lulu haangala

Zambian media entrepreneur Luyando Haangala-Wood, also known as Lulu to her fans ,features in the May issue of South African Magazine “Mamas & Papas”.  In it she opens up about her childhood struggles and how her parents’ fortitude paved the way for her determination to succeed in the media space.

May issue of Mamas & Papas Magazine is OUT NOW! Available in local Super Markets .

She had this to say on her social media page :

“Over a month i got a call with a request i definitely DID NOT expect. “Lulu we would love it if you would be cover story for Mamas & Papas MagazineSouth Africa”. This is stuff Dreams are made of. A big thank you to the team for sharing this Zambian woman’s story of her life as Mom, wife & Entrepreneur.
Thank you to my amazing glam team MaFashio & Diamantes Mobile Makeup for tirelessly working to make sure we had an amazing shoot.
Fortress MEDIA Photography thank you for great images always a pleasure working with you.
Woolworths Zambia thanks for the great wardrobe.
Tracy & Wezi you were a joy to work with.
#proudlyzambian #wekeepmoving #DagonMedia #LetGodLead “



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  1. Cute Zambian mum. Congrats —you personify what a real entrepreneur should be —- hard work and originality. Keep up with your work.


    • Very encouraging news and congratulations to you, Lulu Haangala. However, you need to improve on your physical looks. Despite photo-shop, you still look like you just came out of a coal-mine shaft!!



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