Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Xenophobic attacks in Lusaka spread


Some guys carrying a fridge believed to be looted along   Zingalume - Matero road.
Some guys carrying a fridge believed to be looted along Zingalume – Matero road.

Violent attacks targeted at foreign owned shops in Zingalume and George Compounds in Lusaka which broke out on Monday morning have spread to Garden and Mandevu areas.

The riots started in Zingalume and George compound before engulfing parts of Lilanda but were quelled by police officers in riot gear.

The protestors later stormed Kasungula road near Mandevu compound and started looting shops belonging to Rwandese nationals.

They also entered Katima mulilo road near Garden compound accusing Rwandese nationals of being the recent killings in the area.

The riots sporadically spread to Garden compound as many Rwandese nationals rushed to close their businesses and feared for their lives.

The residents threw stones and other objects and chanted anti Government slogans and threatened to take their protests to State House.

The rioters mostly got away with fridges, grocery items and beer from the shops they looted.

They claimed that President Edgar Lungu has failed to act on the spate of killings in their area which has seen seven people killed in what is suspected to be ritual murders.

The angry residents said in interviews claimed that President Lungu is a weak President saying late President Michael Sata could not have allowed the situation to degenerate to the current levels.

They said they are living in fear and now want Government to flush out the Rwandese from Zambia.

Other could the Rwandese of taking over all business opportunities and blamed Government for allowing Rwandese to freely open shops at every corner in the area.

Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja told Reporters late afternoon that he had deployed over 200 paramilitary officers and undisclosed number of officers from the C-5 special squad to control the situation.

By press time, most areas of Zingalume, George, Matero, Garden and Mandevu including Chipata compound was tense but the riots had been subdued.

Alexis Sempundu was lucky to empty his shop for   safety
Alexis Sempundu was lucky to empty his shop for safety
Alexis Sempundu was lucky to empty his shop for safety   under ZP cover in Zingalume
Alexis Sempundu was lucky to empty his shop for safety under ZP cover in Zingalume
A shop owed by a certain Kalisa stoned but Zambia Police   intervened.
A shop owed by a certain Kalisa stoned but Zambia Police intervened.
'God is Good' shop owed by a certain Dan looted in Lusaka  George compound area.
‘God is Good’ shop owed by a certain Dan looted in Lusaka George compound area.
Some of the looted shops
Some of the looted shops
Zambia Police move in to control the situation
Zambia Police move in to control the situation
Zambia Police officers move in
Zambia Police officers move in


  1. Utterly unacceptable behaviour. This must be condemned by all well-meaning citizens. These looters are bringing shame to Zambians

    • Ignorance blends well with poverty…arent you the same !diots who have been singing Ifuntu-ni-lungu….actaully Zambia is on fire if that drunkard attempts to stay in statehouse after 11 August…free warning !!!

    • but PF awe shuwa!!!!!!! these scenes have NEVER before seen in Zambia before not even in UNIP time!!! people fighting to eat a fridge in the road,,,,, awe ba lungu has neglected people from the komboni where he came from… these are komboni people same like ku chawama!!!!

    • Behaviour is vindicated if the Government can not take care of the citizens, the citizens often takes care of themselves, simple

      Well done and indeed flush the Rwandese if as what i heard from a call home are suspected to be the main culprit,

      Zambia is for Zambians, end of



    • This is what you get when the govt is in the hands of ruffians. They first encouraged and perpetrated violence against UPND supporters and now Rwandans. Who is next? I assume that as usual they are not responsible but this is a “globo” problem. Zambia is a failed state – if you needed any proof.

    • Cry the beloved country! Zambia is now the new South Africa who we vehemently condemned last year for killing foreigners. This is a sad day for Zambia!

    • How come foreigners can establish shops where you have failed mwebene ba chalo? That looting is about jealous, I know Zambians!

