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Don’t politicize Chipolopolo team bus-Kamanga

Sports Don't politicize Chipolopolo team bus-Kamanga

Football Association of Zambia president Andrew Kamanga
Football Association of Zambia president Andrew Kamanga

Football Association of Zambia president Andrew Kamanga says it is insignificant to politicize the final arrival of the Zambia team bus after over a year of waiting .

The team bus was a donation the South Africa Football Association’s 2010 FIFA World Cup legacy project made to Zambia after hosting the tournament that year, However, the vehicle had been mysteriously marooned in Johannesburg until last month.

Kamanga said it was time to move forward and the glory of finally getting the bus to Zambia was not on the agenda.

“The bus is also outside. I hope it is not something for debate. Let us not waste time on who has brought the bus? Who has done what? What is important is that the bus is here,” Kamanga told media.

“Let us be a bit happy that it is here. For me, the bus belongs to FAZ. So, give credit to FAZ, whether it is the previous administration or the current one. For me, credit is due to FAZ.

“You know people come and go but the benefit remains with the institution.”

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    • He said it doesnt matter. But since you brought in the Kalu vs AK debate, let me put it clear to you. Kalu sat on this bus for one year without explanation. AK comes in and within two months, the bus is here. Who is the bigger man here? its AK47 of course

  1. I love the Boldness of this man. I like men will less talk always trying to provoke situation. Well done avoid too much politics so that we can work in moving our Zambian football forward together. With previous and current FAZ working hand-in-hand we will achieve more……

  2. What this bus doing in RSA since 2013…these are the questions people need answers to…the fact is Galu was rotten the more you shoeld him the more you will get your hands and clothes dirty.

  3. King Galu had an agenda he ensured that faz ‘hired’ a bus when being transported a company he formed with Mwila Kasengele…and chewed money

  4. Advice to AK, you are trying to hard to be nice. Sometimes a stick, sometimes even vanity helps. Mr Nice Guy Obama with his no boots on the ground policy still killed Osama bin Laden. We expect so much from you AK. Time is running.

  5. If there wasn’t any change at FAZ House, the bus would still have been marooned in South Africa, trust me on this one. We are talking about the importance of changing leadership when things don’t work well. That is where the game of politics comes in. As I said in the other forum, where Kalusha bwalya thought it was impossible to bring the bus to Zambia, for you it was easy breezy. Comparing to politics, where Lungu has failed to find a solution to the ailing economy, HH may have a thing or two up in his sleeves. That is how it goes in life.

  6. I want to add that you appear so humble Kamanga and ready for the task ahead of you. At the moment everyone seems happy with you, going by the comments on this thread, I mean both PF cadres and UPND supporters are all behind you but if you involve politics, the same cadres will unleash a barrage of insults unto you. Remain neutral if you are neutral and your ballot is secret. This is unsolicited advice to you.

  7. Kalu is history so let’s not talk about kalu and focus on the future we will be able 2 achieve more development thank u.

  8. Zambians should stop the habit of always looking for ways to cause fights between people. This is what has led to underdevelopment in this country.

    This politics of personalities have really eaten the Zambian fabric. For once let us concentrate on issues and not personalities.

  9. Kamanga is simply being careful with his choice of words….because he might need Kalu one day and that’s a fact…

  10. kalu is a great man can not be compared to kamanga.Kamanga is trying to be honest but he not.zambian people turns like camelion.i miss kalu for he brought cup and it wil never come back.

  11. Zambians Learn to be greatful, some of you have grudges toward certain individuals like hell and you claim to be christians,,,,so disgusting

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