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An artists view -Caricature of Zambian politics

Headlines An artists view -Caricature of Zambian politics

Courtesy Black Rose The Artist"
Courtesy Black Rose The Artist”

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    • PF is excited about Cosmos Moono, the so called UPND big fish, without knowing that he has actually been sent by HH to defect to PF so that he can be reporting back to UPND on internal workings of PF. HH is always a light year ahead of PF thinking. One of HH’s spies has been appointed to the PF central committee while another is a known phone call recording artist. PF should just wait once UPND forms government to see how quick the three musketeers I have mentioned will defect to UPND and get appointed to key positions for their services rendered to UPND from PF during campaigns.

  1. Ok, so somehow LAZ has grown some ‘teeth’ ( I think three of them). But the role of the Constitutional Court as a toilet plunger can not be over-emphasized..!

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