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Zambians must brace themselves for hard times ahead if PF wins August Elections -HH

Headlines Zambians must brace themselves for hard times ahead if PF wins August...

Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

United party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has said that Zambians must now brace themselves for hard times ahead should the PF Government be retained in office in August.

In a statement released to the media in reaction to reports that Zambia will get onto the International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme, Mr Hichilema said that PF’s track record in office is clear proof that they do not have the economic and business know-how or skills necessary to negotiate terms that will protect our citizens and their livelihoods.

Below is the full statement


Statement on proposed IMF package

The announcement by the PF Government that Zambia needs an International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme is an indictment on their poor leadership. They must now accept responsibility for failed economic management and lack of direction, as well as failure to take action sooner.

The prospect of an IMF package is a very serious matter with significant consequences for the Zambian people, particularly the most vulnerable. The first time the country underwent an IMF programme was soon after 1991 when the MMD came into office after the failed UNIP regime. Those who lived through the days of the last IMF deal will remember the pain of many of the measures that came along with the deal, notably those resulting in job losses and company closures.

As a country we have been blessed with many great natural resources that we can utilise to drive economic growth and development for our people. Yet under the PF Government, borrowing, poor planning, and wasteful and thoughtless spending have reversed everything that was achieved under the late President Mwanawasa (MHSRIP) when the Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) programme relieved Zambia from its massive debt burden.

Zambians must now brace themselves for hard times ahead should the PF Government be retained in office in August. Their track record in office is clear proof that they do not have the economic and business know-how or skills necessary to negotiate terms that will protect our citizens and their livelihoods. Nor do they have the capability or will power to institute the required changes or reforms.

Only strong and visionary leadership with regard for long-term planning can deliver the country now, and ensure that as we confront our economic challenges, without hesitation or delay, that we protect the most vulnerable and pursue a path to growth that benefits us all.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President

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    • Perfectly stated:
      “Zambians must now brace themselves for hard times ahead should the PF Government be retained in office in August. Their track record in office is clear proof that they do not have the economic and business know-how or skills necessary to negotiate terms that will protect our citizens and their livelihoods. Nor do they have the capability or will power to institute the required changes or reforms.”

    • In Zambia, a voter is so dull that he doesnt even know the difference between poverty and wellbeing, he doesnt even know the difference between success and failure…How can someone sacrife their children’s future over a Kachasu and Shake-shake Park???…Some of us stopped sympathising with the !diotic Zambian Voter, as he deserves what he gets….Beacuse the same Zambian voter will even be so shocked and even surprised that we who know that they can actually live a better life, are so worried for them…I really do not get in Zambia, because they will still vote for crap, each time, and everytime…When you ask why…they will tell you, the capbale opposition leader is not my tribeman…epela…let them continue eating tribe, and then turn to cannibalism as true poverty is just about…


    • Quote:

      “The first time the country underwent an IMF programme was soon after 1991 when the MMD came into office after the failed UNIP regime. Those who lived through the days of the last IMF deal will remember the pain of many of the measures that came along with the deal, notably those resulting in job losses and company closures.”


      Now you condemn it because you have no way of squeezing out some questionable transactions for yourself out of the deal—now it’s bad! There are unblemished people with impeccable credentials who can speak on these things with their heads held high—not people…

    • continue…

      …not people (like HH) with questionable dealings with the same IMF deals/programs he is condemning today. Unethical and unprincipled Capitalists can be hard to understand at times mwe!

    • One thing for sure is that Lungu will increase electricity tariffs by 400%. He has already tried but only backed down when he saw the reaction by people and promised to implement that after August. Let’s avoid the obvious economic disaster that PF has set on track.

    • Is it not the IMF conditionality on privatization that made HH rich? Has HH now realised that his ill-gotten wealth through the liquidation of parastatals made some Zambians jobless and sent them to their early graves? If so, would it not be proper for HH to do a Zaccheaus by giving back to Zambians part of the money he extorted from them?

