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UPND is inciting Zambians to rise against foreigners-Mumbi Phiri

General News UPND is inciting Zambians to rise against foreigners-Mumbi Phiri

PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri addressingt the public of Mano Ward in Bangweulu Constituency in Samfya District at Kasoma Banweulu Primary School during campaign the rall
PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri addressing the public of Mano Ward in Bangweulu Constituency in Samfya District at Kasoma Banweulu Primary School during campaign the rally

THE UPND is inciting Zambians to rise against foreigners in the country by alleging that some foreign nationals are illegally involved in helping the Patriotic Front (PF) rig the August general elections, Mumbi Phiri has charged.

Mrs Phiri said it was dangerous for the UPND leadership to inflame people’s emotions by suggesting that the PF had hired some foreign nationals to help the ruling party manipulate the outcome of the forthcoming general elections.

Mrs Phiri said Douglas Siakalima, the UPND special advisor to Hakainde Hichilema , had ‘‘exhibited the worst form of irresponsibility’’ by accusing some foreigners of meddling in the country’s electoral system and that it was important that the peace and diplomatic relations the country was enjoying with other sovereign countries was protected.

She said in an interview yesterday that Mr Siakalima and the UPND had taken a ‘‘dangerous political trajectory and had crossed diplomatic lines’’ by accusing foreign nationals in Zambia of working with the PF to influence the outcome of the general elections in favour of the ruling party and President Edgar Lungu.

She stated that the country had already witnessed some foreigners becoming victims of violence following a spate of ritual killings in the last few weeks and it was therefore politically incorrect for the UPND leadership to call on Zambians to arrest foreigners living in Zambia for political expediency.

Mr Siakalima was quoted in yesterday’s Post Newspaper as having said that three foreign nationals, a Ugandan, an American and an Israeli are allegedly in the country working with the PF to win the general elections this year.

Mr Siakalima was also quoted as calling on Zambians to conduct a citizen’s arrest against Chris Rugari, allegedly a Ugandan national, Adi Timor, an Israeli, and Isaac Livni, an American because, according to the UPND, the trio had been hired by the PF to help them win the general elections.

“The UPND leadership has embarked on a dangerous political trajectory of inciting Zambians to effect citizen’s arrest on foreign nationals living or visiting Zambia. This is the worst kind of irresponsibility a political party can exhibit for the sole purpose of gaining political mileage.

‘‘The PF is winning the general elections not because the outcome of the results will be manipulated but because of its success and good governance record. We have already witnessed foreign nationals who have become victims of violence following a series of ritualised murders and Mr Siakalima is inflaming the emotions of Zambians to arrest our brothers and sisters of foreign origin. It is unacceptable and unfortunate,” Mrs Mumbi said.

She said that Zambians should reject any leader with a propensity of fanning chaos in the country.

Mrs Phiri said she had lived in East Africa and doubted whether the name Rugari could be Ugandan and advised Mr Siakalima to check his facts before issuing alarming statements.

And Mrs Phiri has joined the voices of many Zambians demanding that the UPND leadership should discipline its vice-president for administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba for verbally abusing citizens.

Mrs Phiri said it was shocking that some church leaders had remained quiet over the insults Mr Mwamba, popularly known as GBM, had been spewing on citizens.

She said instead of the UPND threatening foreign nationals, the opposition political party should take introspection and check the conduct of some of its leaders while aspiring to take up the leadership of the country.

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    • Nonsense. Not rational. No logic. This woman what grade is she. is she even grade 9? So if foreigners are helping PF plan for rigging then because they are foreigners it is wrong to condemn that? What kind of desperation is that?

    • Ba Mumbwe, the conversation in which GBM showered your cadre, Tayali, with strong language and insults, was very private, between them. Tayali was even laughing throughout the conversation. That means he wasn’t offended. I wonder why you want us to discipline our veep over his insults. Ba-ldiot!

    • The riots are a sign of a failing government and failing economy. PF is doomed. Look, “a hungry man is and angry man”. The people in those areas don’t have jobs, money and food so all the rioting was just venting out their anger and an opportunity to get free food (mealie meal). Also, they know that the president is a weak drunkard and he can’t do anything about it. Even the bible says “Woe to the land whose king was a servant and whose princes feast in the morning.” Proverbs 30:22

    • Now, this is a clear testimony that the pf ‘ idyootiis’ have now completely run out ideas on what to put across to the people….shame!!

      I will be very shocked if the Zambian voters give another mandate to these batch of ‘imbisaoos’, this is a batch of clueless lot who do not qualify even being village headmen.

      Please bring back sanity in the country-vote them out!!!!!

    • Suntwe wa Suntwe,

      Absolutely right. That was a private conversation. Tayali was wrong to record it. In some countries he would have been in trouble as it is illegal to record a telephone conversation with first seeking approval from the other party.


