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Olive branch extended by Nevers Mumba is unconstitutional-Nyangu

Headlines Olive branch extended by Nevers Mumba is unconstitutional-Nyangu

MMD Deputy National secretary Chembe Nyangu
Former MMD Deputy National secretary Chembe Nyangu

Former Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Deputy National Secretary Chembe Nyangu says the olive branch which party President Nevers Mumba has extended to all suspended and expelled members is unconstitutional.

Mr Nyangu said it is not according to the MMD party constitution to hold people at ransom and compel them to go and sign a covenant declaring their royalty to the party.

He told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that Dr Mumba does not mean well for the former ruling party.

Mr Nyangu has also retaliated that Dr Mumba is an illegal party president and that all those National Executive Committee (NEC) members whom he handpicked are illegally serving the party .

He said the former ruling party has a binding constitution which all party members are supposed to follow as opposed to running the party like a personal grouping.

Mr Nyangu said Dr Mumba would have called for reconciliation in the party and not forcing party members to start signing legal documents against party rules.

He explained that what Dr Mumba should do is to immediately call for a National convention so that he is elected by party members if he is the favourite in the party.

And MMD founder member Dr Katele Kalumba said he needs enough time to study Dr Mumba’s olive branch to members who have offended the party in the past and are currently under disciplinary action.

Dr Katele said he will issue a statement regarding the so called olive branch soon as a concerned founder member of the former ruling party.

He told ZANIS that he has been following the happenings in the former ruling party with keen interest.

Yesterday, MMD President Nevers Mumba extended an olive branch to members who have offended the party in the past.

Dr Mumba said the party has given the offenders two weeks to repent and rejoin the party.

He said some people have been asking for clemency to be allowed to participate in the forth coming elections but that they will only be readmitted once they pledge their royalty to the party.

“In order to accommodate those who are remorseful and yet passionate about their party, we have extended the olive branch for the next weeks”, said Dr Mumba.

And the opposition leader said the current NEC of the party will only be dissolved when a new NEC is installed.

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  1. when did forgiveness became constitutional…………mr Nyangu learn to reason and grow up.


    • The mystery is why Nevers has reduced himself to this. It’s clear he’s not loved never mind respected by his own subordinates and it’s also clear he’s got no ice-cream chance in hell that MMD will anytime soon return to government, so why is he subjecting himself to abuse and mockery by low lives who are not even fit to tie his laces if we are to be honest? Those close to Dr Mumba please advice your friend to leave the dead party for mor0ns and find something else worthwhile to do because it it’s not going to happen in MMD.

  2. Dull individuals like this Nyangu shouldn’t be given any space to expose there foolishness.

    Mr Nyangu, you have been given a chance to get back to your party and yet you are already dreaming about constitutional issues… Your party constitution is the the document that will see you off from MMD.

    In fact you must be a very dull and backward individual…. The Party constitution is the document they used to expel you from MMD and there is no way the same document will favour you with your silly kind of antagonism… Go back to school.

  3. Nevers Mumba’s desires to lead the nation are futile with this kind of behaviour. He’s a big joker and one without shame. The sooner he is removed the better for MMD, that is if they can still salvage something from the destruction that Nevers has done to the once mighty party.

  4. A case where history is trying hard to be the future. In Zambia all political parties are identical with only a few pimples to set them apart. This is why there are no clear ideologies and issues to stand on. What we vote for are people not parties. A person becomes appealing depending on how they have carried the day. Kaunda fell because of intolerance to succession. Had he allowed Kebby Musokotwani or others to take over, today we would still be in UNIP era. Banda lost because of his nuclear family involvement in national affairs. Lungu will fall because of his friends and associates. So to try and raise the fallen in Zambia is like teleporting the past to the future…that technology is only found in Sci-Fi and far from reality.

  5. Ba LT too many errors. Do you have editors. If so you should advertise for it because we are tired of seeing errors everyday. Please hand me eye drops I have a pink eye.

  6. Nevers Mumba is afraid of the Pact which FDD & PF have signed, he wants to pull in his generals and display them to ECL and use it as leverage for the Running mate spot. So the so called “Generals” can either make or break Mumba depending on how they calculate their actions in the next few weeks. One other thing that’s clear here is the PF are afraid of losing and want to bundle every whose outside of the UPND into one big boat “The Titanic”. Let’s learn to think outside the box at times!

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