    • Because you, HH and your friends had stolen from the people of Zambia through privitization after MMD came in power, that’s why there was suffering

    • After IMF made him rich then he calls it’s bad sure? This guy got rich with IMF policies on Zambia in 1991 but now he is seeking the presidency then it’s bad

    • Wait a minute! What is HH’s bone of contention here? Is it IMF or lack of negotiating skills by the current regime?

    • Ba Banda,
      Would you rather it was FJT or a forigner who got rich?? If HH got rich that time at least the money is invested in Zambia, employing zambians.

    • UPND a band of satanists. Who is a satanist anyone who acts, speaks and imagines things contrally to what the bible teaches. Now try to analyse the comments of bamwana gbm just like there him nsele-nsele, valger-valger and selfishly. Ba satana nga nifyo tamwakatekepo ichalo.

  1. Same song. Like a broken record. The angel of doom. You rejoice in seeing Zambians suffer. In as far as you are concerned you don’t see anything positive about our country. No you or Edgar can change this country, it is each individual Zambian making decision to work hard. Not waiting for government handouts.

    • It is leadership that matters, even companies with mediocre leadership fail, come a leader with vision, that same company does well.

    • And @ NONO your comment shows you are the same as PF who lack understanding. When someone states reality, you think they are against the country. People like you need to be told the truth so that they can awake from slumber. You are bind to reality Nono!

    • 3.nono how can you do things an individual?very dull we need a good environment to do business and only a good Government can provide that.We need a government that will help to reduce interest in banks so that we have capital. We need a government that will pay retirees and suppliers so that we can continue to re invest. Yes an individual can do something but can not achieve much without a good government.This year its AKUNA KUTINA ,AKUNAKULALA PAKA LITENTE LITULIKE.ITS AMAGEDONI.viva HH.

    • iciici indeed is an angel of doom and choas.What type of a leader is he.In fact, people remember that the inkonomi ded during unip era as early as 1967, only to be resurrected by the first MMD government in 1991to 1996 who sacrificed their popularity in to start transforming the inkonomi into the economy.WHAT FOLLOWED LATER IN 2001WAS PORRIDGE.Shortages disappeared within a short period, transport blues also disappeared.Above all the chief moronist benefitted himself

  2. This guy is a devil! he only talks bad, if he has alternatives and loves Zambians why can he share the ideas

    • Mr chishinte, HH is only telling the truth. The children of the devil are these PF thugs parading themselves with fake degrees but failing to manage the economy. If you do not understand simple economics just shut up. The multi dues of Zambians are suffering because of the PF failed leadership. Each time HH shares his ideas, the PF buffoons always reject them until they reach a dead end. What more do you want him to do?
      Who is evil, the one who tells the truth or the one lies to you when are failing? The PF is a bunch of wicked picked who want Zambians to suffer

    • Some one is telling the truth, ati he is a devil.

      The solution my friend is change the managment of the country, even if solutions are provided, the leadership is lacking, things will only get worse.
      PF seem to only to know how to borrow, Zambia producing it’s own wealth is an impossible mission for them.

    • Thats why Zambians are stup-d! They wud rather be led by Dr Kambwili and the drunkard! Wake up! It’s your life at stake!

  3. Perfectly stated:

    “Zambians must now brace themselves for hard times ahead should the PF Government be retained in office in August. Their track record in office is clear proof that they do not have the economic and business know-how or skills necessary to negotiate terms that will protect our citizens and their livelihoods. Nor do they have the capability or will power to institute the required changes or reforms.”

    • The borrowing has resulted into mass infra structure development, unlike the borrowing unip had.It was used to liberate Angola,Namibia,Mozambique and Zimbabwe, who don’t even appreciate the Zambians in general, but an individual.The chief moronist should not mislead us.Go for PF, the progress party.They have been condemning the building of road,but they are using them today,double stds, without appreciating.

