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Mulenga Sata failed to produce a Grade 12 certificate -Moonga

Headlines Mulenga Sata failed to produce a Grade 12 certificate -Moonga

Mulenga Sata being welcomed to PF by GBM
Mulenga Sata being welcomed to UPND by GBM

Former Lusaka Province Minister and Son of the late President Mulenga Sata is alleged to have failed to produce a grade 12 certificate during the adoption process conducted by the provincial committee.

According to PF member of the Central Committee (MCC) Paul Moonga, Mr Sata allegedly failed to produce his grade 12 certificate when he was asked by the provincial committee to avail them with one after he applied to be considered for a position of Lusaka mayor.

Mr Moonga said after the committee persistently asked Mr Sata to avail it with his certificate, the next thing they saw was him withdrawing from the race.

Mr Moonga further said that Mr Sata’s decision to leave the PF could have been influenced by his allegedly not having a grade 12 certificate to enable him stand as an MP, mayor or councillor.

And PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya said the PF would continue respecting Mr Sata despite the decision he had taken because he was a son to the founding father of the PF, Michael Sata.

Mr Bwalya said it was, however, unfortunate that Mr Sata would not be part of the team that would continue defending his father’s legacy.

When asked whether it was true that Mr Sata had taken the decision to leave the PF because he does not have a grade 12 certificate, Mr Bwalya said:

“We have heard those rumours that he does not have a grade 12 certificate as a qualification for one to stand as Member of Parliament (MP), mayor or councillor, We want to make it clear that Mr Lungu (President) has been accommodative and people who are leaving are not doing so because Mr Lungu has refused to accommodate them.”

“We respect the decision of Mr Sata and we wish him well but most of us are worried that he may not be happy where he has gone because he may not meet his aspirations,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from Mr Sata on the grade 12 accusations proved futile as his mobile phone went unanswered.

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  1. So how did he become an engineer without grade 12? Also is it possible Michael Sata could allow his son not to complete grade 12?
    Anyway we wait and hear

    • He used Matero University credentials with father push, no scrutiny done by admissions andvrecords. This why the only thing he could in life is sell dogs. Go pull his transripts you will be shocked at his Grade Points. In developed countries he could have been expellrd for poor Grades. I think the country would come up with more prison mates if companies and learning institutions turned in their records for serious screening to the OOP-SD.

    • Well according to a dossier by UPND’s Zambia Watch Dog, Mulenga Sata was a fake engineer selling Dogs in Lusaka before his father become president. So what does UPND’s paper have to say now. I think I will vote FDD ..all the criminals seem to have migrated to UPND and we need to check mate them, PF and MMD have had their chance. I just don’t want to vote PF version 2 in the name of UPND

    • Mulenga Sata is relatively young. If its true he has no G12, he can go back to school & bounce back in ’21 or even much earlier if there’s a by election.
      The important thing is he has left PF & that hurts. So instead of Moonga (& LT for that matter) making a fool of himself he better take the more sober approach of Frank Bwalya or just shut up.

    • Politics, just like in football. one day you are booing and insulting a player, the next you are cheering him on because he is part of your team.
      One minute Mulenga Sata is a fake engineer selling dogs, the next minute he is the messiah. Politicians are making fools out of you people.

    • Think, you PFools! How does Mulenga benefit by jumping to UPND? It is not as if the G12 certificate is an internal PF requirement. This is in the national constitution. Mulenga’s resignation is a personal rejection of Lungu’s crooked ways by somebody who was at the very centre of PF – State House, no less. It is the equivalent of the Pope’s personal valet converting to Pente. It is a complete vote of no confidence. Lungu is humiliated, regardless of a brave face he may put on. That’s why

    • M. Sata is relatively young, so if its true he has no G12 he can go back to school & bounce back in ’21 or earlier if there’s a byelection. The important thing is he’s left PF & it hurts.
      So instead of Moonga (& LT for that matter) making an idyot of himself he should emulate the more sober approach of Frank Bwalya or shut up.

    • Now HEAR HEAR HEAR!! PF with their “Issue based Campaign” – Lambast Sata for supposedly not having a Gr 12 cert!! Now lets analyse this carefully – First the call him NOT A FACTOR; Then seemingly hopeful for them, THEY TRY NAIL HIM with his lack of Gr 12 , JUST LIKE THEY NAILED HIS FATHER’S COFFIN after ABUSING HIM CLAIMING HE WAS AS FIT AS A FIDDLE, parading him in NY, denying he collapsed!! MASTERS OF SUBTERFUGE PamaFi are!! So here they are now, TRYING TO SMEAR HIM WITH AMAFI, one thing they are experts of!!