    • Just from the comment posted by Maggots like Ka Mushota, one can now confirm beyond doubt that Zambia has turned into an Uncivilized Ghetto- State.
      The mediocrity accepted is such that a Green Fly like ka Mushota, was actually voted as “Best Blogger on L.T”
      What does this prove? That mediocre cr@p is acceptable & this now extends to leadership.

    • This paragraph in the above posting warrants serious reflection…”The angry residents said in interviews claimed that President Lungu is a weak President saying late President Michael Sata could not have allowed the situation to degenerate to the current levels”

    • This is sad and must be condemned by all. However the culprits who according to the media were “singing anti govt slogans” WERE CLEARLY NOT PF SUPPORTERS.


      I take it that these xenophobic attacks were committed by some elements within the United Party for National Destruction.


    • Mushota, guessing from the flag on your username, seems like you’re in the UK. Hope the British throw you out too, since according to you, Britain is for the British, as Zambia is for Zambians.

    • This is barbaric and shameful. Shame, shame, shame on you wicked thugs trying to justify your satanic behaviour by attacking defenseless foreigners. Arent you the same people that were condemning South Africans for this same xenophobic behaviour on foreigners. All political leaders must stand up and condemn this kind of behaviour. Dont blame foreigners for your laziness and misfortunes. If you think the ritual killings are caused by the Rwandese, then let the police investigate such claims. This is robbery and these thugs must be prosecuted for such behaviour. Im ashamed as a Zambian. You guys are ready to hold national prayers for the weak Kwacha that was caused by over borrowing and mismanagement and yet you cant pray for real needs such as peace in the nation?

    • This is barbaric and shameful. Shame, shame, shame on you wicked thugs trying to justify your satanic behaviour by attacking defenseless foreigners. Arent you the same people that were condemning South Africans for this same xenophobic behaviour on foreigners. All political leaders must stand up and condemn this kind of behaviour. Dont blame foreigners for your laziness and misfortunes.

    • 2020vision, one day, especially when it is sunny try and pull that small brainless head out of your butt and make a sensible comment. I think all the sh!!t up your hole is polluting that ka atom you call a brain. Twat.


  2. What a bunch of pathetic ignorant citizens these are. Poverty, ignorant and disease is a real killer. We need community leaders to educate those that are actually looting state coffers that even their mansions will not be safe from this pervasive state of depravity that the country has been showered with through 50 years of mismanagement and hegemony by so-called leaders, most of whom do not possess Grade 12 certificates…

    • Even the bakaponya now understand what a useless President Chagwa is. Chagwa is a weakling. Chagwa has no vision. And where there’s no vision, people perish. Zambia is on autopilot. That’s why

  3. We are Zambians with big hearts. Let’s not sink to the same level of thinking as other Xenophobic Countries in the region. We have always been a haven of peace and will always be. Let the law enforcement agencies investigate these killings and apprehend the perpetrators of these heinous crimes.

    • Ka president takalelanda nangu cimo. Ni ka weakling aka, but!

      Mu calo kwati tamwakwata president, sure!

      Ati lesa eusala kateka, awe teifi mweLesa. Uyu wena litipo!

    • You are an !diot, you mean all along you have been proud to be Zambian with a drunkard at state house, my foot!!!

    • I became ashamed of being Zambian in 2011 when that PFool, Sata, became President. These are the fruits of Zambia’s biggest mistake ever.

  4. All ranks closed as one; UPND , PF , FDD , MMD say an emphatic NO to these xenophobic attacks. This is not South Africa but Zambia where we welcome and host refugees!!

    • This is the result of having a vacuum in the national leadership. PF and Lungu are too busy stealing to bother about the security of citizens. The people are taking the law into their own hands. Zambia is truly a failed state.

