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Mutati continues his mobilization tours despite being expelled

General News Mutati continues his mobilization tours despite being expelled

Felix Mutati
Felix Mutati

MMD Lunte member of parliament Felix Mutati has continued his countrywide tours to mobilize members of the MMD despite party President Nevers Mumba’s declaration that he remains an expelled member.

Speaking when he addressed members of the party in Solwezi on Wednesday Mr Mutati said the party remains strong in the province but that it was not vibrant because of the lack of leadership presence.

He said people in the province appreciated the former ruling party because of a number of projects and investment it left in the area before it was voted out and that members of the public were wondering as to what had happened to the party.

He said he had gone to the province to revive the fortunes of the party and ensure that it reunites so as to make it relevant to the forth coming elections.

He thanked party officials who had refused to leave MMD to join other political parties despite the many challenges the party has gone through since losing power.

And Mr Mutati bemoaned the lack of tolerance for divergent views from some of the leaders in the party saying MMD is the only party which democratic and allows different views hence people should not be curtailed from expressing themselves.

He accused President Mumba of threatening to expel the Provincial Chairperson of the party for receiving him saying that is not the MMD people knew.

He further said many of the original members of the party have been sidelined by the Mumba camp because of expressing different views on how the party was being run and that the party can not grow if talented politicians were being replaced by preachers as if one was creating a church.

Mr Mutati wondered how one can run a party without any representation from North Western as if it did not have structures in the province.

He said before taking over Dr Mumba found a party with representation from all the province’s but because of his dictatorship tendencies the party was being run by people of his choice after expelling original members.

Mr Mutati is in North Western Province on his continued mobilization tours.

Meanwhile, Mr Mutati has said that the former ruling party is making preparations for a national convention following the dismissal of the injunction by the High Court.

Mr. Mutati said the party is proceeding with the national convention because that is what the general membership wants.

He said that it is unfortunate that the wish of the general members is not being respected by some party members.

Mr Mutati was speaking when he addressed constituency, district and provincial executive committee members in Solwezi.

He said the MMD was founded on democracy and tolerance for divergent views but that the party has drifted away from these principles.

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  1. Politics of personality cult anchored on a system of evolving around fellow mortals than collective values systems, cannot thrive or absorb pressure that come with political dynamics. Embrace intra-party democracy now then you will see the kind of public appeal. Zambians have tested democracy and do not wish to prop up a dictator that has no respect for institutionalism. I just laughed at Sejani’s dogma that in UPND, the final decision maker is brother HH and not the voting people in primaries. In democracy there is no alpha and omega other than Jehovah. Brother Mumba should stop fearing intra-party competition. We need a strong and mature opposition to strengthen democratic order.

  2. MMD is wasting our time at the same time confusing the undecided voters. In as much as we appreciate the dictates of democracy, I would have loved to see PF and UPND given more space by both public and private media houses so that they can battle it out from now upto 11/08. Allowing these other tu temba political parties making headlines will not help matters

  3. Where does this mutation want to take this country? Where has he gotten the muscle and money to use in disturblizibg MMD? Of all MMDs why Mutation? The problem with Zambians is overeating themselves. Surely who can vote Mutation as president? Ask Samoa, fr Bwalya, mpombo, HH and Mulongoti not forgetting sondashi. Bamutati please seat down becoz not all can be presidents

  4. What is it that Mutati found in UPND that made him scamper like a little rat? The Mutatic chap went full swing behind (HH) only to discover UPND is bad!

    • After failing to get a major job at the World Bank or was it IMF, he now comes back to confuse Nevers but he cannot prevail. He’s a failure who over rates himself. He failed to work with Maureen and (HH) because they are not leadership material. Come May 11, UPND MPs are crossing to PF and only PF will prevail beyond 2016

  5. Bzzzzzzzzzz, Bzzzzzzzzzzzz, oh feel asleep just contemplating reading thus article on the latest from Fake MMD politician?…!

  6. Kudiosity (Kudos) you an $$$$ of a chap. Why cant you leave HH and UPND out each nonsense that comes out of your dirty mouth. Sometimes learn to use your brains to think through issues. Such hatred is very bad. Love people and you will be blessed. I wonder weather you even sleep minus dreaming of HH and UPND. Get a life!!!!

    • Kudos and PF insiders know who will be eating their lunch after August. Hence the obsession with HH and UPND at every turn. They are not fretting about Chipimo or Cosmo who are not threats. Still

  7. Rebellion at its best. When a man is desperate this is what you get, beaten clean but refuses to lose and comes back claiming he is speaking for the party, MMD? Of course they are those in MMD that support you, but they weren’t enough to have you beat Nevers Mumua, nothing new, just democracy.

    Now please behave yourself and stop being a brat. So if you go to convention and win and Nevers Mumba or someone else refuses to accept loss and continues to mobolize in the name of democracy, you will cry foul. Stop the double standards and tone down on your immaturity.

    Figure out who you are and what you want in life, once you figure that one out then return to the fold. As it is, this guy won’t and can’t be an MP on UPND or PF he has burnt his bridges, his only chance at survival is MMD…

  8. Bamutati twapapata ikaleniko panshi. Why can’t you continue working with your HH you supported in the last elections? You can take the party to UPND the way Samoa did but you can’t take our pipo

  9. Paradoxically Zambia’s stability has snuffed out ambition and a craving to create. Why can’t this Mutati tick create his own outfit and suck disaffected MMD critters into the new win? This habit of trying to make or break at any cost is what sunk UNIP and also splodged Zimbabwe’s MDC onto the hard rock of certain decline into extinction. I am sure PF is feasting on this dying carcass…

  10. The problem is that everyone is wrong and only himself is right. This is what is making me doubt if at all Mumba is a democrat. If you want to identify a fool in your family, just look at that family member who thinks everyone is wrong but only them are right.

  11. Zambians, please be alert and read between the lines. This Mutati chap is actually working for HH. If he is campaigning for MMD, he should have come out and explained why he no longer supports UPND or HH and their ideology. I will bet my bottom dollar that this guy’s intentions are to merge MMD with UPND., thinking that he then stands to get a position in upnd circus government. Zambians, please run away from turncoats like Mutati.

  12. I had so much respect for this man because I saw him as an accomplished politician and a very good intellectual. I think the last time he looked in the mirror , he felt so much shame for collecting money to pretend like he is doing now. He was better off when he was just being accused of being Namugala’s boyfriend.

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