  1. Ati PF’s sucssess and good governance recordeeeee…
    What are you and lungu smoking mumbi phiri?
    And you want to start on GBM again, we remember him revealing that you urinate on your bed and sata recalled you from Kenya because of prostitution and drunkardness.

  2. How can you wear a T-shirt with Edgar on your chest?? Like seriously?? The woman looks tired and it seems reality is begining to sink that PF is losing no matter what.

  3. This Bitch must be arrested immediately for spreading false accusation on rioting and looting. Do these people really think Zambians are so stupid. UPND must be so powerful if its able to influence the entire Lusaka to attack and loot foreign owned shops.

  4. Zambian nationals who commit crimes abroad get arrested. Similarly foreigners who will commit crimes here will be arrested whether they are chakolwa’s friends or not. Thanks Mumbi for giving us their names. I have just joined their hunt down. Don’t exhibit dullness. Rugari, just like Livni or Timor (both jewish) are just names. What indicates their nationality is what is on their passports.

  5. This fo.ol. Nonsensical carder. Chamba in the head this woman. Goes and ask those rioters if they have been sent by UPND. Just resolve national challenges and all shall well. You are given the mandate to Govern and but you are total failures. Please exit gracefully on 11/8.

  6. Surely, these are terrible symptoms of early on-set of dementia!! There is no other way one could explain such irrational, ridiculous and nonsensical rantings by this old cow!

    • Miso I listened to her interview where she said she plans to have twins after the elections when she already has seven teenage, young ladies and gents. Then I said kalisokomoka mumutwe bamayo aba tabali beeka awe sure. Lungu is using her because he knows she is crazy, while Dora is shameless.

  7. no one displined when she callled tongas that ni baka chema…..chama also was nt disciplined for insulting the tonga pipo of southern province…..and today with her big mouth she is opening for siakalima. chiwamila galu…….nt mbuzi…

  8. We kanyo iwe awe sure ubuwelewele uleke nakupapata! Bushe ni amasperm yakwa Kateka wa Jameson ayaletele ubunangwa mu kalukobo kobe ako! I advise ou to swallo next time, at least that way the shoot won’t strike any vital organs like your medulla oblagata where so much masalausi are now congregated enmass!

  9. Rigging is criminal and therefor those with information must just go to the police and report the matter rather than send messages that might ruin relationships between countries. More over, UPND has its followers and they are capable of executing citizens arrest. SO WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? ARE YOU SAYING ZAMBIA IS A NO GO COUNTRY FOR FOREIGNERS? The investors here in Zambia have relatives who might want to visit. SHOULD THEY FIRST CALL ON UPND TO BE CLEARED?
    There is nothing that the PF shall do that will please the opposition especially UPND. Solar H/mills are not good. Roads are not good assistance to marketeers- not good. Printing in Dub…. not good. Chiefs to date the President- not good. WHAT IS GOOD is for UPND to form Government come what may.

  10. Our spinal cords are only supposed to be used for transmitting messages, to and from our brains to the rest of the body, not for higher thoughts! This is what happens when you use your spinal cord instead…

  11. Politicians campaign issue-based messages and not name-calling.Real include how to curb ritual killings,inflation,budget deficit,economic decline inter alia and provide solutions -Then we will vote 4u.What is it that u will do to solve many of challenges the country is grappling with

  12. PF is in power therefore they have the capability to stop violence, but the problem is that they are so focused on their stomach. HH, this, HH that does not put food and on the table. These people doing all these stupid things are unemployed peoplewho might not even be belonging to any politcal party, they feel the only way to get a life is killing and stealing. The country is heading in the wrong direction, especially if weman like this one talking from their behind and not their mouth.

  13. Very irrational thinking – or is it just desperation? Trying to gain political mileage by linking the riots to the UPND. The UPND was talking about rigging – completely separate from those who decided to blame foreigners for the lack of opportunities or the economic woes they are going through.

    The biggest issue that Zambia has had (mainly since 2011) and which is the underlying factor for all the current socioeconomic and political scenario, is a lack of LEADERSHIP.

  14. Does the President just love surrounding himself with imbecilez like this woman. At least we have been spared some comedy from the Priest this past week

  15. Stick to the article above. Douglas is inciting you cadres for Upnd to arise against three foreign nationals. Looking at what is currently transpiring in our country the situation is so delicate and he goes to issue such a careless statement. Can he state some of the facts as to why he is insuinuating that the three named people are here to help PF rig the election otherwise its hear say!

    • There is some grain of truth in what Mumbi Phiri is saying. For how is it that UPND cadres on the internet are now saying government is to blame for the ritual murders and looting of shops owned by Rwandese in Lusaka? One gets the impression that UPND always want to see a situation where there is turmoil in the country in the hope of making PF unpopular. It is clear for all to see that UPND does not mean well for this country. For as long as they are not in power, it is like Zambia is the worst place or they would want to turn it into the worst place on planet earth.