  5. What they have not mentioned in is that all report is that the four suspects that were caught yesterday are all Rwandese hence this action from the people. ….. I don’t condone such behavior but people cause for there action……

  6. UPND you think you can incite people from the compounds to cause disorder? Wait till they rob your shops and mansions. You think you’re fixing PF when you’re just fixing yourself. Such evil has never been seen in Zambia. You are too desperate to enter State house. Stop this nonsense. It’s foreign to us. Stop your Houtu Hatred (HH)

    • @Kudos

      I reiterate that all political leaders must condemn the xenophobic attacks.

      However , this lawlessness has been cultivated, reinforced and countenanced by EC Lungu whose PF militia has raided people’s merchandise without any Police action. A big snake of lawlessness has now matured and causing mayhem. The fault is Lungu-RB PF and remember you say Lusaka is 107% PF inner bedroom !!

    • How can Lusaka have peace when you have violent tactics being championed in the UPND background by William Tekere Banda (a Malawian prison convict), Obvious Mwaliteta and GBM illegal drilling? Zambians is this the type of change you want? (HH) is ready to shed Zambian blood for State House. This comes just a few days after disgraced John Kerry made remarks against our country. This confusion they want to bring is about China and Lungu VS USA, South Africa, UK, France and (HH). We reject you evil dominion

    • @kudos
      Where does opposition come in all this? Broken hill man had more thinking capacity than you, I keep saying

    • This is why we stakeholders always ask for politicians to show us their sources of funding. When the enemy of China invests $50 million into opposition Hakainde you honestly think there can be peace in the country? Are these the results of the shady endorsements Hakainde and his illiterate wife made with the devil when they hosted diplomats? The farggots from the West will do anything to push their gay agenda on Africa and Hakainde welcomes all the evil with a secret handshake. Hakainde is laughing at a mansion in Kabulonga while youths are slaughtering each other. Evil Hakainde, Satamic seed. Abash

    • Xenophobia is an embarrassment to the nation. Look at how disgraced South Africa is after that Xenophobia nonsense. This nonsense is already making headlines in international papers check Reuters. (HH) you think this nonsense you are sponsoring will end today? You want to make this country ungovernable? You think this is Somalia? Musatanyo even if you were to win elections, the illegal drilling thugs you are breeding will come for your relatives. You can’t make a pact with the devil and hope to get away without a scratch. (HH) is treasonous. Together with GBM illegal drilling, Mwaliteta and William Tekere (Malawian prison convict)

    • Avatar Kudos

      Your PF campaign strategy of smearing HH with your feaces stinks in your mouths.

      You failed lawless brutal and murderous RB-Dora-EC Lungu PF are a disaster!!

    • Salamat this evil is similar to when William Tekere (Malawian prison convict now advisor to HH) started breeding and drilling violent thugs in Lusaka’s MMD in 2011. This nonsense is sponsored with the full blessing of (HH) and William Tekere former Malawian prison convict now advisor for politics to UPND president (HH)

    • When your president has failed to control even the murderers you think he can win this election? Cling on to your stinking PF like a loyal fly that follows a carcass to the grave.

    • Lungu is so desperate to remain in State House. It is him who is sacrificing people so that he can make charms to remain President.

    • @kudos I also have my strong suspicions that these acts were indeed incited by elements within UPND.

      Their levels of desperation, anger and violence are becoming more evident each day.

      First they doctored that seditious document and now they are trying to incite violence. Please let’s live in Peace fellow Zambians.


    • Who is this useless and pathetic guy called, Kudos? To you, everything is a joke and about HH. Have you ever seen such shameful acts of Xenophobia in Zambia since independence..? Was UPND formed this year to cause such foolish acts, according to you? This is not the time for your satanic accusations and childish comments.. Everybody must condemn such acts done to foreigners. Your comments are exactly the same regardless of what the article is about.. This is not about PF or HH, its about Zambia and every true Zambian must be concerned. I wonder how manage to sleep at night with such diabolical attitude, foolishness and utter hatred towards other people. Your comments are exactly as that pathetic skull on your profile!!!

