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I don’t regret my Uganda remarks

Headlines I don’t regret my Uganda remarks

President Lungu stresses a point during the news conference
President Lungu stresses a point during the news conference

President Edgar Lungu has defended his comments about the outcome of the Ugandan elections which have caused controversy in that country.

Shortly after arriving at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda where he went to witness the inauguration of President Museveni’s fifth consecutive term of office, President Lungu said that opposition parties that lost controversial elections in February must accept the will of the majority of Ugandans and move on.

“The people’s will should always be reflected in an election and people should learn to accept results. That is the most important thing. That is the message I have for Africa, the Ugandans and Zambians. Let us accept the will of the people. There can only be one winner. After you win, you perform. So you allow your friend who has won to perform. When another election comes, you will have a go at it,” President Lungu told Zambian Journalists in Kampala.

But the remarks have since been condemned by Ugandans on social media with some insulting President Lungu urging him not to interfere in domestic affairs of Uganda.

Answering questions during this afternoon’s live press conference at State House, President Lungu said there is nothing wrong with his comments.

He said the Ugandan media was clever than him by contextualising his comments to portray as if he was ridiculing that country’s opposition leader.

President Lungu said he has no apologies to make and that he does not regret.

He maintained that the will of the people should be allowed to prevail in elections of the continent.

And President Lungu has defended the constitutional that allows ministers to remain in office after parliament dissolved.

President Lungu said the ministers had retained their posts because the constitution allowed it. Critics argue the amendment should have been dumped when a related proposal to appoint ministers from outside parliament was shot down.

Meanwhile, President Lungu said he expected inflation to slow to single digits “within months”.

He said diversification away from the copper sector, which has been laid low by depressed prices, meant economic growth was seen accelerating slightly to 3.7 percent in 2016 from 3.5 percent last year.

“This performance will largely be driven by agriculture, construction and tourism,” President Lungu said.

On the agricultural front, Zambia has fared better than its neighbours amid a regional drought, with production of the staple maize crop forecast to rise to 2.87 million tonnes this year from 2.6 million tonnes last year.

But maize prices have still risen steeply in Zambia and Lungu said the government had been “advised” not to bring in price controls to make the staple more affordable. He did not specify who gave this advice.

And President Lungu has assured the nation that his administration will not abuse public resources during the campaign period.

He also explained that the presidential marketeers fund is funded by well-wishers within PF and that State House is not using any public funds.

President Lungu revealed that in future, the presidential marketeers fund may be placed under a ministry budget.

On the issue of the running mate, President Lungu said he is still focused on appointing a female as his running mate in the August elections.

He said he knows that he will appoint a female except that he still does not have a face and the face of the female politician who wants to be his running mate.

PF deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri talks to Agriculture minister Given Lubinda during the Press Conference at State House on Friday, May 13,2016 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
PF deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri talks to Agriculture minister Given Lubinda during the Press Conference at State House on Friday, May 13,2016 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

From L-r: Vice-President Inonge Wina, PF Secretary General Davies Chama, PF deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri, Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda and Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili during the Press Conference at State House on Friday, May 13,2016 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
From L-r: Vice-President Inonge Wina, PF Secretary General Davies Chama, PF deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri, Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda and Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili during the Press Conference at State House on Friday, May 13,2016 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

President Lungu arrive at State House for the Press Conference on Friday, May 13,2016 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA
President Lungu arrive at State House for the Press Conference on Friday, May 13,2016 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

President Lungu prays before he addresses the Press Conference at State House on Friday, May 13,2016 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Lungu prays before he addresses the Press Conference at State House on Friday, May 13,2016 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

State House Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Chilubanama with Special Assistant to the President for Political Affairs  Kaizer  Zulu during the Press Conference at State House on Friday, May 13,2016 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
State House Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Chilubanama with Special Assistant to the President for Political Affairs Kaizer Zulu during the Press Conference at State House on Friday, May 13,2016 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Part of the delegates that attended the news conference at State House
Part of the delegates that attended the news conference at State House

President Lungu reading through some documents during the news conference
President Lungu reading through some documents during the news conference


    • Zambia is different from Uganda. It will not be possible for you to get a 50 +1 votes. The opposition will win the elections.

