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Zambia’s mobile phone market is not saturated-ZICTA

Economy Zambia’s mobile phone market is not saturated-ZICTA

The Zambia Information and Communications Authority says the Zambian mobile phone market can still take in a fourth mobile phone service company.
Zambia currently has three companies in the mobile phone market namely, ZAMTEL, Airtel and MTN.

ZICTA Director General Margaret Mudenda said in an interview that the domestic market still has room for more players to come in and participate.

Mrs Mudenda however revealed that ZICTA has not yet received any expression of interest from any entity wishing to venture into the Zambian mobile phone market.
She said is optimistic that Zambia’s market is conducive to accommodate a fourth mobile service provider.

“The market can take in more players, it’s just a matter of timing but we are yet to get an expression of interest from anyone and as soon as that status is changed, we will advise you,” Mrs Mudenda said.

Recently, Special Assistant to the President for Project Monitoring and Implementation, Lucky Mulusa revealed government’s plan to introduce a 4th mobile service provider as the existing ones have failed to improve their services.

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  1. Madam are you not aware that Vodacom has already advertised for job Recruitment? How can they advertise without passing through your office? BOZA Muleke

  2. How can you not receive interest from other players to come into the Zambian market? That means there is something you are not doing right as an Authority or you are simply enjoying bribes from the cartel that is fleecing poor people with overpriced tariffs whilst providing utterly shambolic services.

  3. “Lucky Mulusa revealed government’s plan to introduce a 4th mobile service provider as the existing ones have failed to improve their services.”
    So what’s the penalty for failure to improve the services? Do you take in another operator or you squeeze optimal service performance from the exiting? Are you insinuating that ZICTA as the regulator has also failed in its operations. I am afraid even the new entry will suit the status quo wrt QoS in the mobile comms market until ZICTA begins to work.
    One wonders how all the 3 mobile network operators could fail to service only a mere nearly 14Million people.
    Kindly push in another player if that’s what it will take to make my internet cost low.

    • Low cost internet is an illusion given that govt has no interest to pulling cables from undersea points then wholesale to network companies like they have done in Kenya…Zambian govt is more interested in constructing overpriced roads.

  4. Honestly, its not a question of the market being saturated instead its about efficiency and effectiveness of the current players on the market. Bringing a fourth operator will just congest the already congested network. ZICTA must first deal with the current problems people are facing with the MTN, Airtel and Zamtel unlike bringing more problem.

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