  7. KK opened his heart and took in the oppressed and homeless from Africa. Civil war in angola, who took the refugees into Maheba ? Congo civil war ? Independence struggles of Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa ? Let alone refugee camps he kept the ANC and SWAPO leadership at state house !!

    How far we have sunk ! innocent zambians abroad who had nothing to do with this will be targeted for revenge.

    • @Panama. No need to insult to prove your point. And if it’s not politics, pray do enlighten us as to what it is.
      Talk about blaming foreigners who have not played a role in the downfall of the country. It is shameful that such things should be happening.

  8. Imwe u are busy commenting meanwhile you comfortably safe abroad, have you seen the killings happening here? I no longer feel safe in my own home. If these people are responsible for the mutilations happening here and the police has failed to deal with matter then we Zambians must take action!!! U keeping insulting their poverty, the people in the compounds are the one daily mutilated, u will not hear these things happen in places like kabulonga where the 1 pecenters who control the country live!!

    • Tony banks, I feel your frustration, but you can’t play the judge, the jury and the executioner. That’s why there’s the judicial system. Everybody is assumed innocent until proven guilt. So you want to go out and start lynching people without any concrete evidence that they’re the ones responsible for the murders? Do you advocate the rule of lynch mobs, or the rule of law? Even if the police have failed, doesn’t mean mobs take matters into their own hands, and start going out looking for people to lynch. Serial killings happen everywhere, even in developed countries, and sometimes they take time to solve. The solution is not for mobs to go looking for people to lynch in the mean time.

  9. it is a shame and a sad day for Zambia to see the image of people looting shops of fellow Africans who have fled their countries of origins to come and ffind peace and rebuild their lives in Zambia.
    Most of the Africans blame other people for their failures.
    it started with the colonialists when they came during the colonization of the African continent and when the colonial masters left we are still blaming them for our failures.
    it is the shame for the African continent as a whole.
    this kind of behavior by our fellow Zambia is more than racism don,t take advantage during an election period to create instability and blame other fellow African for your laziness. shame of you Zambians

  10. What do u expect in a country where government has tolerated violence against fellow zambian using pangas bc of political affiliations. These guys feel they may have even a better reason attack these foreigners bc the police are failing and killings have continued.c. It is hypocrisy to condemn violence just bc it on a foreigner and then keep quiet when it’s on fellow citizens.

  11. Those are lazy Zambians wanting to reap where they did not sow. Most foreign nationals are working very hard to make ends meet in Zambia.

  12. Njala yakunyokolani PF cadres. Stupid *****s. Just the hardworking people alone. If they are the ones why not arrest them and your working government prosecute and convict them.

  13. I said it 10-15 yrs ago that Zambia is a ticking time bomb, wait until it explodes. What a wicked world we live in.

  14. HEY GUYS…is it jus me or are those guys carrying da deep freezer SUPER dumb…u ar 3 of u 4goodness sake it shouldnt be hard ku nyamula da t freezer…2 in da back 1 in da front or vice versa…pshh nimu komboni zoooona

  15. Its common sense that the up and down party are inciting innocent citizens over a straight forward issue. Zambia is governed by laws. President directed investigative wings to bring to book all found and that has been swiftly done. Whatelse for up n down do u presido to do sure…to be above law? If thats what u r tryn to do forget…2016 ecl cabe. Watch the pace

    • @ If not why not

      IF its NOT police, security agencies and Government failure to prevent such behavior, WHY NOT replace them?

  16. HH prayers answered as what he has been praying for has been granted,but your success will be short lived.most of the people who looted are not from zingalume they were just brought in to act,

    • You are right. These are PF cadres who were bussed in to loot these shops. PF like doing such criminal acts. Remember how they blocked Sampa’s plane from landing in Ndola? These are the same criminals who are so brave as to steal in broad daylight.

    • What can the army do umuntu nga nazanda iwe, Killing unarmed rioter? Let us just play for good management of our country by leaders.