    • Meanwhile Lungu’s government wanted to surrender VJ to Uganda for meddling in Ugandan politics!!! At least VJ wasn’t insulted the way Edgar has been insulted by Ugandans.

    • There goes the drunk, where is the next drink up ba Chagwa?….KHIKIKIKIKI…This guy is really a wonderful joke!!!!!

      Anyhow, after witnessing how Team ECL pressurised Dr. Guy over access to public resources in the run-up to last election, I cannot be hoodwincked for one second, and believe that the drunkensburg and his wildlife will spare landcruisers and those SUVs and government fuel in this political season…But I can only only say thing, and that is the Zambian voter in the last election really deserved most, what they got, the Drunk: POVERTY, POWER CUTS, UNAFFORDABLE MAIZE MEAL, ABUSE OF GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS, TENDERING AND ALCOHOL IN PUBLIC OFFICES

    • Please vote again, and again, as you Zambians are used to suffering….I left Zed for that particular reason infact

    • Why should he regret when his dictator mentor has taught him how to still fish and not how to catch it? He has been intoxicated with assurance from m7n’s rigging tactics that he’ll retain power forgetting that the voters and the opposition are watching. Try them here and ignite fire.

    • Kikikikikiki,yaba! The way some people talk, like they are the only ones who’ll be voting………….pwa ha ha ha. I am voting for ECL and my vote will count.

    • I had the intention of voting for ECL in August. But after his comments in Uganda I have revisited my intention because he clearly lacks prudence and sound judgement. For the future, Mr. President when you are in a foreign country, especially after divisive elections, your choice of words matter…NEVER support one group or section over the other. ALWAYS play the deplomat or bridge builder.

    • The donor community has to attend these gatherings. I am sure they just think how stupid we Africans are. Govt leaders should undergo etiquette training at all levels before taking up office. The president would not be making the blunders that he currently makes. Ministers like Kambwili, Mumbi etc, would not speak the way they do. They are all a disgrace. No matter what you have to say about Kaunda, he always carries himself like a true Statesman! Very distinguished at all times. Please govt leaders including the president always remember that you are representing all of us as Zambians whether we like it or not. Zambia was admired by it’s neighbours for a long time. Not so now. Why???

    • How sad.This man had no hope in hell of becoming president.A chance is gifted to him on a silver platter and look at how he has lost it.One does ot even to wait for elections.Chagwa agwa.

    • How does regret when he has no clue that he fluffed the diplomatic -etiquette.

    • Lungu can continue clutching his hands in a prayerful manner however much he wants. We know that he is a crook who demands 50% kickbacks from contractors who want to be paid. Lungu is not humble. He is a crook who is stealing from the Eurobonds through contractors.

    • Chagwa is really a charlatan, He calls the LOAD SHEDDING WHICH HAS RESULTED IN CATASTROPHIC DROP IN COPPER PRODUCTION, a DIVERSIFICATION FROM COPPER PRODUCTION!! Am sure the chaps that have just installed Synchrolinium will be enthralled by his version of events!!!

      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote Zambia forward!! Vote UPND!! Abantu baya!!!

      #chagwamustfall!! PamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

  1. Lungu knew (or did he?) that the Ugandan election results were disputed. So firstly, he shouldn’t have meddled. Secondly, how would he know that it was because of the peoples’ will, that Museveni was still in power?
    The part of the press conference on the economy was just a mess. No substance on any REAL attainments to do with peoples’ quality of life. No ‘blue-print’ on a future sustainable economic plan.
    Piecemeal claims on education and health and hardly anything on the culture of political violence and corruption.

