 everyone ran away from MMD. They were so scared of Sata that they did not want to be associated with MMD. The fact that we can even talk about MMD is owed to Mumba. The party was threatened with de-registration. Mumba braved and raise funds to pay. I was shocked to see RB resurface last year and since then every jim and jack is talking about MMD. Mumba might not be the perceived to be a good leader, but he has helped to allow us even talk about MMD. UNIP died because of internal fights where even the top leaders were hired by OP to spy on their colleagues. I doubt if PF will survive six months after loosing election. Let us give credit where it is due, Nevers cannot…

  6. Good to hear that Guston Sichilima is still around. I thought the man has gone back to the land in Mbala. There is a leadership crisis in MMD because of lack of principles by senior members. Its just less than 5 years when MMD was defeated by PF and the party has fallen apart so fast. What a shame. I hope PF members will learn lesson from UNIP and MMD post election status and remain united in case they happen lose power to the opposition. Lets be principled and protect what is ours even in the face of impending defeat. How may times are Zambians going to be defecting from political party to another. What is new that they see in a party at the last minute. We killing the notion of multipartism.

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