    • What can the army do umuntu nga nazanda iwe, Killing unarmed rioter? Let us just pray for good management of our country by leaders.

  17. I am kind’a clueless here. Man! I saw rioters running with mealie meal on their heads on TV and I was like, was this more inspired by povert than the so called “ritual killing”? This does not make us any different from South Africa; I bratantly condemned SA nationals for attacking foreign nationals. I am ashamed at the state of lawlessness being exibited in Zambia today- from mob justice through senseless killings, student rioting to attacking police posts. Leaders, from the head of state – Chagwa, must take turns to condemning these atrocious acts. Chagwa must reassure us that this will not repeat itself.

  18. All these happenings are due to one political party that want to form government by all means. They want un uproal in the nation so that the current government is viewed as not doing anything. Can all well meaning Zambians rise and pray so that the plans of the evil party does not manifest. We cant gamble peace loving Zambians we only have one Zambia & one Nation. Rise a standard against the evil one dear Lord.

  19. All the posts trying to blame UPND for this violence are either PF thieves who realise the looting will end in August or PF kaponyas planted in forigne embassies who also realise accoutability is coming after August.

    The rest of Zambians know that joblessness, hunger, cholera, harassment at the hands of PF thugs in markets and bus stops and a sense of desperation arising from seeing PF theives becoming millionaires in 5 yrs breeds this type of behaviour.
    We are not surprised.

    Zambia shall be free after August.

  20. I saw this sad news just after I had finished boasting to some friends in Finland about how peaceful, loving and welcoming we Zambians are! This is not the Zambia I know! We’re better than this as a people. Whatever curse has befallen this nation. May God have mercy!

  21. Very sad for Zambia. But I would blame the leadership for being so dormant on this issue. We have had signs;

    An audio of a junior musician initiated by Dandy Crazy
    Mpombos son beheading his girlfriend
    5 musicians who were mentioned in a case but were pardoned by the president

    How far were people gonna go? We got tired without any help

  22. This is disgraceful! How can Zambia become reduced to this? It has been long coming, considering the low levels of education which has created a culture of dependency and blame. Without a strong leader, we will go nowhere. We are reaping the fruits of recklessness by president after president, lowering standards in education, judiciary and parliament, while every one else hates those trying to instil discipline and raise standards. When their government is failing , the cadres and delinquents start to blame poor their brothers who have settled and worked hard to make some kind of living. Why can’t they see the real culprits, the corrupt and useless police? Our country will drown under lawlessness, as along as we all believe that only Lungu or Hichilema will develop our country!

  23. This Xenophopia is so backward, alien to Zambian priciples, values, & morals & therefore should be condemned in the strongest possible terms, & Never allowed to thrive. Shame on all those involved!!

  24. Radio station allow Zambians to speak ill of foreigners; this must stop. Sometimes the freedoms that we so want can be a danger esp if we do not have sufficient manpower to protect the masses. Kambwili is somehow vindicated…Ba kaponya how many Rwandese have opened shops in the past 1 year? They were there even during Sata & Banda

  25. Very sad for our country and it is the result of a failed leadership by Changwa. He has been busy harassing HH and others with his PF police while criminals were left to terrorise Zambians. Hope the police will truly arrest those who killed the innocent & have hem imprisoned by the courts of law. We should not be turned into a South Africa. Remember too that Zambians are in other African countries too. Just arrest all the ritual killers and deal with hem harshly. Now GRZ will have to compensate the innocent foreigners since the poor Zambians who have been reduced by PF to looting don’t have money to compensate them.

  26. The Citizenry is allowed to defend and protect itself when its existence is at risk. Most of you commenting here are safely perched in your flashy apartments in foreign lands enjoying cable TV connected to unlimited wifi when your brothers and sister don’t know if tomorrow they will be alive or they will be the next reported death case. The police command has failed to protect the and so should they all sit helplessly and wait who will be next no. Their survival is in their own hands. Let them protect themselves.