      Vote Wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote Zambia FORWARD!! Vote…

    • Is he going to have one now that he has joined UPND? Mr. Moonga, just respect the man’s decision and wish him well. He is just exercising his democratic right to belong any grouping of his choice.

    • Does it really hurt to wish someone well in their future endeavours? Frank Bwalya for once sounds more mature in his response than Mr Moonga, Mr “Dr” Kambwili and Mr Chama. Just wish the young man well and end there!!

    • What most people are forgetting is the fact that no one will ask any Zambian to produce a grade 12 certificate when entering the voting booth, that’s why upnd is not bothered about the grade 12 saga that has engulfed pf, votes is what will matter most on 11 August.


      I hope you do realize that G12 is now a Constitutional requirement. This is NOT a PF plot or gimmick to disadvantage anybody like you would want people to think. In fact, the G12 requirement was born out of UPND’s unhealthy obsession with trying to stop Sata (I mean the father to Sata Jr.) from contesting the Presidency again. But now it seems all the Uneducated are scampering to the Party (UPND) that created the G12 conundrum for them—go figure!

      So YES, UPND needs to be bothered for becoming a “cesspool of academic challenged individuals” they themselves declared unworthy of holding any political office. And blame nobody when by-elections start the morning after August 11, because you can bet your “[email protected]” on it; people gonna challenge any candidate…

    • continue…

      …And blame nobody when by-elections start the morning after August 11, because you can bet your “[email protected]” on it; people gonna challenge any candidate elected without a G12 certificate—so you BETTER BE BOTHERED!

    • Just the same way that Kambwili has a PhD without a Masters Degree. Welcome to Zambia.

    • I knew it. Now UPND is a dumping ground for people without grade 12 certificates like GBM, Mwaliteta and now Mulenga Sata.


    • “Think, you PFools! How does Mulenga benefit by jumping to UPND? It is not as if the G12 certificate is an internal PF requirement. This is in the national constitution.”

      Thanks Buck Teeth Lungu

    • Peter, the Grade 12 Clause applies mostly for Political Electoral Offices i.e Councillor, Mayoral, MP and Presidency. Not work related that much.

    • Peter,

      Do you know that if you genuinely obtained a Grade 12 or Form 5 certificate and you lost it that you can actually get your results if you gave a body like ECZ your examination number and other relevant details like the year of examination, the examination centre, secondary school attended, and the NRC number? I know a few aspiring candidates who managed to do just that.

  2. Many will be exposed , we need learned leaders . Let them gether together without grade 12 certificates.

    • But I think UPND are going to reverse the G12 qualification going by what is happening! This will be very sad because we seem to bring down whatever we try to build. How else can you explain the fact that whoever have no G12 certificate runs to UPND? Looks like they are being promised to reverse the law to accommodate their appointments! We made similar mistakes when MMD came into power because FTJ never wanted anything associated with UNIP! I think Zambians we must be very careful!

  3. This Grade 12 certificate has turned out to be the most lethal self voted clause not checkmating many Matero University graduates. They were voting without reading what t h e people submitted to the constitution review commissions since the Mung’omba commission.

  4. The saga continues. UNDP is now PF. Come 8/11 and you vote UNDP, the same sheet continues…..just when I was hoping there was light at the end of the tunnel…..

  5. Probably used Cambridge results to enter the ivy league.. Another interpretation of the G12 certificate is needed.

  6. The self cleansing process continues. PF is undergoing de-worming while UPND is receiving the worms. At the end of the day PF will be the healthier of the two parties. Good luck to both!

  7. Ba Mulenga mwalufyanya sana to leave pf your Father his crying for you,sampa ,gbm u did not love the big man shame on you Guy’s am very disappointed with the satas family, any way abakupisha of pa 8/11 nifwebo stay blessed and never come back.

  8. More popcorns please,as I closely watch the unfolding drama.come August 11 many will cry for taking zambians for f**oools.what upnd has now is a bunch of frustrated opportunists who were bent on making pf a personal to holder party.but alas they cant pretend any more.zambians will have the last laugh.