  4. Chipimo in exasperation prays for more suffering akin to what the children of Isreal underwent. It need not be so. Chipimo and other God fearing Christians must pray for the overthrow of demons, powers and principalities that rule the political realm of this nation and blinds people to accept sufferings. There are demonic forces of deception and utter wickedness that should be dethroned if our country is to see the prosperity Mwanawasa left , the almost corrupt free system he achieved.

    Let’s pray, pray, pray and pray, pray, pray and fast and fast till our land is redeemed from the devils besetting us!

    • Prayers are not the answer. You need to work hard and God will multiply your riches. That’s what the wealth do.

  5. Where there is no vision, people perish. It is very sad that many Zambians are accepting their poverty as a way of life. midiocre has become a part of life for many Zambians. As a country, Zambia is blessed with all the natural resources which most African countries do not have. If surely the government accepts the IMF conditions, it is the poorest of the poor who will suffer the most. Removing fuel subsidies, removing subsidies from all agricultural inputs will have far reaching consequences for the poor. Transport will go up, basic food stuffs will also go up. This is the time when the country needs true leadership. The IMF package will only make the country more poorer. Obviously those in government won’t be affected. It is for this reason that all people should rise and use the power…

  6. Ati fintu ni lungu

    We were told after being double charged for roads by PF that investors will come, where are the investores bane, is it IMF you meant??.
    Now you will eat humbleness.

    • Yes Fintu ni Lungu u tonga idi.ot if u want go to gell. We cannot vote for Mr Privatisation a terrible liar and bitter fu who privatised our mines and got rich thru the same IMF he is today condeming. Come August hakaivotela heeka.

    • And what has under 5 contributed to developmnt of Zambia with stolen money from the mines? Nothing he has failed even to build a toilet for pipo that selfish chap. All he did was to build a clinic he calls a house with so many empty rooms where he keeps questionable things in there

    • @8.1 Chilekwa. Iam from Eastern province and l will vote for HH, not becoz he is Tonga but becoz he has the necessary skills to guide Zambia out of this hole that PF has put us in! Come Aug 11, kuya bebele. Viva HH!




    • Just like what fat john did and rb continue(legacy).workers were suppressed until PF liberated them in 2011.Muletasha.That is what iciici will do.A person wha has failed to help his former school.

  9. These are facts and if we are not careful Zambia will turn into Zimbabwe.
    #Oh hope Zimbabwe won’t write to Mr Kalaba for referring Zimbabwe in this matter!

    • With this kind of thinking you mean Zambia can develop. F00ls all over are talking nonsense. We need to chuck PF out otherwise we are doomed with this kind of hate speech on a fellow Zambian.

  10. 1. electricity tariff will be adjusted meet the cost of production, so we need to pay more. (remember those tariff which were reversed? they are coming back and will never be reversed as this will be under IMF conditions)
    2. Subsidy on fuel will be removed because they are not sustainable. Fuel will go up.
    These are two key drivers of the economy which will impact the cost of leaving for the majority Zambians.
    Happy will be the minority few who walks the corridors of power. The PF guys are cushioned by the majority poor who are suffering.

  11. Mr Hichilema you are not the new Jesus for you to start predicting what the country will be like if you lose the august elections. if you are truely the man that this great country needs you will win but you need to reach to the poorest people in our country because having GBM,Guy scott and miles sampa is not the garunttee that you will win elections cause what the people want is the solution and not a pretender that you feel the suffering of the poor.get real sir and get busy cause no amount of media talk will help you win.

  12. For the first time (HH) has seen his road ahead is steep and being the infant he is, he can’t crawl uphill. He now resorts to instilling fear through alarming statements. He is bad seed this man. Just retire Hadolf.

    • The truth to PF is alarming.
      You can not hope to keep the masses ignorant forever, some day the truth will always come out.

    • #Kudot just as bano.ko is a bad seed for for reaping a weed after throwing away alot of good crop or after she did abortions and when the time she felt to keep a baby she got kudot a retarded in thinking.

