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ZCTU calls for legislation on jobs for locals, there too much influx of expatriates

Economy ZCTU calls for legislation on jobs for locals, there too much influx...

ZCTU President Nkole Chishimba
ZCTU President Nkole Chishimba

The Zambia Congress of Trade unions (ZCTU) has called on government to put up appropriate legislation that will check the influx of expatriates who come in to take up jobs which Zambians can do.

ZCTU President Chishimba Nkole said the union is aware that expatriates are brought in to improve productivity in the country but that it is imperative that they invest in human development to give more opportunities for the lowly skilled who face challenges to make a decent living.

Mr Nkole has assured government that ZCTU is committed and willing to work with investors that are ready to create quality and decent jobs so that sustainable employment is achieved in the country.

He said the labour movement will support and participate in various activities aimed at building peace, justice and respect for human rights.

The union leader called for tolerance, dialogue and understanding among stakeholders to ensure industrial harmony continues to exist in the nation.

He was speaking at a workshop held at Edinburgh Hotel under the theme ‘’Promoting labour standards towards sustainable social dialogue at work places in Zambia’’.

Mr Nkole urged union leaders to be responsible and proactive in dealing with serious issues that affect the development of this nation.

Meanwhile Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Programmes Manager Lady Kathy Short urged the union leaders to network with unions in the region and come up with innovative ideas that will improve the working capacity of union structures in the country.

She called on the media not to relent in highlighting the cross-cutting issues affecting the development of the country.

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  1. you guys keep talking and no action. the law is already there about foreigners taking up jobs. only for jobs that Zambians cant do, but the whole issue is married with corruption by those who issue work permits. We have many zambians on the streets while foreigners are employed. check on the mines and other industries you will agree. check with immigration you will find thousands queuing up for permits. others even start work without permits and qualifications.

  2. I was surprised at the large numbers of Westerners, Asians and Arabic in Lusaka on my visit in the last 3 weeks! My socialite friends took me around Lusaka events, like the Food Lovers event at Hilton and a Music event at the Show-grounds. I was shocked to find us enjoying a Boer Band, playing to a white and black population!

    We are multi-racial in such a short time. We do need to protect our young of working age so they do not lose out.

    • We need to a Fast a Track them into careers. We should go heavy on Positive Discrimination to create equality in the working age population. But above all we need to encourage the enterprising spirit.

  3. Aren’t we the ones who called for foreign investment? We want the foreigners to come in numbers… so they come. With family.

    They come with wives and children who are unable to do the job the investor is doing. These family members also need a job. The job of a common man.

    This should not be a problem coz… compared to our millions, the expat population is almost negligible. Right???

    But many large businesses seem to prefer the minority, even though they demand higher salaries. The question is why. Why are they willing to pay more?

    Because our reputation is the one thing we the Zambian people have worked extremely hard on spoiling. Corruption, laziness and dishonesty is a way of life, and we’ve gotten used to it. Once upon a time our masses thought their riches were…

  4. Once upon a time our masses thought their riches were within a 90 day reach. With the casting of a vote… That is who we are. Lazy. In search of easy money.

    From the very top, to the very bottom… finding an honest, hard working Zambian is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

    We need to change our work ethics. We need to change, to impress.

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