  9. Now I doubt if he went to the ivy university? Can we please check again could be another kambwili

  10. Leave junior cobra alone. His decision was made based on valid point. One of which is that Lungu is incompetent. Everyone agrees. Lungu was a mistake president to be and it has costed the country greatly. The only people benefiting are the corrupt around him that have depleted national resources. Lungu must go and Lungu will go – save Zambia from doom

    • Mulenga is also part of the the corruption you are talking about….so immediately one joins UPND he/she becomes a saint?

  11. Not having a Grade12 certificate cannot explain Mulenga Sata’s defection from PF to UNDP becoz Sata cannot be adopted in UNDP for the same reason. Sata’s defection is a vote of no confidence in ECL and PF. Mulenga is correct when he says MMD RB has taken over the leadership of PF. ECL has poor leadership skills and has no capacity to manage the ruined Zambian economy. To re-elect Lungu and PF means another 5 yrs of misery. Lungu has no vision and clue on how to manage the Zambian economy and neither does he understands the operations and role of govt and separation of power among the 3 arms of govt. Lungu has no competences to govern and manage the Zambian economy. Period!

    • @dull commentator 400%??? Yayaya…I think chances are you also don’t have a G12 cert! Also you agree with which part, the part where your equally dull dunderhead observer says UNDP instead of UPND or where he sings the usual hate song of you devil worshippers?

      Hopeless cretin you are!

      August 11 ni kolopa.com nafuti, nafuti, nafuti!!!

      2016 ECL nafuti

    • Why did he apply to contest as Mayor if he felt Lungu was incompetent?According to PF member of the Central Committee (MCC) Paul Moonga, Mr Sata allegedly failed to produce his grade 12 certificate when he was asked by the provincial committee to avail them with one after he applied to be considered for a position of Lusaka mayor.

  12. Leave Mulenga Sata alone. Why didcuss him or his credentials if he is not a factor.

    You never bothered about whatever credentials he has before he ditched your PF. “Ala abantu nabamwimina. You are gone.tulemonaula konse uko mwaya. Mulesakamanafye pa tumala twenu,lol” Said GBM

    Mule is out of the boat kwasala mwine wa filimu. Our arms are wide spread.lol UPND ni bus going foward. Kwick before it fills up.

    • Iwa, Sata Jr. was never bothered before because G12 was never an issue until now! And no one in PF bothered him, it is the Zambian CONSTITUTION that has “BOTHERED” him out of PF. Unfortunately, these “uneducated” [email protected]@ns are being duped into thinking that the same Political Party (UPND) that created this G12 problem to begin with is going to accommodate them. They simply can’t see that HH and his “Personal-to-holder” Party are using them to try and dilute that which is toxic about UPND and its way of doing politics: REGIONALISM and the TRIBAL TAG. No chance in hell are people like uneducated GBM or Sata Jr. going to be paid attention to for any crucial appointments/assignments if UPND was to form Govt in August. You can trust me on that!!!

  13. Sata Mulenga B.Eng ,

    but ma o level yaliko bad! Eng 9, Maths 9, RE 9, History 9, Literature 9 . . . . .yaba

  14. Ahahahahahahahahahaahahahaah…again please..ahahaahahahahaahahahahaah..
    One more hohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoohohoho…

    Ehhhhhhh eh..ok yes!

  15. oh shut up Mr Moonga – of course you will now try and bring him down and insult him – we dont expect anything else from PF leaders but insults and lies!

    • @queen:

      You seem to have a memory of a chicken (and I mean this in a nice way!) Isn’t it UPND’s Zambia Watchdog that first told us about Sata Jr’s shortfall in academics? Have you already forgotten that it was UPND sycophants who praised the ZWD for outing him as being a poor DOG SELLER and some sort of CREEPY PHOTOGRAPHER who preyed on unsuspecting young girls in Lusaka? You [email protected] him as someone who only found his business/political footing riding on his Dad’s Presidency—check the archives if you have amnesia!

      In fact PF and its cadres are being very sympathetic here. You guys savaged and tore this guy into pieces when it suited you. Now he is an angel about whom nobody should say anything negative? This is the kind of HYPOCRISY that bothers so many about UPND. Good…

  16. Zambians why do you like condemning one another wait and see what will happen everything has its time

  17. Its funny you only here these stories when people leave PF …..who else in PF doesnt have a grade 12 that we dont know about ?