  2. Surely did he not say the Ugandan election matter was in court..si why would a lawyer himself be commenting on the matter? This bum is truly dull..how long has Museveni been ruling for him to continue performing. Lazy Lungu is a disgrace!!

    • He is clueless,visionless,useless,dullnes,hopeless,heartless,useless,ruthless,brainless,spineless and a drunkard why go into another country and utter such rubbish.

  3. Kaili you are incompetent and idio.tic.This Chakolwa needs to be sent back to the shamble of chawama bars because thats where he belongs.

  4. He has calculated his moves and he is convinced that he is winning the August election. The misplaced statement was actually meant for the Zambians. How about that?

    • Of course that was what he was doing. Still he forgets that Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal became President in his 80s after being in the opposition for close to 40 years. Politics is a long term game. Who knew that an imbecile like Sata could become President a couple of years before death in his 70s? In reality Chakolwa was regurgitating his bar talk in public. How shameful!

  5. Ugandans should blame themselves for having a dictator in state house for so long. They should not be insulting ECL for not knowing what democracy is. Leaders like #M7 and uncle Bob are the reason why Africa not progressing fast. Imagine now we have Young Kabila in DR Congo who want to use force to stay in office for another term despite his term of office coming to an end. Obama is leaving office this year in November after his two terms in Oval office is over, why young Kabila doesnt want to do the same when is term is over this year and pave way for new leaders with new ideas. Ooh Africa, ooh ooh Africa #ndalilalimo

    • These are sovereign countries. Lungu cannot go and tell their citizens what to do, just like no leader can come and impose there views in Zambia. A president should know how to behave. As someone has stated the results in Uganda are under contention. Why would Lungu a learned lawyer (albeit a drunk) comment on such a matter?

    • Dont make the mistake of comparing africa to america or europe. the culture is different and so the political paradigm should be different also. Just as you dont accept homosexuality in africa and obama does in america, does not mean we are inferior or they are inferior. it just means we see things differently. So why should we have selective comparisons? homosexuality mwakana but ifya two terms max in office mwasumina. Choose please!!! Are you african or european? you cant mix the two. My advice to all africans is that choose to be african in all things at all times. change the political system and governance of our countries to an african setup. one which we devise ourselves and not following ideologies of foreigners like democracy,capitalism,socialism,marxism etc.

    • Just like Lungu. ind your own business,. When you were busy killing foreigners, how come you did not apologize nor compensate them, practicing xenophobia. Leave Uganda alone, big mouth just.

  6. We the Chakolwas support him. He is a reflection of the majority Zambians. Chakolwas, failures, fikaisolver type, unambicious mistaken for humility.

    • Sad! That’s why Zambia is rapidly regressing. No standards; just mediocrity, starting from State House all the way to Chawama bars.

    • I don’t drink but I am voting for ECL. The other prominent opposition leaders are past their sell date.

  7. We regret having you as president of Zambia. How can you do such a thing in foreign country???

  8. I feel sorry for mother Zambia to have such leader and he is ever proud for his words coz he is a dictator too.

  9. Ugandan are not blaming EL for their dictator. They are saying he should not meddle. Let’s not sugar coat this diplomatic flap on Zambia’s Diplomat in Chief.

    Imagine what you would think of M7 when he comes for inauguration this August and says people should accept the loss of a disputed Zambian election.

    • What dictator? Museveni brought sanity to Uganda – can’t Africans learn from the Libyan tragedy? The useless Ugandan opposition will continue to wallow in insults with their poor-looking leader.

    • Well said observer. And if the opposition leader hasn’t delivered it is time to step down…more like one opposition leader here in Zambia. Those that prefer to copy the West take leaf from Miliband and Farage> since for some of you the West is Utopia.

  10. Look at his front line
    (1) Chama Davis
    (2) Wina Inonge
    (3) Mumbi Phiri
    (4) Chishimba Kambwili
    (5) Given Lubinda

    Missing on the front list is – no other than Frank Bwalya and Jean Kapata.

