Holstar Presents his first single off the album “Dreaming In High Definition” titled “Spirit Of A Champion.”


Spirit Of A Champion Official Artwork

Holstar Presents his first single off the album “Dreaming In High Definition” titled “Spirit Of A Champion.” Spirit Of A Champion features Holstar’s long time collaborator Rosah formerly known as Young N9ne. Holstar and Rosah previously worked on songs such as Emotions Speak, Live Your Life and Stepping Stone Remix.

Spirit Of A Champion is a testimony if you will; to never give up on your dreams, fight for what you believe in and to give your best all the time.

The song is produced by Nigel who is based in the UK – Nigel hails from Zimbabwe and produced Holstar’s single “New Boma” that featured Jay Rox and Tiye-P.

The Intro and Outro Contain Excerpts from Maya Angelou and Koffi Annan Speeches from Free Info Society: www.freeinfosociety.com

Lookout for more updates on Holstar’s Album “Dreaming In High Definition.”

Download the song herehttps://www.datafilehost.com/d/a99aa509

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Song Lyrics

Verse 1 (Holstar) I was told I can never make it but look at me I’m here/ I was told I can never be sober but I’ve been sober for years/ Been living my life, rolling down the road the toughest lane (rolling down the toughest lane)/ Losing hope when it’s low-key, hammered by Thor like its loki/ Raised by brothers, Raised by sisters, both arms and both feet/ I’m an Icon, threw me rope and I proceeded/ Victory ours never defeated, the Bulls in ’93 – we three peated/

Hook (Rosah ) I’ll never give up on you love, my passion/ I’ll never give up on us, trust/ This here is believing/ I’ll never give up I’m a champion My life’s mission You know that you’re my sole (soul?) ambition/ You’ll never hear me say no/ All I ever say is yes/

Verse 2 (Holstar) I Can never say no (NO), It’s not in my Vocabulary (YES)/ Give more, take less and I been blessed; No stress from the cursed I invested/ The wheel of life it keeps turning, the fire inside it keeps burning/ Keep hustling, keep earning – For life, I wifed the game – I’m not the same, I better than yesterday/ Al Kan-I said, how can I blame it – I’m living this life to the full, living this life to the full/ Living this life like the wise, I was never a fool; Using my tools to construct, its luck, its hope, its dope, lose no sleep/ Till I rest, give respect to the whole Z – O.G/