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Former Zambia Railways CEO Attanga being investigated by ACC

General News Former Zambia Railways CEO Attanga being investigated by ACC

Acting Zambia Railways Managing Director Muyenga Atanga
Former Zambia Railways Managing Director Muyenga Atanga

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has said that it is investigating allegations of abuse of authority of office at the National Savings and Credit Bank and against former Zambia Railways chief executive officer Muyenga Attanga.

ACC Public Relations Manager Timothy Moono says investigations of alleged corruption by some officials at the Football Association of Zambia are still ongoing.

Mr. Moono who could not reveal more information on the investigations was speaking at the ACC first quarter media briefing in Lusaka today.

He added that in the first quarter of this year the commission received 3-hundred and 68 reports of cases of corruption of which the commission has instituted investigations in 66 cases.


  1. Atanga wena, are you being followed because you are standing for kalabo central under upnd? hoe your had a clean track so that you survive the tide

    • Only a whiteman us not corrupt. Let them be given such jobs for me.

      SImple, My fiance a Scotman has no element of corrupion in his DNA , Nicholas, or Nick as he is refered to is a name that should always come to the fore when mentioning such position.

      I repeat a Zambian has a ‘steal’ DNA that makes it hard not to be partly because they know their jobs are short lived



    • @ Mushota my sister mushota is a finishied and used b!tsh she used to clean toilets at london Heathrow airport, she was fired for stealling cleaning materials 8 years ago now she mascarades as an accountant. what good would you aspect from sick a brat

    • @ Mushota, there is no such a thing as ”Scotishman has no element of corrupion in his DNA” that Nicholas man has potential to manifest worser racism of unprecedented scale Hitler type). Corruption is an acquired social trite nothing to do with the biological functioning of a human being. why i say that Nicholas has huge potential to commit heinous crimes beyond mere corruption is because his forefathers are guilty of such crimes as slave trade, holocaust, ethnic cleansing etc all these were ”socially” past on from on generation to the next in Europe.
      Mushota wake up stop fantasizing about your Nicholas.

    • Wrong heading! Better say ACC investigating PF corruption at ZR through Atanga. This will end up like Martha Mushipe’s law firm search where it will be discovered how PF syphoned hundreds of millions of tax payers’ dollars from ZR through Atanga’s help as ZR CEO. Let them go ahead.

  2. Aaaah, seems all the corrupt have regrouped in a certain party to continue the grave train, including those who got corrupt tenders at zesco and now telling us that we are poor because because we do not have five brains like them. Sorry Sir, I would rather not have five brains if having so many would turn me into a corrupt person.

  3. Nick is a slang word for steal. Lol Mushota does anything sensible come out of your mouth? If blacks steal? then what and how much have you stolen from the whites there you frustrated cow. Ati Im educated kikiki a scotishman kekekekeke it is a scots man. We mpumbu we.

  4. I can’t believe people still responds to Mushota, in the end you can’t even see the difference between crazy Mushota and those responding to her.

  5. Corruption is endemic and sickening in Zambia.

    If the judiciary is seen to be living on corrupt practices, where can one get justice. they even boast of it and unprofessionalism amongst lawyers is also sickening in this country. They arrange court orders and fraudulent judgments and induce the bailiffs to illegally deprive others of their belongings. What a shame??

    We need to chose a good leader free from the vice on 11/08, so that we arrest and prosecute all those who have been practsing power during this campaigning time to harass and steal from others thinking they have already won. Just because one is from Eastern province or has the same name with the President, doesn’t mean that they have the right to abuse the court process and steal from others. So it is not suprising…

  6. us$160million was given to Zambia Railways right? How much of that found its way to UPND campaign funds?
    That party claims to be clean, but if you look at the crooks that have filled its leadership, you take those claims of cleanness with a pinch of salt. Chances are that they think, especially when you look at the crooks shouting loudest.

  7. For once I fully agree with Mushota, though I would qualify her assertion that it’s not all Zambians but some Zambians who have the “steal syndromme” engraved in their DNA! Ever heard of “natolele fye”.

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