    This is the A team for Chagwa – pakalintente – kikikikikikikiki

    • It would seem you are right. I suppose Nkandu Luo is a dividing figure especially if they want the Bemba vote – what she did with the Bemba Royal Family.

  11. Developed countries should ensure that manipulation of elections and clinging to power through undemocratic means should come to an end, otherwise Africa will again revert to instability. One successful manipulation by one corrupt Ruler provides impetus to others to do the same.

    • Why do you always want to run to developed countries? Put your house in order. However, it is not possible with a useless opposition.

  12. Why is he conviced that he will remain in power after Aug 11? smell a rat. he must have got a wing of how it’s done in modern election contest from museveni or Bob in Zim.
    I urge you Voters just watch were you mark your X and see if it will not shift to a candidate whom you have not choosen.we a hear some tricks of how rigging is done one of them is to delay results and manipulate them. and an X shifting to another another candidate of not your choice.Opposition parties should examine ballot papers before they are placed in polling stations.

    • I am marking mine on his (ECL) name so just in case there are many people who will do the same don’t say that he rigged.

  13. Comment:lungu is right even in zambia let the people decide who wil be the next president one shud loose the other win.its not the mrdia to decide for us im for humble lungu .

    • Then allow same time to campaign also to opposition.
      As to “humble lungu” (LOL/kikikikiki) be serious. Lungu humble?
      More likely, the most arrogant convicted embezzler crook ever born in Zambia. Up to now has not apologized for his crooked acts.

  14. Ministers will pay back or jailed for theft of public funds after 11th Aug.to the Zambian people as their being in positions is illegal as parley was disolved.

    • Especially if you support the perpetual losing candidate. I feel you. I am Zambian and if I lost 2 elections I would go to what I do best and leave active politics to others. If you lose 3 elections then you are unsellable…you are past your sell date. In others you are expired goods. People don’t vote for you 4 times can’t you get election fatigued? Aikona mani!

    • Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal became President affected 40 years in the opposition. He was over 80 years old. Sata became President after scheming for decades, from Lusaka Governor to State House. Lungu wants HH to retire because he will wallop Lungu one day.

  15. Did you say that in Uganda, at Entebbe International Airport, Bwana President? Is this a head sickness or another malaise of the heart, that we are beginning to see developing in you sir? I had not the slightest idea you are so cocked-up! Where is Africa going, I wonder? Where are we heading to? Five terms for Yoweri Museveni! You mean you don’t have even the slightest amount of sympathy for those poor Ugandans who are being held hostage by one of their own? You tell them to “move on.” Really? Where do you want them to go – move on to where? Ugandans have been pushed to the limit. They deserve a little bit of sympathy from the rest of us. Do you mean to tell us, you are so heartless? Do you mean to tell us, you are so cruel? Did you mean to imply that, through their plight, we too…

  16. Ugandans have their Yoweri Museveni, Zambians their Edgar Lungu; each country, little else to be worried about.

  17. Please Zambians give ECL a respect to our own President, he is a Zambia President elected by ourselves why should we insult him today?. Remember the Bible say pray for your leaders you know why? leaders we choose is that they are human beings bound to make mistakes, so let us do as what the tell to pray for them and never never insult him but pray for him. Timatenga tembelelo na mau yo tukwana.