  18. @6Wisdom. Mulenga is a worm? Really! No wonder PF members are leaving,. They are not valued and are not a factor in PF. Yet they add value wherever they go. Just see the havoc Scot, GBM and Sampa are causing in PF. They are an ever present thorn in PF’s flesh causing the most pain imaginable. Presidents collapse, ministers develop running bottoms, BPs shoot through the universe and YES, they are havoc itself

    • Mulenga has just added numbers to UPND. Unfortunately that’s how politics work. UPND is becoming another version of PF just like PF becoming another version of MMD. What I can see is that this grade 12 requirement is one of the the reason why late MCS delayed the constitution I’m sure he too didn’t have it. Just a comment…….

  19. PF just accept your bitterness. Guy Scot, Miles, Sampa all have no grade 12 certificates? Come-on only time will tell. Certificate don’t vote and we are a few

  20. All the people who are ditching PF are adults who are able to analyze situations and I believe they don’t just hate Edgar, NO! There is something more serious behind the curtains and the earlier the likes of kambwili and others realizes that the better for them. Don’t just bury your heads in the sand like an ostrich and think that the bad dream will disappear. Edgar has no capacity to organize and lead a party as he is unable to inspire anyone. We are talking about a man who has never achieved anything in life before he fraudulently ascended to the PF presidency. The way Edgar ascended to power was not in an honest way and God cannot be happy with him and he (Edgar) knows that. He is now reaping from where he sow!

  21. The Cartel certainly has regrouped in UPND. This was expected. Let Simusa and the Chenda follow suit. Another Fred Mmembe government controlled from the Bwinjimfumu state House?? Not again. The Zambians are now smart and can see the people grouping in UPND. We will never allow Fred Mmembe to govern the Country again. President Edgar Lungu , do not despair. You have the support on the ground. Let the Organised Criminals converge in UPND with the other Criminals who have looted State assets. Stay the Course Mr President. Do not be Distracted. The people of Zambia are with you. And come what may, Victory is Certain.

    • @ Karl fimo fimo… Your conspiracy theory seems to have no end! How is it that you can Mmembe in all the goings on? The departure of Mulenga is at the least one vote less for ECL. How many more votes will be lost through such departures of “no factor” individuals from PF?!

  22. umulembwe wacipuba upwila mulitumfweni,if sata is saying ECL has no vision we could have abandoned the developmental projects left by his father,now it us the electorates to teach him a lesson together with fat albert on 11/8/2016

  23. How many malcontents are in upnd now? GBM, Sata, winter, guy Scott, , miles Sampa , the list is long. Very interesting. And they all want to be presidents. I’d watch out if I were HH.

    • HH cannot watch out for anything.He does not Think. He is a Loser and the worst decision maker i have ever seen. You appoint GBM as Vice President without doing any Comprehensive Risk Assessment . You think this man will accept anything apart from being a running mate? You make a Pact with Miles Sampa’s De – Registered DF and bring on board Guy Scott. What Pact has he made with Sampa’s DF. You think Sampa will accept anything apart from being a Running Mate.
      You Apologise to Mmembe and you start cohabiting with him. What pact has he made with Fred Mmembe?
      Then he thinks he can form government. Government with these people?? What Agenda for Zambia can he make with these people now in his inner Circle. Can Hatred for ECL be a Manifesto for a Party?

    • Who is remaining? Chenda E, Simuusa W, Chishimba K, and Lubinda G. Expect the unexpected because these are the remaining who did not want Lungu to take over leadership of PF. You will tell when things get tough! Have just made my observation.

  24. The guy is an Engineer but he does not have a Grade 12 Certificate? Maybe he did is schooling abroad and does not have the Zambian equivalent?

  25. Very sad for PF, one leaves today you give excuses another one leaves tomorrow you give more excuses. Don’t you see that it is becoming a trend and the writing is on the wall but you cannot see it. People are not happy, Lungu is a prisoner of the moment enjoying the high life of being a president and forgetting his own people. He is the only one enjoying tuma suits and nice shoes while everyone else is left out. If he is not careful his own is going to turn against him.

  26. What is he going to say during campaign when all we are seeing were left by his father? Surely is mulenga sata safer in UPND than in PF? How is he going to be when HH loses? Will UPND respect him the way PF did? Will Zambians respect him again when he rejoins PF after elections? More questions than answers

  27. So long as us docile Zambians do not wake up …and dont toletate meodicrity this is what we will get folly not issue based debate. Defectors like Moonga,Dora GBM and Sampa trading insults…we Zambians encourage this stupidity!!