    • the fear iciici is instilling reminds of the fear Bishop lucifer nevers mumba instilled in the Zambians in 1991, a month or so before the first multiparty elections, he never supported MMD, no wonder he has reduced to mmd.don’t argue, you were not there, if you were you missed this.It was live on ZBNC TV but broadcast live from Botswana.He wanted unip to continue,but God said NO NO NO NO

  13. Another 5 years under the clueless and visi,,?,onless Lungu and his govt is unthinkable and unbearable. This chipande pande govt even with IMF assistance will not be able to turn around the economy. The problem in Zambia is leadership failure and lack of skills and know-how to manage a modern functioning economy in this digital era. Zambians on 11th August 2016 will have to choose to either maintain the status quo or elect a new political leadership and govt. For me change is inevitable for survival. ECL and his clueless and visionless govt must go. Rigging the upcoming elections will be suicidal considering the mood of the people, they are angry and hungry. The writing is on the wall!

  14. We call this coersion in philosophy. Fear factor is not the smartest manifesto to get to power! Tell the voters how you would manage the economy to reduces prices of mealie meal, and how you shall create hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs for the youth. Tell the nation the opportunity cost of the promises.

  15. ECZ i thought the minimum age for one to stand as a president is 35 why allowing this under 5. Look how desperate he is such that he is restless issuing empty alarming statements. We will show him that he is still under 5 yrs but just have 5 brains

  16. Just a few observations
    1. What is in a name? I thought that the previous IMF/HIPC Programme was negotiated under FJT Chiluba and NOT under Mwanawasa? If I recall, most of that time, Levy was not in the limelight after that unfortunate road traffic accident. When he came back as president of Zambia the groundwork of HIPC and its future benefits had already been laid by Chiluba. We remember when Chiluba was campaigning, he used to ask whether we were ready to suffer (as he embarked on the structural adjustment programme). Levy took over an economy that had already been structurally adjusted by Chiluba and the stage was set to build them evonomy under Levy. To cut a long story short! Why then is Commentator crediting levy Mwanawasa and not Chiluba? Is he afraid of crediting Chiluba for…

    • Terrible, you have hit the nail on the head.Mwanawasa, I mean fat john, never wanted to associate with criticism from the people over hardship we went through.But Chiluba, together with late Penza(forgotten economic hero) stood firm and went ahead.It was under when we saw shopping malls in the name of Manda Hill, transport mbwee essential commodities mbweee.Iciici took advantage of this and enriched himself

  17. ……To cut a long story short, why then is Commentator crediting levy Mwanawasa and not Chiluba? Is he afraid of crediting Chiluba for fear of offending his master Mmembe? Or is there an element of kith and kin at play here? Let’s give credit where it is due, and not distorting facts with regional DNA.

  18. Ulabeja musankwa HH. I shall soon endorse someone as soon as Parley is dissolved definitely not you basa. But you lie like the father of lies iwe musankwa. HH you are a liar waumfwa te? Niwe puti, Ulefufulafye ubwakuti. Hoooooooooo!

  19. Why is HH not talking about infrastructural development? If what we are seeing is what it means to suffer then we are ready to suffer so that we can have more power stations, roads, hospitals, schools and supported agriculture.

  20. An international news item today reported that “….power rationing (load shedding) in Zimbabwe had reduced due to power imports from Mazambique and South Africa. The imports are expensive and have left the national utility ZESA saddled with a debt of Us$1billion. The electricity regulator has approved a tariff of US$ cents 11.5/kWh rising from US$cents9.2/kwh. The utility had asked for a tariff of 14cents/kWh…..” Just thinking, our HH has been promising lower tariffs while at the same promising to eliminate load shedding. uuuuhhhmmm….what a contradiction.
    Let people be warned that there is no magic when your export commodity is low and there are no easy answers to our economic challenges caused by low copper prices, HH is just politicking in a fruitless effort to go to plot 1…

  21. Let people be warned that there is no magic wand and there are no easy answers to our economic challenges caused by low copper prices, HH is just politicking in a fruitless effort to go to plot 1. Fortunately, our people have been through such difficulties before and they know that HH is all hot air and sugar coated promises but no substance. Just watch him, he simply waits for reports from others and he goes to town commenting as an expert, well anyone can make comments on what others have done, no rocket science here Mr Commentator!

