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Police officer run over by a bus in February promoted

General News Police officer run over by a bus in February promoted

MARJORY Moyo being evacuated to South Africa for constrictive Surgery
MARJORY Moyo being evacuated to South Africa for constrictive Surgery

THE police officer Marjorie Moyo who was run over by a bus in February has thanked Government for her promotion as sergeant from the rank of constable.

Minister of Home Affairs Davis Mwila announced Ms Moyo’s promotion during a radio programme on the Copperbelt.

Ms. Marjorie Moyo, the police woman run over by a motorist in February this year, says she would have loved to celebrate her promotion with dance to show how appreciative she was to the Government.

Ms. Moyo, who could not believe the news of her promotion, said this afternoon that she was profoundly grateful to Government for continuing to care for her and the family in their troubled times.

“Is it true. I have just been getting stories and I hope it’s true. First it was my aunt who called me and then my brother also told me. Please tell me,” an excited Ms. Moyo pleaded.

After being told that Home Affairs Minister, Mr. Davies Mwila announced her promotion during a radio programme on the Copperbelt, Ms. Moyo quipped: “Iyeee!. I will start dancing. I wish I could dance just to show how thankful I am to this government.”

Ms. Moyo is now Sergeant from her previous rank of Constable.

She said Government has been on her side from the time she met her calamity. “Look. They are here helping me. I don’t even know who is paying for my treatment and now they want to promote me. I am so happy,” said a jovial Ms. Moyo.

She said doctors had told her that she would undergo skin grafting in the course of next week.

“I am very fine and I think only one thing, which is skin grafting, as the doctors told me, is remaining.”

Ms. Moyo was flown to South Africa’s Milpark Hospital on 2nd March, 2016 for specialist treatment after she was run over by a driver at a road checkpoint on Great East Road in Lusaka on 27th February, 2016.


    • Promoted because of incompetence? Running in front of a fast moving bus thinking it will stop just because you’re a civil servant called policewoman was the most stupid thing she could ever do. It nearly cost her life.

  1. How has she become useless? She almost died while working for Zambia. I know its not a guarantee to get promoted but its a noble thing to do on the part of gvt. Let’s not be bitter about her promotion

    • Continue living in a fact free world

      You have no clue how the accident happened. She stood on the way of traffic and was knocked over

      How does that deserve a promotion?

  2. Comment: And you can’t believe you are promoted, then you should be incompetent and don’t deserve promotion.

  3. Police officers will be diving in front of moving cars. Watch out when driving. Do not delete my post ba LT. Edit some mistakes on the paper.

  4. The Police officer who was trying to steal from an inocent hard working taxi driver gets promoted? Zambia for you.These criminals in uniforms dont even have receipts for crying out loud. Can anyone here show me how a police trafic receipt looks like? I’ve never seen it and I’ve driving for over 25yrs. They are the only thieves we are battling with nowadays and for that they get promoted? I dont know where this chalo is going mwandi?

  5. Now police officers will be standing in the middle of the road so you run over them thinking they will be promoted, that girl is no hero at all.

  6. Am a PF supporter but this is nonsense from Mr Davies Mwila!!why is she being promoted?for disturbing us innocent motorists on our roads?HOW I WISH DAVIES MWILA KNEW HOW CORRUPT TRAFFIC POLICE OFFICERS ARE!!

  7. In the Us instead she will sue the police department for occupational injuries and resign sighting inadequate protection from unruly commuters

    • Zambians are too docile she thinks just because she was airlifted to RSA for treatment she owes her employers…its the other way round; resign and sue the Police Force..you are a young woman!!

  8. Davis Mwila is trying to corrupt the corrupt police woman. She’s supposed to be compensated for injuries while on duty.

  9. ..brace for more accidents, run-overs involving traffic police officers….they have just been blessed with a sure way of gaining promotion….turning stup1dity into bravery….

  10. Kikikiki ati “iyeee have been promoted” Madame chill it is not promotion you have just being reassigned to another dept were you will be doing clerical work. I have a lot people say boma isunga and muli job security.

  11. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME SUPPORTING UPND. 100% We Hard-core tribalists are the majority of people behind the UPND party. The tribalism tag cannot be wished way because they the Tonga have created a tribal tag for themselves whether it’s in work places or the communities where they live. Take Mr Magande for example he is the man that sourced funding to persecute bembas and easterners between 2001 and 2008. That agenda has not died; given a chance they will still persecute the two major tribes. Someone needs to apologise.

  12. Injury lawyers and NGOs are sleeping in Zambia…you need to sue ZP for negligence and poor training. Even force gov’t to review everything so that invest in the police instead of useless MPs and Minister’s salaries and allowances.

  13. There are more deserving officers who have gone to the end of the earth to execute their duties but have not been recognized. Instead they are even victimized. The woman did not do anything heroic to deserve a promotion. Most especially to be announced on radio. This minister is just overzealous and excited. Infact according to records she was the one who was the problem. She just jumped into the way of a moving vehicle which could not stop in good enough distance to avoid bashing her. Shame on this inept police force especially its useless leaders including the minister.

  14. Kwena mulalanda sana ama Zambians. Leave moyo alone her life is planned by God including surviving accident and her silver plate promotion.

  15. According to LT she went for constrictive surgery. There will be nothing moving for her to dance over her promotion after that procedure. Awe mwe. Ba LT mulifinangwa kwena eee.

  16. @mwelwa mumba. When was she trying to steal fromba taxi driver ? Stop commenting with half or no evidence of such this woman was run down by a bus driver not a cab driver

  17. Before promoting that woman why can’t that person who promoted her go round in a corrola and see how traffic i don’t know if they are traffic or corrupt officers behave to gain money from innocent souls ,

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