Home Headlines Female duo Davaos release new video “PABACHIMO” ft Kay Figo

Female duo Davaos release new video “PABACHIMO” ft Kay Figo



The female duo known as DAVAOS finally unveiled the visuals for their previously released single “PABACHIMO“. The video was shot and directed by RedDot and the audio was produced by Kekero.



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  1. What? Is this Fear Factor? The guy has a viscose trousewr, red footware!!! One of the devil-looking females has some nose ring that look like a mass of dried mucus!

    That said, tbis will still find pleny buyers kaili pa zed we go so many people whose musical taste bar is at -2, so this rated at 0 is amusing.

  2. Does Evelyn Hone still teach music? This street and backyard approach to music will not elevate Zambian music and its copy cat artists! The era of innovation in music got lost with the demise of many Zambian artists who played instruments and composed meaningful lyrics! The likes of Jaggari Chanda, Uncle Rex, Jeff Mulenga, Greg Miyanda, Eugine Apple and other’s where are they to give guidance?

  3. I try to be positive and up-beat about everything Zambian but I cant find anything positive about this video. 1. The girls are un-pretty. 2. The make-up and outfits don’t helpt…all atrocious and too loud. 3. No story to the video! The guy… is he a gardener? Chauffeur? What are we to make that car he is driving? He is a made guy? 4. Why is he delivering a box of cereal to her? Cornflakes!! Seriously!!!? …sorry but I can’t find a single positive thing to say about this video

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