  22. What does hh mean when he says will power typical of freemansons phrases who thinks they can do anything through will power for they substitute Christ for the will power .

  23. Again this conman is manifesting his hh madness disease dreaming what himself cant manage. This man doesnt accept advice otherwise all what pipo talk about his bitterness,tribalism,he wud have changed

  24. “Chuundu chaitwa” chairman hh now has proved beyond any doubts that MAJORITY OF US ZAMBIA SHALL VOTE FOR PF ON 11/08/2016,KIKIKIKI!!!PLEASE MR TONGA god, DONT WORRY FOR US BECAUSE WE NEVER SEE YOU TO BE OUR “MESSIAH!!”PF IS ON TRACK AND THEIR SPLENDID WORKS SINCE 2011 ARE THERE FOR ALL TO SEE!!SO YOU ARE VERY RIGHT HH TO CONFIRM THE FACT THAT WE ARE MORE THAN READY TO RETAIN HARD WORKING PF IN POWER IN 2016!!we dont want a know it all and devil worshipper leader like u hh to rule us Zambians!!”IFINTU NI LUNGU-2016!!”GO PF GO!!

  25. HH has a point but he makes an error on the historical fact. The first adjustment IMF loan (as they were called then) to Zambia was in the late 1970s. Then there were other attempts for macroeconomic reform in the 1980’s but it was inconsistent with the ideology of the UNIP heavyweights. A lone voice was Luke Mwanashiku who was ahead of his time and argued for more market based policies. He was thrown out and Zambia insisted on mismanagement and abandoned the IMF program when food riots hit in 1986. Bottom line, both UNIP and PF have mismanaged the economy. Going forward, PF will not have the stamina to stick with the IMF program and will abandon ship like UNIP.

  26. Michael Sata won in 2011 because his political message was simple for poor Zambians to understand.but this tonga man keep on ranting on various issues daily such that nobody in Zambia today (apart from his bantustans) know what he stands for politically!!WHOEVER ADVISES HH IS A GREAT POLITICAL AMATURE AS HH RARELY MAKE SENSE ON ANY IMPORTANT NATIONAL ISSUES!!ALL WE SEE IN HH IS DESPERATION FOR STATE HOUSE.HE THINKS HE CAN WIN ELECTIONS THROUGH LIES-NEVER!!DOES HH REALLY KNOW ZAMBIANS?LETS WAIT FOR 11/08/2016 WHEN THIS “CHUUNDU CHAITWA” CHAIRMAN WILL BE RETIRED FROM LOCAL POLITICS!! I cannot wait to vote for humble and God fearing Edgar Lungu to shame all these devil worshippers in opposition!!POLITICS IS NOT FOR BITTER MEN LIKE HH!!EDGAR LUNGU IS GOD CHOISEN PRESIDENT THATS WHY HE IS…

    • The famous “no money in the pockets” we are a lot poorer today than we were five years ago. Zambia’s are slowly removing things from their basic needs basket.Then when electricity and fuel is hiked, a number will be sent to the grave early due to malnutrition

  27. Too many PF Vuvuzelas. HH is right.

    Read “Economic Crisis and Policy Choice: The Politics of Adjustment in the Third World” By Joan M. Nelson, if you know how to read books.

  28. I don’t know why PF supporters are always anathema to the obvious!These Morons in PF are weird & semblance to aliens &/or ghosts for their thinking & understanding is always backward & irrational! A party filled with hundreds of thousands of cadres & grade seven dropouts as well drunkards surely can not have tomorrow in their developmental agenda.Zambia will never develop under such frauds of PF Morons!PF is a scandal & a big mistake to have happened in Zambia.You can not reason together with a PF supporter!