  27. The other annoying thing is the so called MP for Matero has been mute on this whole issue. i have not heard of any word from him to address the masses. Before we can cry to the President the MP must address these issues first by speaking out against such vices and breathing on the polices necks to do something. But he is bust canvassing for UPND in Luapula.

  28. @Mushota in all the years of your comments that is the worst statement you’ve ever made…even if you think it is funny which it is not..nothing is worse than being attacked by virtue of belonging to another ethnic group..

    I condemn this behaviour, I condemn these calous statements and pray the culprits be brought top book and let us get to the bottom of this let the ring leaders be made accountable and face hard Justice.

  29. As much as any violence is not to be condoned, the holier-than-thou, unanalytical, solutionless and politically charged debates from some on this forum shows the ignorance that some of us proud in. For every action, there is usually a reaction. Let us pray that these murders stop, and murderers caged, and peace will once more reign.

    1. When people turn away from God, those are end results. God warns us putting trust in man. These looters are individuals who trust in the government for help. If they were people who knew God, they would have wisdom, knowledge and understanding that only God can save their situations and pray. 2 Chronicles 7:14. Humble yourselves, seek the Lord, turn away from their wickedness and pray. What has God promised he will forgive their sins and heal their land. Resorting to such behaviours just shows how far away from God they are. The need to repent and ask God to forgive them.

    2. Crowd Behaviour and Collective Action in Social Psychology.
    The language which many might understand.
    To every effect there’s a cause.
    Don’t just blame the rioters. These…

  31. This is barbaric and shameful. Shame, shame, shame on you wicked thugs trying to justify your satanic behaviour by attacking defenseless foreigners. Arent you the same people that were condemning South Africans for this same xenophobic behaviour on foreigners. All political leaders must stand up and condemn this kind of behaviour. Dont blame foreigners for your laziness and misfortunes. If you think the ritual killings are caused by the Rwandese, then let the police investigate such claims. This is robbery and these thugs must be prosecuted for such behaviour. Im ashamed as a Zambian. You guys are ready to hold national prayers for the weak Kwacha that was caused by over borrowing and mismanagement and yet you cant pray for real needs such as peace in the nation?


  33. President KAGAME PAUL of RWANDA has sent many criminals in LUSAKA to kill refugees and discredit them. He is providing money to criminals to carry out criminal activiries. PLEASE WATCH OUT

  34. The Council is to blame. We are selling land to Foreigners and the locals cant buy anything. This has completely distorted the land market.

    Ndola is a good example. You are better off as a foreigner in Ndola if you want to buy land than you are as a local. The Council will tell you there is nothing for sell yet Congolese and Somalians are buying huge tracts of land.

    Land should just be rented to foreigners. Not Sold. Please change the land law.

  35. The ZAMBIAN GOVERNMENT need to be careful. The criminals are known. It is President PAUL KAGAME OF RWANDA who is financing these criminal activities in ZAMBIA. Paul KAGAME a criminal himself,wants all refugees from RWANDA to be discredited by Zambian and sent back to RWANDA to be killed. I ask the Governent to analyse the situation careful

  36. Why were Rwandese spaza shops targeted? Are Rwandese behind the ritual murders? The forewarning to the Zambian government is that it should review its policy on the way it sells land to foreigners. The indiscriminate selling of land to foreigners will not long from now lead to riots by the landless. Xenophobia must be condemned by everyone. The police must bring those involved in the looting to book. They should also work around the clock to arrest those behind the ritual murders (the actual killers and the witchdoctors/sponsors).

