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Stop using Sata’s name to Campaign for HH-Kapata


Jean Kapata prepares the audience for the Lukulu Rally
FILE: Jean Kapata prepares the audience for the Lukulu Rally

THE Patriotic Front (PF) has warned the quartet of Guy Scott, Mulenga Sata, Miles Sampa and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to immediately stop using the name of late president Michael Sata to campaign for the UPND and Hakainde Hichilema.

PF elections chairperson Jean Kapata said the ruling party was aware that disgruntled former leaders of the ruling party were using the name of late president Sata to campaign.

Ms Kapata disclosed that Dr Scott, Mulenga Sata, Mr Sampa, Mr Mwamba and other leaders who recently defected to the UPND were going into the PF strongholds and were using the name of Mr Sata to campaign for Mr Hichilema.

She said in an interview that the four should immediately stop from going to the areas where the PF was strong to campaign for their party and Mr Hichilema using the name of late president Sata.

Ms Kapata declared should Dr Scott, Mr Sampa, Mulenga Sata and Mr Mwamba refuse to stop from visiting the areas where the PF was strong, the ruling party would have no option but to physically stop them.

She explained that the UPND and Mr Hichilema demonised and abused late president Sata and his style of governance and it was therefore morally and politically not correct to adopt the name of the late president as their campaign tool.

“As the PF, we want to tell Guy Scott and his friends, Miles Sampa, Mulenga Sata and Mr Mwamba to stop using late president Sata’s name and legacy when campaigning in areas where the PF is strong. We know they have been going to our strongholds and campaigning using Mr Sata’s name and legacy and this is not correct. The UPND and its leader demonised and abused our late president in all manner and they cannot be allowed to adopt his name as their campaign tool. If they will not stop, let them be ready that we are going to do it ourselves,” Ms Kapata said.

And Ms Kapata has lashed out at a report in the Post Newspaper that it was the PF cadres that had provoked the UPND cadres in Matero which led to violent clashes between the two camps.

She said all the pictures that were published in the Post Newspaper only showed UPND cadres throwing an assortment of ammunition at the police officers who had gone to quell the violence yet the report was alleging that it was the PF cadres that caused the violence.

She stated that the truth was that the UPND had always been a violent political party and that the violence that occurred in Matero was started by the opposition political party.


  1. “PF elections chairperson Jean Kapata said in an interview that the four should immediately stop from going to the areas where the PF was strong to campaign for their party”…. Ba mayo, I have only one question for you, How else do you expect anyone, yourself included, to campaign if you do not go into your opponent’s supposed strongholds?

    • Why does UPND victimise PF in Southern Province? UPND should only be given the treatment it deserves. Kapata is right HH and his team hauled insults at the late Prsident. Why should they want to use his name now. This kind of hypocrisy will not take HH into plot 1. He is unprincipled.

    • This is bool sheet. Is Sata name copyrighted? If it is, then the son has the right to use it, not Siliya, Kaingu & RB.

      “Ms Kapata declared should Dr Scott, Mr Sampa, Mulenga Sata and Mr Mwamba refuse to stop from visiting the areas where the PF was strong, the ruling party would have no option but to physically stop them.”

    • Hi name is called Mulenga SATA!! That should surely tell you that his father’s BLOOD is running in his veins. He (Mulenga) has more right to talk about his father than the entire PF. Miles is the nephew to Michael Sata. Dr Scott and GBM are one of the first members of PF. I think they have every right to use Sata’s name if they so wish. Just like you guys always talk of Mazoka this and that in contrast to HH’s rule. Give us a break. Just tell us what your plans are about the high cost of living.

    • Do you own Sata’s name? PF was owned wholly by Sata and not vice versa. You cant stop his son from using his father’s name.

    • While I am at it, where is Mrs Sata!!? Kaseba Sata? You PF guys should be ashamed of yourselves sometimes. You failed to pay for Mrs Sata’s accommodation and now you want to claim rights to the Sata name. Worthless hypocrites!!

    • Hole Kapata…..And when they use Sata’s name; tell us what next or which law will apply…mulekwatako amono piliizi ba sonta Pa Fi…

    • Ni sonta pama f? ica cine. They want Mulenga to adopt a new name. Dora Siliti insulted MCS even more but they have gone to bed with her.

  2. True, to-date HH has never recognized the late president Sata. Hear his vocabularly always. He speaks only good about Levy and not Sata. Miles, Mulenga Sata, Guy Scott and others are blind persons.

  3. LET Mulenga Sata go, he planned with his stepmother to kill his father, says Mumbi Phiri. According to an audio recording, Mumbi, the Patriotic Front deputy secretary general, told women when she stopped over at a salon in Kalingalinga compound that Mulenga is corrupt and challenged him to explain where he got the money to buy a house in Sunningdale when he was a dog seller before joining the government. “Mulenga Sata bapangene naba stepmother bakwe ati twipaye batata. Banya She said people were eager to hear her comment on Mulenga’s defection to the UPND.

  4. Muzimai uyu, she wants a biological son to sata to stop using his name, maiwe! Bantu benangu bali nantota ya diarrhea.