  18. Can mumbi phiri regret what she said about kaseba if her mentor , her super hero doesn’t regret the diplomatic blunder he did in Uganda? These are “feathers of the same bird “

  19. Democracy is a vital virtue that delivers economic development and unity. Citizens make choices about who they want to put into office. The only sad thing is that citizens see different qualities in those they want to usher into office. There is no way I can ever vote for ECL because he lacks the virtues that I know can develop zambia. The likes of Kaizer Zulu, Mumbi Phiri, Frank Bwalya, Chishimba Kambwili take front seats in defining Zambia’s economic path. The president sees no competence and character challenges in these people because as far as he is concerned, they are the right material. Shockingly but not unprecedentedly, there are a number of Zambians who will still give him a vote. For them, the current national economic calamity is a model achievement and, therefore, tolerable…

  20. Poverty, greed, corruption, lack of exposure and tribalism will Rollin why we are destined to handing over poverty to the next generation. Let us put aside self interest for once and see the bigger picture for the sake of our children. ECL is enphatically the wrong person to take zambia forward. PF, I’d really desperate to stay in power, should identify another person, possibly Simbyakula.

  21. President Lungu, trying to be smart he ends up alienating Ugandans. This was actually a coded message to HH and Zambians: “whether you think the elections are rigged or not, just suck it up and accept the results as the will of the people“.

    What a disappointing press conference… I expected real grand game changing policy announcements but all we get is rhetoric and theatre. The media should have hammered and check mated him with tough questions.

  22. Ugandans voted m7. Edgar Lungu went to attend m7’s coronation. As a lover of peace he was calling for peace among Ugandans.
    Do you see anything wrong with that?
    Kindly educate me

  23. Lungu’s message was not just for Opposition in Uganda but for Zambia and Africa as well.To opposition parties in Zambia Lungu was telling them he is not going to loose these upcoming elections in Zambia. He will win the elections the Ugandan style and that is why he is insisting on using the Dubai Printer. He has retained his Ministers in their posts to ensure that he wins these elections at all costs. If Lungu loses the elections he will rig a win and use state machinery to retain power. Even If Lungu loses the elections he will not handover power to the winner just like his friend Mugabe did in Zimbabwe. Lungu is prepared to set Zambia on fire if he somehow loses elections in August 2016. Zambia has trouble ahead with this Jameson. Time will tell!


  25. Am suprised that out of what was said at the press conference we have decided to blog on a question on the remarks in Uganda and not what the president talked about. Why don’t we debate the contents of the press conference?? Because it was supper.

    • Unfortunately, majority of bloggers cannot lower theirs intellect so low to much yours and discuss “supper contents” void of any meaningful policy stated during most useless “press conference” (LOL).

  26. The will of the people shall prevail. You do not just change for the sake of it but first look and see, open your ears to hear if seeing is not possible and then analyse by comparing the past and the present. There after weigh the contestants. ECL has a CV in politics and HH has none. ECL is not a dribbler, HH is a sweet talker.
    This time around he is addressing the men in uniform. The men in uniform are paid better than most of us in private chakuti. The men in uniform have their own avenue of sorting out issues

  27. it would have been better if the diplomats in Uganda had lunch at the house of Besigye, that would have been applauded

  28. I respect someone who says I support EL but in Uganda he was wrong to meddle in other people’s affairs. Unfortunately the vast majority of people on social media are brainless cadres who will follow their leader into a lions den in the mistaken belief that god has put him in charge. Who among us would be happy for dictator Museveni to come here and start politicking. Even if a civilised guy like Obama tried to involve himself inour politics we would be here complaining and calling him all sorts of names. So our president was wrong and he should have admitted as much. Unfortunately just like most PF members he is so full of himself.

  29. Look at it from this point of view:
    When HH loses, mark my words I am not saying if. Repeat, when HH loses elections in August 2016 and those who are going to come for Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s coronation ask the UPND and HH to accept the will of the people, Don’t you think that insults will be hurled at those people?
    Is asking someone to accept defeat meddling in other people’s affairs?
    The headline in the Post newspaper, as usual, was meant to incite people so that they can hate their leader. The more they write hate articles the more sympathy the president gets from Zambians

  30. Ba lungu u are simply a dissappointment. U are loosing here and dont think if u rig we shall keep quiet

  31. Fake democrats supporting dictators is not a surprise at all.Lungu & Co supporting Museveni is like the white and black stripes of zebras which always go together.

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