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President Lungu to launch PF Elections Manifesto-Davies Chama

Headlines President Lungu to launch PF Elections Manifesto-Davies Chama

Davies Chama addressing PF Members at the mobilisation meeting
Davies Chama addressing PF Members at the mobilisation meeting

President Edgar Lungu will launch a new manifesto for the ruling Patriotic Front-PF once the official campaign period starts.

PF Secretary General Davies Chama says President Lungu will give direction of how the PF will be governed when he is re-elected President of Zambia.

Mr. Chama says the current PF manifesto was for a term of Five years from 2011 to 2016.

And Mr. Chama says the PF will only launch its official campaign when the ECZ announces the campaign period officially.

He also says currently the party is compiling its lists of adoptions from all levels of the party for onward submission to the central committee.

Mr. Chama has urged PF members who will not be adopted to support the party.

Meanwhile, Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Dawson Kafwaya is confident that President Edgar Lungu will win this year’s elections because of the many developmental projects taking place across the country.

Mr. Kafwaya says North Western Province and Solwezi in particular has seen a number of developmental projects taking place notable among them is the construction of a modern market, a civic centre, bridges and feeder roads.

He said Solwezi has also benefited 9 health posts under the 650 that government is constructing countrywide of which 8 have been completed.

Mr. Kafwaya said the people of Solwezi are happy with the developments taking place in the area and that they have pledged to work with the government of the day.

He said contrary to assertions by some section of society that the province is an opposition strong hold, people of Solwezi are in support of President Edgar Lungu’s leadership.

Mr. Kafwaya who is also Local Government and Housing Deputy Minister further said works on the Solwezi- Chingola road are progressing well.

He said it is unfortunate that people want to politicize government developmental programmes unnecessarily.

Mr. Kafwaya was speaking in an interview with ZNBC News in Kitwe today.

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    • PF manifesto = CNP

      More 90 days promises

      More money in your pockets promises

      More PF LIES!!!!!

  1. Kafwaya bye bye bye .Start looking for employment else where .Solwezi people are not fools my friend.

  2. UPND has some grip in North-Western and Western Provinces, equally so in Central Province. Livingstone Central and Chimbokaila will go to PF with a 10 – 15% presidential vote going to Lungu

    • Mj banda, what do you mean? HH has no power to stop anyone campaigning in whatever area. It is your party president that is practicing communism politics. So do not take up valubable space to blog nonsense issues.

    • Iwe ka kubweka, who said southern province is a no go area for pf? Think before u blog. With or without southern province, pf will pull through

  3. Chiefs from North western we don’t want to ask HE edgar Lungu to balance appointments if your people will not vote for PF. if you want PF to balance appointments vote Lungu and his MPs

    • What balance as if it is a polynomial equation? I fail to understand why there are diehard cadres in PF and upnd!. By the way, Bowman seems quiet these days

  4. We are anxiously waiting to read ECL and PF’s Manifesto for 2016 to 2021. In the past Lungu has claimed that he has no vision. We would like to see whether or not he now has a vision and if so what he would do if re-elected as President. The Zambian economy is in a mess mainly due misrule and mismanagement by the current PF govt. We want to see what strategy ECL has to turnaround the economy.

  5. Upnd ‘s manufesto will be complaints, denouncing, insulting pf reason they have no love,human face, all they see is a tonga seventh de shud be president not a catholic.
    Christians have come out to support ecl but this one is hidding behind the pupit we know you just support hh openly.more coming on 16/8/16

  6. We look forward to the launch of the manifesto.
    By the way, can someone please tell me what party HH now leads, what is it objective, and what does it stand for. I know that until recently, HH used to be leader of UPND left by Mazoka (MHSRIEP). And he was campaigning as economic manager, that he would introduce a new style of managing the economy and a new young style of politics. Obviously his new party is doing none of those things as its core leadership now is composed of a motley combination of corrupt elements and thieves that HH condemned when he led UPND. The new party is 40% recycled PF, 30% recycled MMD, and 30% original UPND. In science this would be a new chemical compound and in politics the same applies. I hear that when he launches UPND campaigns HH will announce the new…

  7. …the new name likely PMUP. The ex-PF members being the majority have ask prevailed on HH to change the party symbol which they claim is too much like a Nazi salute, but in reality they want something which distinguishes it from old UPND memories.

  8. kkkkkkkkk lolest you mean you don’t have a long standing manifesto you produce one every election? Haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. PF should now start preparing for their exit. This time we are voting for Ifintu…..Na filungula

  10. Is Mr Kafwaya also referring to the beautiful road(chingola-solwezi) as the developments North Western has witnessed?

  11. Chiefs from south said : How would God look at us if we changed this govt? This govt has done more than we expected it. I agree with our chiefs only pipo who are self centered or don’t know what is good for this country will think of removing lungu and PF. I invite you to examine their manifesto and then compare with others

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