  16. Don’t mind this cow, she might be suffering from mad-cow disease hence the senseless utterances.

  17. Okay, God has spoken, President Lungu shall be in charge of Zambia’s affairs for the next ten years. Its written and no one can change it, period.
    The spirit of the Lord is upon our leader President Lungu.

    • You wish. He can be president but for whose benefit because the man is clearly a failure. You are used and prefer to suffer so go ahead and put him even just for one full term and then you will have no country to talk about after 5 years. You have already seen the indicators in Lusaka just in his 12 months rule, give him 5 years and you will cry pelete. Be warned bane

  18. Mumbi!!!!! what a misguided individual. Even as a PF supporter sometimes you need to come out and say okay this woman has a problem just as UPND leaders should advise GBM to tone down. That’s how a normal person should behave. But I bet you there are cadres here who will claim this crazy woman is making sense.

  19. Lucy and your ilk can rant as much as you want. But one thing for sure is that Lungu and PF are headed for victory come August 11. There is no way Zambians can vote for an arrogant bozo like HH who thinks he is the only one who knows everything and others know nothing. Keep hero worshiping your litle Lucifer HH. But come August 11 he will be politically buried and never to resurrect again.

  20. Other than keep vommiting rubbish on the UPND, this woman should be talking to her boyfriend Lungu to find better solutions. Why has he kept quiet? This is rhetoric and utter nonsense. Mealie meal shortage, you blame UPND, maize smuggling you blame UPND, high prices, you blame UPND and this, you say that it is the UPND. Always shifting the blame on the UPND. This won’t win the elections if this is your strategy. Do not take Zambian people for fools. If you riffraffs have failed to run the country, you should just surrender.

    • If you are the Voice Of Reason, then you should accept that what Siakalima did was alarmist and dangerous. Those poor 3 people must now be fearing for their lives. Imagine if something happens to one of them, what will Siakalima do. Leaders must be circumspect in their words. I believe if UPND is not careful, they will fail to rule this country. They will have destroyed its fabric and you know once lost, you get civil wars, xenophobia, etc.

  21. Josephine Mumbi please give us a break with your ranting. i totally fail to under this lady’s reasoning, she has a vacuum in her brain.

  22. I support Mumbi Phiri’s statement here. It was not right for Siakalima to do what he did and then for the newspaper to go ahead and even publish their telephone numbers. That was very dangerous. This is an election year and people’ emotions are very high. What will Siakalima do if one of the 3 people is attacked. Will he say, he only asked for a citizen’s arrest. People must be very very careful with alarming statements. UPND should be very careful with these alarmist statements because this type of politicking will surely come back to bite them in the back if they win the elections. It will be difficult to say to the people, now we are in power, let’s stop all the rumour mongering, messy politicking. The vice will keep growing until its out of control. And who will suffer -the poor…

    • And who will suffer -the poor Zambian people. Remember, the same way you acquire power, the same way you will lose it.

  23. Mumbi has hit UPND were it hurts. UPND is careless in its politicking. They are portraying amurtirism of the worst kind. They are due to their careless verbatim allowing PF to find ways of capitalism on this weakness.

    Your insults on Mumbi will not help. You need to instead advise you UPND leadership to be careful and watch their tongues. If you talk about attacking foreigners and it happens, do complain when you are accused of causing it. This what has led to UPND losing past elections, careless whispers!

  24. Mumbi, we know your stunts now. Quit talking because each time you open your mouth the desperation of your brain spills out. Do you not realise that we pick up what your guilty concience is saying. Not all of us are uneducated to listen to your desperate rantings. You will never fill the position you have been promised. You should be the first one picked up for spreading rumours. To me these riots are incited by someone desperate to throw the country into disaray so that elections can be called off. Stop the rot; this was a peaceful country before you came into the limelight

  25. Please may someone effect a citizens arrest on the following enemies of the people; Mumbi Phiri AKA iule, Chris Akufuna and “Priscilla the Ugly one” Isaacs. Judge Essau Chulu is such a principled man and he has just been caught up in this PF pooh.

  26. Useles Pagans For National Destruction.why is it always difficult to debate on real issues? but you always divert the topics to cow dung coz thats what you are used to,brace yourselves 11 august is approaching,kulibe hati bhanibhela mahvoti mawee,balandibidha.

  27. This woman is ridiculous her comments are tribalistic and anyone reading and listening to her will be incited to violence!!!!!!!!! Get rid of her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Talk about burying heads in sand and political irresponsibility. This is no issue to seek political capital on. We need to look at long term causes and effects, not say more divisive things. It’s this blaming without reasonable cause thing causing confrontations. Are people trying to start a civil war? First the ritual killings were blamed on political parties, both ruling and opposition, then it turned towards Rwandese nationals, and now instead of looking into the real issues surrounding such a state of affairs, they want to start the blame loop all over again? This is not even politics any more. This is playing house with the criminally insane without supervision.

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