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Political Parties agree on a Peaceful Labour day celebration

General News Political Parties agree on a Peaceful Labour day celebration

Roland Msiska
Roland Msiska

POLITICAL parties have agreed that they will maintain peace and order during Labour Day celebrations on Sunday.

Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska said in a statement yesterday that following a meeting held yesterday at Cabinet Office, political parties agreed to maintain peace because Labour Day was an important national day for workers which should be treated with the dignity it deserved.

He said stakeholders had agreed that each political party should not bring more than 100 marchers and that the list of participants should be submitted to the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions.

The political parties should also attend rehearsals today at the Lusaka Civic Centre.

“Recalling the political violence that erupted during the Youth Day celebrations on March 12, 2016, all political parties were invited to a meeting at Cabinet Office to discuss and agree on the way forward so as to avoid a similar occurrence on Labour Day,” Dr Msiska said.


    • Leave this day for the labourers to cerebrate! What have the political parties got to do with it?

    • Peace should always prevail over & all time. Political parties don’t have to “agree” for peace, they must have peace always & not only on labour day.
      Nevertheless, vote wisely on 11~8.
      The Skeleton Key

    • It is workers day, what has political party affiliation got to do with it? The common thread is the work you do not the party you belong to. One should attend the labour day celebrations as a worker in a particular company not because he belongs to a particular partyes. Will unemployed kabovas also attend these celebrations?? My foot, why do we like wasting time on no issues??

  1. I have always said that the coming of cadres onto the political scene has brought more negatives than positives,since when did we start holding peace talks before the celebration of Labor day,have we really degenerated to such levels,what a shame.

  2. don’t trust pf..they are already drunk even before the day..opposition parties should stay away to maintian law and order..the pf police can’t help you!!

  3. because pf was out numbered on yourth day at only 100 pipo thus y we always say pf yalipwa

  4. I hope that happens! But UP’ers are too silent on this page. Must be they have some planned disruption under their sleeves…….probably some women running in their pants, intercepting tables and chairs in case they are stuffed with ballot papers!

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