  28. MSC (mhsrip) in should have known that dog breeder was not qualified & decided to keep him at council level.

  29. Its true it was actually a fake forged one the first 1 and second 1 he produced we tried to give him time

    Like others in that pack its self realignment

  30. What matters to us is for these Bemba thieves to give UPND a win in August and we shall kick them out later.Who told you that as UPND we tolerate grade 12 failures to run the country ?

    • That’s why you are not winning. You think people are stupid and cannot see beyond your tr.balism? Myopic moron.

  31. What are we Zambians saying! When defectors join PF its ok because politics is about numbers! When defectors join UPND its not ok, the cartel is regrouping! What I sense is a deep rooted hate for HH! People would rather accept a mad dog for president for as long as it is not Tonga or Lozi! It goes to one thing! TRIBALISM by Easterners and Northerners! Lozis, Tongas, Luvales be careful of these two tribes who think they are more superior than other tribes!

  32. PF, childish as usual. The brutal fact is that Mulenga’s departure is a precursor of massive defections to come shortly that will leave PF paralyzed and impotent. Since PF is made up of extremely unreliable, very slippery dishonest opportunists, I won’t be surprised if the whole bunch of vultures don’t migrate to UPND after parliament dissolves. Armed with the vultures acute sense of impending death, they know very well PF is going nowhere. Short of extra-ordinary and colossal rigging methods that would shock even Vernon Mwaanga, PF won’t win this election. The birds of carrion have already sensed this including the most vocal among them.

  33. Mulenga Sata did his Secondary Education in Botswana, how do you expect him to have a Grade 12 Certificate? He has an equivalent qualification. Politics!!!

  34. What shocks me is for Mulenga to join hands with GBM who just last month insulted him “satan..yoko , chi$$#la cha wiso” etc. Honestly how does a sane person side with people that wished his father dead on many occasions. Even celebrated his death ??!!!!!

  35. Indeed he was luck to be given bu Minister in PF because of the fathers name. In UPND,we can not give a dog seller a critical position.We shall sieve them and those without grade 12 certificates will be handed back to PF where they are coming from.

  36. We just hope Mulenga,Sampa,Sichinga and GBM have not come to UPND to take over its leadership after failing to get presidency from their PF party.If you will try to get power from HH using slanderous methods,we shall use the mapatizya formula on you. Just be loyal and support the man because you have failed to manage yourselves in your ka PF tribal bemba party.

  37. We have told you before that Lungu has no vision for the country. Ignore his Nigerian prophets too. Mulenga has done well. Our roads have also become very dangerous. RATSA has also become us-e-le-ss. If they had implemented what we have suggested for enforcing law to reduce speed on our highways to 80KM/h, we would not have many people dying like flies every day. Better arrive safe one hour late than in a coffin. See b(dot)tumfweko.com/2016/05/02/7-die-in-chipata-accidents/ Why should our people be dying like this? Lungu has failed and must go and RATSA leadership should step down for failing Zambians.

  38. Come on guys, the Grade 12 thing is a constitutional matter and cant be changed by hoping from one party to the other. Therefore it is absolutely naïve and stupid to think Mulenga Sata left PF because he failed to produce a Grade 12 certificate, which is also a requirement in all parties including UPND. The dull people who sat around the table to include grade 12 requirement clause did not apply their minds correctly but rather their minds were pre-occupied with the allowance there were going to get. Grade 12 is not the omega and alpha of education. WHY THEY DIDNT SAY “ANYONE WISHING TO STAND FOR PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS/WARD CONCILLOR ELECTIONS MUST HAVE A MINIMUM GRADE 12 CERTIFICATE” bits me.

  39. So everyone without Grade 12 certificate is regrouping in UPND. Is this the strategy GBM has been bragging about that ni Monaula ba PF in his conversation with Tayali of regrouping politicians without G 12 certificates? This is a wake up call for Zambia & clearly demonstrates why our Zambian currency is the weakest in this universe because of the calibre of people who handles it & the economy. This is a national disaster & requires proactive action from the President. You can’t have the entire population without G 12 Certificate today when Schools are in abundance & still remain proud. This G12 certificate should be extended to all spheres of lives, selling at markets, marriage to eliminate early marriages & stop people from shunning schools. That is why what we have now in UPND is PF B…



  41. Frankly; Mulenga Sata should be last one to talk about his father’s legacy. That legacy is tainted with colossal fiscal debt with a few positives of infrastructural development. Lungu has embraced that and not tarnished Sata’s image in the process. It is sad that grown men have taken advantage of political positions without having G12 certificates, no wonder we have not developed in Zambia. Mulenga failed to produce a G12 certificate, what a shame. I quote the Post “the Party has been taken over by hijackers” Mulenga, you want opportunity in UPND when there are people who have been with the Party longer- aren’t you a hijacker in UPND?