    • Rwandese were targeted because President KAGAME has provided money to criminals. These Rwandese are innocent but KAGAME want them killed: he wants them to be sent home. That is why Zambia Gov should act immediately and protect refugees and find out who received money from KAGAME regime in KIGALI

  37. ZAMBIANS, do not be ignorant. I know you are good people. Rwandese are not a problem there. The big problem is PRESIDENT PAUL KAGAME OF RWANDA: he has infiltrated the opposition and some criminals,giving money to cause chaos in ZAMBIA in order to hate RWANDAN HUTUS REFUGEES living there.He want all those refugees to be sent back home to be killed. Remember that KAGAME is a criminal who want to kill Africans.PLEASE do not be misled by KAGAME

  38. Zambia Gov needs to arrest Pres Paul Kagame of RWANDA. This criminal is funding criminals to kill and cause chaos in our homeland. PLEASE stop dealing with the criminal Paul KAGAME

  39. WHO IS BEHIND THIS MAYHEM? WHO IS FUNDING THESE CRIMINALS who are targeting RWANDESE REFUGEES. It is the criminal called PAUL KAGAME of RWANDA. Paul Kagame has sent so many criminals hiding in the RWANDAN EMBASSY IN LUSAKA. These criminals funded by PAUL Kagame ARE THE ONES BEHIND THE MAYHEM. Please stop PAUL KAGAME,a criminal ruling RWANDA

    • You stupi.d hutu killer stop logging on with diffetent names and blaming kigame.
      Paul kigame is one of the best leaders in Africa as evidenced by the development of Rwanda.a

  40. President PAUL KAGAME OF RWANDA is the one causing problems in LUSAKA ZAMBIA. The Zambian GOV should investigate this serial killer . Kagame wants to cause chaos in Zambia. Refugees from Rwanda have nothing to do with this

    • @spaka like lilo might be a Rwandan spy working in London or DMI…..these fool killers sent by KAGAME. whosoever is ,we will fight at the end. PAUL kagame has sent many killers in LUSAKA to cause mayhem there. He should be punished

  41. Accusing ECL or UPND for what is happening is to accept that the behaviour is fine because the politicians are wrong!

  42. Mushota even if we were to remain the 2 of us on earth and someone suggested that we produce children in order not to be extinct (that is if you are a fertile woman) I can say NO.

    • Mushota is a finishied and used b!tsh she used to clean toilets at london Heathrow airport, she was fired for stealling cleaning materials 8 years ago now she mascarades as an accountant. what good would you aspect from sick a brat

    • Well said Ulubunda! Same here.
      This creature Mushota should not procreate. It is worse than the H.I.V virus.

  43. Paul Kagame is the one causing problems in ZAMBIA. This criminal has sent many killers to cause chaos in LUSAKA. It is imperative that the POLICE start investigating

  44. my God , we humans cant see everything but you who is in heaven who created this world sees all,
    my prayer today is
    if this is political whoever is responsible for this blood shed should never step state house, give us a God fearing man or woman who will protect us so much not some one who will sacrifice us to meet his demonic demands, the liar.

    Zambia says NO to violence .

  45. @spaka like lilo: you are a stupid and *****. why you respond like an imbecile. whether a Rwandan spy or not, we do not care. It is known PAUL KAGAME is a criminal causing chaos in ZAMBIA. Whether you call people hutu fugitive or not ,it make no difference. You are stupid

  46. Hello,@spaka like lilo!! FDLR hase killed 23 inyenzi in Rubavu /Gisenyi RWANDA. do you know that? Is KAGAME going to attack them? just try and see how!! you will see what will happen before 2017. CRIMINAL KAGAME will not survive

  47. Ba UPND seem to be excited with these barbaric happenings just gain political mileage…..what kind of a political party is this ? No matter what you are trying to do, you will never see my vote.

  48. Finally the envious xenophobic evil within kombonic zambians has been exposed by hunger, poverty and jealousy.While our friends are working to better their lives we are busy calling them satanists just to justify why we should be lazy…….so dissapointed

  49. @Loved i totally agree with you any one responsible for this blood shed let them not govern this previous land of Zambia. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

  50. So it was good for some of you bloggers to let the rwandanese scott free?!!.I say bravo to zambians in particular matero residents for cleaning up these shops of the former tutsi and hutu rebels.