    • We’ll if you can’t reason with PF, how do you hope to enter gov’t? By abuse and demonising your opposition. This is no way to debate, nor show that you have better solutions.

  29. Mr HH I hope you are not suggesting you are a Strong Leadership with Vision, because Mate you’ve been Depressing us by down talking Zambia’s potential. You are Negative Leadership with no understanding of current international economic conditions being faced by every gov’t in the world. Your refusal to accept the contributions of the international market conditions is a downfall and proof positive you would be the worst Leader for Zambia. SPEAK LIFE Mr HH. Positive words creates positive conditions. Your attack on PF is unfair. It’s clear that the changes in world economy has trapped all the positive infrastructural changes needed. The debt was created by the changes. International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme will also be the only option you will have to put Zambia right if…

    • The debt was created by the changes. International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme will also be the only option you will have to put Zambia right if you were lucky enough to get in by sill.y Zambians falling for your lies.

  30. The PF blaming the world for the decline in touarisim and agriculture sectors in Zambia.
    Borrow, blame, borrow and blame again.

  31. Imwe bantu.. HH doesnt qualify to lecture us on IMF coz we now know he has shares in the formerly Intercontinental Hotel in Livingstone. If u are a liquidator do the rules applicable allow u to also buy from yourself as a seller? Same happened with Lima Bank. How did he acquire the house he recently vacated to pretend he is clean? As long as these issues are not addressed adequately HH is not attractive to patriots like my self.

    • Manufacturing has stagnated.
      The challenge for policy-makers is to set a course for recovery that supports more inclusive growth, while preparing the ground for an economic transformation.
      Meeting that challenge in the midst of an economic downturn will not be easy. Having ridden the wave of the commodity super-cycle, Africa has been hit hard by the slump in oil and metal prices. Dependent on oil for 70% of government revenue, Nigeria has been forced to turn to the World Bank and the African Development Bank for an emergency loan to plug an expanding budget deficit. Weak commodity prices are magnifying already unsustainable fiscal deficits in Ghana and Zambia.
      Eurobond markets that two years ago looked like a source of ‘cheap money’ are delivering their own verdict. The combination of…

    • Eurobond markets that two years ago looked like a source of ‘cheap money’ are delivering their own verdict. The combination of currency devaluation, shrinking foreign exchange buffers and slower growth has pushed typical yields on African bonds from 3-4% two years ago to 8-9% today. Other indicators of progress point in a worrying direction. While commodity exports have boomed, Africa’s share of world trade has stagnated at just 2% – and the share of manufacturing in production and exports has declined. Sub-Saharan Africa remains trapped in low value-added segments of international trade.

  32. For UPND people on thus site please read what credible international Media are basing their analysis on:-


    Educate yourselves in fair commentary.

    • Sunday 10 April 2016 11.41 BST Last modified on Tuesday 12 April 2016 11.44 BST
      First the bad news. After fifteen years in the global economic growth fast lane, sub-Saharan Africa is reeling from the effects of falling commodity prices, depressed Chinese demand, and deteriorating financial conditions. The IMF has revised growth forecasts down to 3.5% for 2016, from an annual average rate in excess of 5% since 2000.
      Now for the good news. Africa’s economic slowdown is a wake-up call and an opportunity to rethink an economic model that is failing. The impressive growth record of the past 15 years has roughly doubled output, but with limited results for poverty reduction, job creation and productivity. Already extreme inequality is rising in many countries.

  33. Hh madness disease is also affecting nwasco a north western water company which is failing to its workers for three months just to decampaign pf.
    Pf shud examine management at this company fire some,transfer others urgently

  34. @23 ASSAGE,Mexactly the point my man! The detractors are conveniently forgetting that because of the massive infrastructural developments like roads, the country has been opened up for development. Also after this massive development we do not need to borrow so much anymore to build roads because we have done so already. The leaders of tomorrow (which does not include Commentator, unfortunately) will just transport goods on smooth roads built by PF. And who told Coomentator that it is criminal to enter a programme with IMF? This is like a bridging loan to business, until external conditions improve, this Commentator should know better about bridging loans, isn’t he THE businessman?