    • Politically, Kapata is right. Mulenga had chosen HH and should use HH’s name because HH never liked and insulted MCS. It is a sound advise.

  5. I do not agree with Jean when she restricts the opposition what not to say. Ubu bu SAVAGE TE BU POLITICIAN!!!!. Ms Kapata what is your backup plan if PF loses? You might end up like Dora Slit. Much as she tries to forget the past she is always reminded of her trickery under RP.
    Be professional behave like a learned Grade 12. Prepare your program well so that you dont talk nonsense. The police now have started behaving professionally, the PF guys you will incite will be arrested and UPND will go to your home and beat up your husband (hope you have one). you hide your children and ask other people’s to throw stones. Who will physically man handle UPND? will your children participate?Silly mother and HYPOCRITE.

  6. ” Ms Kapata declared should Dr Scott, Mr Sampa, Mulenga Sata and Mr Mwamba refuse to stop from visiting the areas where the PF was strong, the ruling party would have NO OPTION BUT TO PHYSICALLY STOP THEM”
    Come on;Is this not advocacy of violence?

  7. Lol madam the only Sata who is campaigning is now in UPND. Are you suggesting he should change his name? Accept your position in the dustbin of history madam, it is you who made a very wrong choice victimizing the late MCS friends and relatives

  8. Jean Kapata is an agent of violence and should be held accountable if people die. The ICC in the Haque will be her home very soon. She cannot talk on behalf of the late MCS as if she owned him. She is not even related to him. Democracy is about allowing divergent views and not threatening others. She is a nurse and should be the last one to incite violence.

  9. The PF are now beyond desperate.

    You are now going to tell your opponents what message they should use or not use?
    So you have warned them not to use the ‘SATA’ name, what will you do should they not obey you seeing as one of them is in fact a SATA?
    Will you sue them or set your violent followers on them? It must be very difficult for self respecting people to remain in the PF because statements like these do encompass even them.

  10. Mr Sata was a public figure and according to intellectual property law which governs even international organizations like EPO and WIPO, any name which is not a trademark or copyrighted falls within what are called public domains. The only way PF and especially Ms Kapata would stop any other Zambian from using the four-letter name is if they registered it with the local Patents office. Even then the law would still allow anyone with interest to pay some royalty and use the name freely. I rest my case…Ms Kapata.

  11. Please ba opposition if this woman is one of those planning to defect after parliament dissolves, please ?ooooont accept her. He or I mean she is a violent lady .

  12. I thought HH was in the forefront condemning everything that Sata was doing? I don’t suppose Sata’s administration and development projects have become sweet just because the four guys have joined UPND. Is this taking Zambians for granted?

  13. Now it appears Michael Sata’s name has been patented. Who owns it? Would anybody stop me from using Hon. Kapata’s name if it can add something to my campaign, without necessarily injuring her reputation? I don’t really understand this. Can someone educate me please.

  14. How can cimbwi no plan be sweet to UPND? The most stupid man has become the most intelligent white man in UPND, the dog seller has become the flag carrier. Tomorrow HH will just fight for the whole party PF

  15. PF campaign strategy unravelling:

    1. Political violence and intimidation. The opposition UPND has now organized themselves and ‘drilled’ muscular young men to meet fire by fire. Ask ba matero bbuju…
    2. HH privatized ALL companies and mines. This has now backfired as the privatization linchpins such as George Sokota, Chitalu are die hard PF.
    3. UPND is a regional tribal party. Now you have GBM, Sampa, Lupando Mwape, Bob Sichinga, Sata himself and who knows perhaps Christine Kaseba is on the way!
    4. Lungu is humble and hardworking. The litimus test is the economy and good governane. And boy oh..boy…its cacophony…the Kwacha yapena, imitengo Lungu a lunda, abunga Lungu afisa, tax has gone up, inkongole nasho its up up up….! Rupiah and Lungu are using police…

  16. But why is PF going to UPND strong holds madam?
    We only have one Zamba and peopl are free to campaign everywhere.I now think PF is in trouble going but what is coming out of these people

  17. Huh ! What About One, Dsillier Who Insulted Late Sata So Much And Our Memories Are Still Fresh. Politicians Are An Amazing Variety Of Human Beings. Very Silly Small Minded Animals

  18. It’s not only immoral, but also evil that the people that hated Sata even to his grave can today use his name just to have political gain! Lord help us; this is intoto absurdity!

    I wonder how this country will truly develop with this kind of low caliber politicians. This is a shame!

  19. ‘Cub’ you say ‘cisushi ici cimayo’, you are terribly uncouth. You are, in fact, four times more than what you think she is.

  20. This woman needs to be canned! She is not fit to be tourism minister and not fit for anything. Jean be worried because their is an aspiring candidate. This person will make you have diarrhea and you will soon lose that weight. We know you have been blocking many qualified people but soon the whole Zambia will know so be very worried. No manners and always ushering threats is all she knows yet she does not even posses basic computer knowledge or education in this field. Can she even draft a proposal with a simple table of contents?2016 is around the corner so let her bark while she can. Woof! Woof!!

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