  42. Comment:@Karl Marx,u re very right.Am thinkin,what will upnd offer somethng if dey were 2 win wit de likes of Mmembe nd de bunch of power hungry politicians defected 2 them.HH shud be careful de cartel is ready 2 kill nd tk ova upnd.dey knw u re losing u won’t stand anymo bt u happen 2 win wich is possible dey wil poison u so trust ur wife with evrythng tht goes in ur mouth it cud be food or water anythn bt again not even her coz de cartel is bad news dey can even buy ur wife so just trust GOD.MCS was sick yes we all knw tht bt thers mo 2 his death.

  43. Comment:If HH happens 2win wich is not possible,de cartel will stil finish him nd tk ova de newly formed party upndpf cartel.

  44. Comment:@Karl Marx,u re very right.Am thinkin,what will upnd offer somethng if dey were 2 win wit de likes of Mmembe nd de bunch of power hungry politicians defected 2 them.HH shud be careful de cartel is ready 2 kill nd tk ova upnd.dey knw u re losing u won’t stand anymo bt if u happen 2 win wich is not possible again dey wil poison u so trust ur wife with evrythng tht goes in ur mouth it cud be food or water anythn bt again not even her coz de cartel is bad news dey can even buy ur wife so just trust GOD.MCS was sick yes we all knw tht bt thers mo 2 his death.

  45. Indeed why does everybody need a G12 certificate? Must we all seek elective offices and how many elective offices are there in a population of 14 million people? You can be Ambassador, Chairman, Managing Director, PS, Director, Businessman, Advisor, etc, etc where you do not need a constitutional qualification! Bookishness without intelligence is actually dangerous!

  46. if G12 cert is the reason then of what benefit or advantage is Mulenga’s move to THE OTHER PARTY..??..bcoz the same G12 rules also applies to UPND….the move is plainly a vote of no confidence in the current PF and ECL period…

    It is shameful what is going on in our party. I look closely at who is joining the party from PF and can see very soon UPND will be swallowed up by these people. Our identity is gone. Our leaders are quiet. PF is now very loud in and outside the party. What has gone wrong?
    KK did not need the opponents to get independence, Chiluba never allowed MMD to be swallowed by the opposition to come into power. MCS did not depend on the opposition to go to State House.
    I do not see HH making it this year for the blunder he has made. This is a national disaster. BB

  48. Mulenga Sata leaving PF is the best decision for him, and PF. When people can’t work together because their philosophies clash, it serves no purpose to stay together. They can only rub at each other. Gov’t is about Voter’s rights.

    Mulenga has had his 15 minutes of Fame and Media flurry. If President Lungu picks Mrs Kaseba Sata as Running Mate, I predict all the hard working team behind him from the struggle for his power, will also leave him in frustration. Zambia does not need nepotism, we have work to do, bringing social justice, gender equality, protecting the family, protecting widows and children implementing strong laws to deliver Zambian aspirations. Etc. etc.

    • And if you have time to indulge a sullen child spitting on his fathers grave, you go ahead and love him.

  49. I would like to comment as an independent voter not yet decided on whom to vote for yet. However, what Mulenga has done is a disservice to UPND. This will be perceived as an act of betrayal by the son to MCS by the “common’ voters who still hold the late Sata in high esteem. It is a well known fact that UPND celebrated the passing away of MCS which they perceived as a chance for HH to rule. Just my opinion though.

  50. Mr Paul Moonga should know that there is no grade 12 certificate issued by any education examining body in the world. This is a creation by poor drafting of the constitution by PF period. What is there is a Secondary School Certificate. In the old days it was Cambridge University Ordinary Level School Certificate which we sat for and which i doubt if Mr Paul Moonga has! Don’t use street language to define educational qualifications. Mulenga Sata graduated from University of California as a Civil Engineer and the fake Kambwili University! He attended waterfalls college in Swaziland which even Kind Muswati attended!

  51. Not the fake Kambwili University!!!! You can also know that he worked as a Civil Engineer in South Africa and Zambia and was a partner in Zulu Burrows Consulting Engineers

  52. Mulenga sure iwe, I wonder which side your father might be turning in his grave…
    Forming your own political party would have made much logical sense!!