  35. People think that some issues are for jossitoring HH is concerned over the living of vulnerlable and poorer people not the relative of those who work under PF government whose their masters are given freely everything without feeling any impact of hardness situations we undergo some of us. Ba Lusaka times in Kabwe can you follow up issue of ZALCO company which was found that there is a container Gideon BIBBLES and were meant to make toilet papers(tisues). As a christian nation where are we heading. There is another issue in Makululu compound for the man who had put 2 children into a sack and he was cot by the public beaten and taken to Kamanda police post these are true issues go to these 2places you ll prove with this information.

  36. Yes, many economies of Soutgern Aftica are going through these problems because of corruption and luck of foresight. Look at Angola and Nigerua whose oil reserves earned during high price years were credited into personal accounts abroad/ we are talking about billions of dollars and these counties are broke. Rwanda has no commodities but has strong leadership. Their finance minister is most sought after person at any international conference. PF cadres will not understand this. For them if PF has sunk and failed to revive the economy, no other leader can. Leave this space for seasoned economists. When that happens, zambia will not look back again. In short, PF has no capacity to manage an IMF program; not with those Kanbwili PhDs.

  37. I fail to understand the thinking among PF cadres. They’ll defend PF wrong doing even to the last drop of their blood. they accuse HH that he profited from privatisation but they still want to go through the IMF pill again. I think many of them were little boys and girls who still don’t understand the effects of the IMF pill. in the first place, Zambia should have not been brought to this point where we’re going back to IMF again. people will suffer more because of PF & Lungu’s incompetence, mismanagement of the economy and corruption.

  38. What about Angola? Is it the PF also in Angola .or the drop in commodity value of copper and oil.hh ubufontini bwafula.ninshi economics mwakwata yabewanga mwa?

  39. Is HH saying, if he wins he wont go to IMF? As a country, yes we should not be going to IMF but we cannot deny that drought, power at Kariba and low copper prices have affected us. These factors are beyond PF. Most of you dont understand economics, HH does not offer any better solution than PF, the only difference is that he is not in power. If he wins instead of solving problems, HH will spend most of the time talking how PF destroyed the country. The solution to Zambia is a long term vision.

    • Do you think the PF government has that long term vision? Evidence on the ground is that the PF government is clueless. Zambians should brace themselves for the worst economic hardships should PF win. Hard luck to those who will be in Zambia.

  40. I have said before I find this leader very shallow in his analysis. HIPIC was not about management it was qualifying as a Highly Indebt Country unable to service its debts. It was going on our knees and having our debt wipe away. The hope was that the savings from debt servicing would go to the most needy areas of development. We all know LPM died hence the mantle went to RB…Surely when he lost the elections the coffers where still healthy! But not a word of acknowledgement from the man called HH… Wow…I end until he learns to research and stop reacting to ECL he is headed for a heavy defeat. Indeed the IMF package is one of the worst deals anyone can get but only EZN can manage the situation not trial and error!

  41. I d rather remain on a known, safe and defined trajectory of PF than venture into the unknown with UPND that will not invest in infrastructure, will not borrow, will not raise taxes, will not export maize, but claims they will provide free fertilizer, free maize meal, free education, free condoms, free sex, plenty of rains, higher salaries for civil servants. This is a mix up of economic theory from a self acclaimed best economic manager.

  42. But why does HH want to think for the majority Zambians. If Zambians find it prudent to vote in PF, that is their right and decision based on rational analysis. UPND cadres want to insult and underrate the analytical capacity of Zambians, their ability to chose between utopia and reality and their right to formulate their destiny. HH should just sell his manifesto and if he fails to lure a majority, then God is not on his side. The problem is his posturing as the most and only intelligent leader Zambia cannot afford to miss. Jargon.