  51. Ashame on some commentators who instead of trying to blamestorn on finding solution to an open problem blame HE Paul Kagame instead. In what does this blame game helps?
    Whether you love or hate Rwandans in Zambia, this caos attack is a shame to humanity in general and to Africans in particular. I am sorry but even if HE Kagame did what some are accusing him of, it is still a weakness of Zambian politic. Call the wrong by its name period. In order to solve the problem, as African we must make it ours. If not, then at least keep quit. If you can’t help someone don’t worsen the situation. Thanks.

    • PAULKAGAME is behind all this chaos Beatrice! we have to say that and deal with the criminal PAUL KAGAME.Stop being ignorant

  52. the same people who were laughing at RSA..Threatening to close SA shops and even refused to play RSA music on QFM..what a shame…

  53. Black lives in the hands of black people. Shame to Zambia for a country consider as a beacon of peace. Killing another human without due process. Wow another black country with a dark image. Sad for a so call Christian nation.

  54. A number of factors have contributed to this unruly and shameful behavior. A weak police force not respected and not trusted by the people. The unlawlessness that has gripped the country since 2011. Primitiveness, ignorance and poverty among ourselves has not helped. There is nothing wrong with foreigners doing business as long as it is legal and they respect the law of the land. Do we know how many Zambians are in Rwanda? Am sure the people complaining about the Rwandese businesses are idlers, never done a day’s work and have no inclinations. Just claims. Some of the Rwandese are innocent so why target everyone.

  55. Lungu is a spineless jelly knuckled headless chicken kuwe of a president who can’t lead a nation except into a crisis. His police force is too busy on political errands to fight crime. This looting and rioting will last as long as the thugs want because we have a toothless president and the thugs know it. You will soon see him at the showgrounds praying to god to stop the riots

  56. How stupid can we be? We are not creative at all, and here are people who come to show us how to do business, and we hate them. Let the law take its cause on anyone practicing ritual murders; but let innocent people alone! Ubupuba fye looting other people’s businesses.

  57. Fellow countrymen, I call upon you and your dependents to stop from taking the law in your own hands. From where I am sitting and typing this submission, I know that many citizens are irking out a miserable life of poverty. Violence will not resolve these issues. You all know the people responsible for your suffering and very soon they will come to you kneeling before you begging for your votes so that they and their children can leave well. Let us learn to dialogue and work hard together to make our country a better place for our children. Violence will only break our great country. I ask you to exercise restrain and let the law enforcers deal with the issues that have angered you. Let us be civil, and Law abiding people. Power and properity is in your hands.

  58. My comments are blocked: What do you have against “The Great Lakes Post” Journal?


  60. In any nation youth balloon can be a serious problem, that is a very big portion of the population being composed of youth who are unemployed,frustrated and idle this almost always does spell a big disaster for any government Lets we forget what transpired in South Africa and now ZAMBIA.
    Its a an open secret that most SA citizens do not emigrate any were instead most Africans migrate to SA.!
    Zambians you are all over the region even if you stay in ZAMBIA you are likely to have a relative living some were else in the region.
    Good people come to your senses ,not long ago with your then dire economic situation you were the most humble nation every one grew to love and admire and you were spread all over the African region suddenly because your economy is stabilizing and pointing to the…

  61. Zambians do not blog insults here, otherwise you will be followed and arrested. Let cowards who are far and unpatriotic utter those insults because they are fools who cannot even speak face to face intelligently.They have run away for greener pasture to already shinning cities developed by hardworking and intelligent whites instead of developing theirs here. Let us show them that for us who are resilient and patriotic to our nation can develop it by supporting our local leadership. The Biblical principals inform us to love one another and to respect our leaders. Insults belong to the drunk and morally deranged people. Let us build Zambia for us, to remove the tag of ‘dark continent’.Let us show the super race that we are also a super race and a super nation- Zambia.

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