  54. Mulenga Sata blah blah blah the whole day. Meanwhile some people are busy exploring which is the best battery and and inventer to use for solar applications to end the dependence on power supplied by Zesco. Dog seller or whatever you want to call him, he made money through that. A Rottweiler puppy costs K6,000.00 on average. If he sells 4 in month he has K24,000.00. Maybe your impression was that he sold the ordinary mongrel dogs.

  55. Next in the constitution is a clause that,”only people with grade 9 Certificates shud obtain voters cards”. ninshi chapwa PF yapwaa, kaili 90 %niba grade 2.


  57. We needed to say a degree for all political jobs not just a worthless Grade 12 certificate which is cannot make anyone to register for ACCA as it is not sufficient for registration . Please check minimum requirement for ACCA registration


    • There is no evidence that he holds an engineering degree. Mulenga has never worked as an engineer. As Engineers Institute of Zambia.

  59. Mulenga has certainly disturbed a hornets nest judging by the mass hysteria his dumping of the thug party has generated. He has delivered to the PF jaws what James Hadley Chase would describe as a ‘sucker punch”. PF will never fully recover from this devastating blow. Grade 12 or not, it’s the contempt with which he has deserted his father’s baby project that will deflate PF. Very funny that major catastrophes in PF like this one are dismissed as: “not a factor, he was useless, didn’t do much, not educated to grade 12 level”. That’s not the point, what’s important is that by his unceremonious dumping of his father’s party he has swayed the thinking of lots of people who are now having second thoughts about the evil party they have been blindly supporting.

  60. This sounds more like a smear campaign just to discredit Mulenga Sata’s credibility because of his defection. The logic doesn’t make sense… so according to this argument, somehow Mulenga believes he will be able to be adopted in the UPND even without his alleged non-existent Grade 12 Certificate? Doesn’t make sense. And I thought a degree had a higher precedent over a minimum Grade 12 certificate.

    For once Frank Bwalya sounds mature, this is the language these ‘thungs’ masquerading as leaders ought to be using not all this smear campaign and the monotonous ‘“he is not a factor”.

    To the UPND they need to turn these defections and endorsements into real votes by leaving the streets of Lusaka and go campaign in countryside towns. They need to unleash these defectors…

  61. Mulenga Sata went to a private school in Botswana for his high school because of his fathers money and my guess is that he didn’t do well at grade 12. However, with money being in abundance and the father being in Government, he was pushed into college in America. My guess again is that his Engineering degree is not a solid one.

    Those who went to Maru a Pula in Botswana around 1984/85 please fill us in.

  62. Mulenga aka Darth Vadar…your dog must have been very productive to produce pedigree dogs throughout the year that’s why you could only afford a spaciou as a car or drive your dads old Cressida from UNIP or his land cruiser from parliament. You were never a partner at Zulu Barrows but an employee…your record also show at Waterfalls college you were top at the bottom of your class then went to an associate University. So blah blah is actual reality. Yesterday you again exposed yourself when you appeared with the man whose fathers house u bought and razed and erected a new one…cars from kick backs and now staring the law in the face…like your oldman you will be a convict…. you should have defected quietly.

    • Darth Vadar aint Mulenga. What has hurt you is his defection. He has a right to belong to which ever party he wants. Ni defection ya nyoko? Musiye munthu. Did he tell tell you that he had one dog? All i see in you is hate for the man.

  63. Zambians are clever pipo and will not vote for UPND just because of Mulenga Sata ,GBM,Miles,bashinono or whichever defector.Its common knowledge that these guys wanted to be presidents but after their failed bid,they are now looking up to UPND as chancers all because they hate ECL and are jealousy of him.What will stop them from ditching UPND when they fail to get what they want after August 2016 ? Surely how do you trust such petty politicians.

  64. UNDP, you have lost my vote for accepting the rats that have abandoned ship. I had hoped it would be new fresh leaders that would lead the country in the mire the it is. Nothing will change. In fact it will just get worse…

  65. I challenge all you bloggers attacking Mulenga, can anyone of you produce the so called grade 12 certificate?? Which even Examinations Council of Zambia has never issued. If you indeed completed grade 12 what certificate did you obtain? Produce facts! This clause is void ab initio as the Lawyers would say. Poor drafting by the Ministry of Justice.

Comments are closed.

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