  43. HH you can even use a vuvuzela only your blind followers will hear you, Do you feed as in our homes to tell as nonsense, in the first place no child of God shall be defeated by Satana’s child, Edgar is still winiing come 11th tell your devil that you’re. losing, why do you always talk negative???

  44. In the land of the blind a one eyed man becomes king. People are saying there is development in Zambia. Do such people really know the meaning of development? One must just take a drive to Chelston, there is no water despite the fact that within the proximity stands a huge water reservoir and a treatment plant. Then you scream that there is development when there is no water in a middle income location. Constant running clean water is the most basic necessity that any administration must be able to provide to its citizens, because this will keep them not only clean but healthy as well thereby averting huge reactive undertakings to deal with outbreaks of waterborne diseases. People should be serious for once.

  45. 15 July 2006 at 14:20pmLusaka – Zambia's largest opposition party has elected a politically unknown, wealthy businessman as it candidate for the presidential election later this year, one of its officials said on Saturday.

    Hakainde Hichilema, 44, was picked as candidate after beating two other contestants at an extraordinary congress of the United Party for National Development (UPND).

    “Hichilema has been declared winner of the (UPND) elections,” returning officer Stanley Mhango announced.

    Hichilema polled 512 ballots against 233 for his closest rival, party vice-president Sakwiba Sikota. Businessman Baldwin Nchite polled just seven votes, Mhango said.

    Hichilema, an economist, is the outgoing chief executive in Zambia of international auditing firm Grant Thornton and…

  46. Quote: “United party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has said that Zambians must now brace themselves for hard times ahead should the PF Government be retained in office in August”.
    I like the fact that HH knows that PF will retain power. Just a point of correction – its not a question of ‘if’ or ‘should’, but a matter of ‘when’ the PF Government is retained in office in August. I can clearly see the desperation in the HH’s statement. Like others have said, if IMF policies made HH rich, why is he worried? If he is genuinely worried, then let us see him paying his workers well and giving back to the poor out of the loot. Because UPND and HH are always alienated to what the PF Government is doing, I deem them as an unrealistic lot and putting them…

  47. It is highly sad to note that some of our opposition leaders always wish and want to see Zambians pass through hard times for reasons best known to themselves however, am comforted by the fact that Zambia will always have a government chosen by the Zambians themselves.

  48. Comment:it does not mean that h h has seen p f winning this years election,but since in every thing they r two sides of a story.should, does not guarantee one victory,but just an assumption.meaning anything can happen

  49. Lungu & his pf are running the country up side down, when you build a house you do not state with the roof but with a solid foundation. The foundation being building your income generating projects or deversifing the economy in ordet to generate money to the state & also to generate employment, not depend on copper only. This is step number one which pf skipped, to run to infrastructure build. This what hh has been advocating, because being the foundation you will have money to build roads, schools, hosipitals, you name it. Even if you need a loan for bigger projects, you know you are generating money to pay the loans. Now why did i say pf is running the country up – side – down? Because they borrowed money to build the infrastructure first, that does not bring enough or no income to…

  50. Continued from top comment: to repay the loans & their interests with. Now by the time they think of building the economy there will have no money to do that, instead, they will be forced to borrow & borrow, it becames a debt trap which is very difficult to come out.

  51. Finally he has learnt that the country is in the boat. Mukose boyi you are loosing for the fifth time, gbm , guy scott,sampa and malitetwa for the second time. Chagwa and the people of Zambia understand that his leadership is God chosen nowonder in all his speaches you will never find words of hate but rather, he always directs Zambians to heaven that God alone is the giver of leadership, wisdom and the rewarder of all that truly seek Him. We therefore, as Zambian people we want him to continue because he does’t only give us hope for good life in Zambia but also a better life in the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

  52. Let me asure you that the people of Zambia will vote for the PF and Edger Chagwa Lungu on 11 august for the future of this country and its people is in the hands of God, ECL has no say, not even hh. But he will continue directing the people to the worship of God in heaven and the Lord will hear us for He is our God, we know Him and He knows us. It for this reason pf will win. Muchibato! emotuli.

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