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Zambia Police warns rumor mongers to stop or risk arrest

General News Zambia Police warns rumor mongers to stop or risk arrest

Police Spokesperson Charity Mungangaa
Police Spokesperson Charity Munganga

The Zambia Police has warned members of the public to stop spreading false information or risk being arrested as doing so is an offence.

In a statement issued to the media by Police Spokesperson Charity Munanga said the false rumors being spread by some members of the public is creating anxiety among communities and being take advantage of by criminals who are looting shops.

She all official statements regarding the ritual murders will be issued by relevant authorities.

“The Zambia Police Service is concerned with the number of speculations going on social media about the ritual murders. The information has unfortunately been taken advantage of by criminals who have been looting shops belonging to both foreign nationals and Zambians.

“All the official statements will be issued by the relevant authorities such as the Police or the Ministry of Home Affairs. All those spreading false rumors that are creating anxiety or fear in members of the public are alarming the Nation and that is an offence. The Zambia Police will
therefore not hesitate to arrest such people regardless of the medium they are using,” she said.

She also provided an update on the number of people who have died in xenophobic attacks

“The official number of people who have died from the time the looting started is two. These are the ones who were burnt to death on 18th April 2016 in Kanyama compound. The false statements going round about the use of chloroform by the ritual killers is not coming from the Police. So far no nurse has been arrested, no baby or human body parts were found in any fridge belonging to any foreign national. These statements are coming from people with criminal minds to create alarm among the members of the public and justify their criminality.

“We are appealing to the members of the public not to believe any statement they see on social media which is not confirmed by the Police. They should also be aware of statements that are falsely attributed to the police andverify such with us. Members of the public with queries should direct them to the Police Public Relations officer on 0975715476 or the Police emergence
line 0979180007.”

She added “We would also like to appeal to all the people whose shops have been lootedto report so that we can ascertain the value of the property that has been lost so far.

We still want to reassure members of the public that the police are doing everything possible to protect lives and property. Police officers have been deployed to all compounds in Lusaka to handle the situation. Members of the public should also restrain their family members from getting involved in these looting as they risk being arrested and taken to court.”


  1. Technologically incompetent police officers have warned, what is she gona use to arrest social media abusers, witchcraft?

    • Start with Edgar Lungu who insinuated that the ritual killers are sponsored by opposition leaders who want to take over government.

    • Nostrademus

      Thats exactly my thought bro.

      Only applicable against the opposition. Even then they is no legal frame work to enforce such.



    • So it true the killings are actually sponsored from the Top. We all know how ZP sides on one side. For this reason we now see who is behind these killings with this ZP threats of ARREST. Wow!!! Ala lesa bane tabepwa. IT is out now.

  2. These must be UPND cadres and Zambian watchdog, don’t feel shy to mention names here miss ZP spokesperson. Watchdog has everything unconfirmed misleading UPND cadres, in the end they go and loot.
    They think winning elections is through Facebook, Zingalume has few or no pipo with smart phones for them to browse watchdog. and also they have no bundles to misuse on watchdog.

    • Umwine zambia. You are one of those that should be reported. You are finger pointing, so if you have facts that it is UPND cadres that are spreading these rumours then report them. First of all report your vuvuzela Mumbi Phiri because she is shouting it out.

  3. I agree 100%. UPND and ZWD are behind all this. They are looking for every opportunity to discredit Zambia at home and abroad in the hope this is what will bring them into power. Every time their Lucifer HH goes abroad he does not pass up the opportunity to discredit Zambia.

  4. Start with Edgar he is the one who said the opposition who want to get into statehouse are responsible. Go for him.

  5. I have not been in touch with Zambian news lately only to learn of xenophonic attacks in Zambia through local (Kenyan) media. I can recall that we jointly condemned South Africa’s similar attacks last year. Sad to fall prey to the menace. Lets rise to the occasion and avoid lawlessness especially now that elections are around the corner. Life is precious.

  6. This is a change of circumstances. The general public too frightened to venture out after lights out are not turning the tables on fear and going out to do a spot of stealing and murder where deemed necessary! Is this saying something about human nature?? When cooped up in fear they eventually burst out ..big style! It’s necessary for the Law to a Act Up, and demonstrate to citizens they are on top of the mysterious Body Parts Murders. It’s heart warming to hear no refrigerator has body parts, babies and Nurses!!

  7. Use.le.ss police as usual. First arrest the drunkard president who alarmed the nation from Chipata without facts. Then arrest Mumbi who has cholera in her mouth.

  8. The police have even forgotten about investigating the ritual murders which have caused all this noise and are now focussing on threatening pipo on rumour mongering.


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