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Dr Kambwili honoured…again

Headlines Dr Kambwili honoured…again

Dr Kambwili displays his certificate
Dr Kambwili displays his certificate

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba Kambwili has been named as an Ambassador of Peace by the Universal Peace Federation.

This is in recognition of Dr Kambwili’s services to the community in Roan Constituency in Luanshya and the people of Zambia at large.

Speaking at the honouring ceremony this morning, Dr Kambwili said he is greatly humbled by the award.

Dr Kambwili said the award is a source of immense joy and encouragement to enable him work even harder in serving the people of Zambia.

He said this is the second time that he has been honoured this year having received an honorary Doctorate Degree as one of the most influential politicians of recent time.

He said he is a firm believer in hard work and that he has thanked God for giving him the opportunity to serve the people in Roan constituency and the country.

Dr Kambwili says he considers it an honour to help uplift the welfare of the people around him.
The Universal Peace Federation acknowledges as Ambassadors of Peace, those individuals whose lives exemplify the idea of living for the sake of others, and who dedicate themselves to practice which promote universal moral values, strong family life, inter-religious cooperation, international harmony, renewal of the United Nations, a responsible public media, and the establishment of a culture of peace.

The Ambassadors of Peace also transcend racial, national and religious barriers and contribute to the fulfilment of hope for all ages, unified world of peace wherein the spiritual and material dimensions of life are harmonised.

Dr Kambwili receiving his award
Dr Kambwili receiving his award

Dr Kambwili's award certificate
Dr Kambwili’s award certificate


    • Zambians will kill any foreigners caught voting on August 11. Word should go to all these neighbouring countries and disseminate information on their social media. UPND and other opposition parties should actually approach private TV and radio stations in those countries to warn their citizens not to travel to Zambia to vote as they will be killed if discovered. Zambians have now learnt to kill with their bare hands these days. Even those so called soldiers and a traditional doctor caught may not even be the true killers but just arrested by PF to give assurance to neighbouring citizens given NRCs and voters cards that Zambians won’t kill them if they come. Didn’t you see that Edgar Lungu panicked because part of their rigging strategy was jamming due to xenophobic attacks and he had to…

    • Alwisha chani uyu muntu? This wont help him get adopted or win EL any votes. It doesn’t even help rig the election.

    • Congratulations Dr Kambwili. Keep it up! The only limit is your imagination. You have managed, where others have failed, to put our sleepy Luansha and Zambia on the map.

    • Our school administration also gave the prefectship to the most notorious student just to pin him down.
      Even these international organisations use the same wisdom. They know who can bring violence and disarm him with a peace award, not that he is peaceful.

      Remember what the Pope told Lungu at the Vatican; to arbitrate in the peace process in Burundi or Congo. They are told this so that they think twice before bringing violence to their countries.

      Give ECL this award too.


    • This is an affiliate of the Unification church,a religious cult.So grt motr information on thid cult.

    • @Mushota. I think you should also display your so called self-praised qualifications/credentials. I starting to doubt you are authentic. I think you blog too much to try get attention. Is your fiance doing his job as man. You might want to switch over to a black person if you are not statisfied with his performance. Because any educated person would question the validated of these awards given to this hippo. Since when has Kambwili who almost fought at one point in Parliament and is beacon of insults become so peaceful???

    • First of all you people of Zambia please stop calling this baboon Dr Chimbwili because this riff ruff is nowhere near a doctor.
      The universal peace Foundation must be a fake organisation that knows NOT they are doing. Chimbwili has made the lives of the people of Luanshya miserable and deserves to go to jail when PF losses elections.

    • You are wonderers thats what u are, u will continue wondering even after 11 august when Chagwa is being enagulated again.

    • Imbwa ilya can be a doctor sure. That’s why PF has destroyed university education because they believe you can still be a doctor without going to university. Cadres are now more important in Zambia than university professors. All you need is just to be loud mouthed and speak crap and you will be dr Chimbwili. (Note the small d)

    • The hatred being displayed here is alarming. What has Kambwili honestly done wrong now. The man is being honored by other people and you are here insulting and issuing all sorts of names. What is wrong with us Zambians just to say well done and congrats on your achievement. I cant see any politics here but we are busy talking about politics. This hatred is very unfortunate. Unfortunately some of us blogging will be in church on Sunday lifting up our hands to God. Please lets tone down

  1. kikikikikiki what next? do these people have no one to give doctorates a peace ambassors certificates to? KAMBWILI A PEACE MAKER? HE IS A BULLY AND LOUD MOUTHED EMPTY VESSEL.

  2. LT you should prioritise what should headline on your website or else you will be a laughingstoke like this BUFFOON Kambwili!!

  3. This is what happens when one wants recognition so hard. He is a thief, does nothing for Roan which is filthy, has no regards for Luanshya which is covered in littler. One thing we should remember is these organisation registered abroad get tax rebates for such things. UPF is a tax exempt organization and all donations are tax deductible in the United States. Receipts are automatically provided for donations of or above $250.00. They come to Zambia to take as much as they can while clueless Chi Kambwili is taken for granted. If he so want’s recognition all he has to do is either get a real PhD, stop stealing and give to the poor. Zambia wake up! Please wake!

  4. Am disappted by upf giving such honor to kambwili.do these pipo read the news.?am kambwili approached them.ooooh my foot.

    • These are available to anyone that makes a $250 “donation” to the organisation!

      You have to also pay for the certificate to be printed. They will post it to you if you pay for the postage.

  5. KIKIKIKIKIKI KAMBWILI IS WHAT? come on Muzungu, just get government contracts without embarrassing yourself

    • Chishimba Kambwili is the most stupid politician on earth yet this fake foundation gets to embarrass themselve this way. They America gentleman must be corrupt and useless.

  6. Gosh, haha supporters are really a nauseating dim wits! Everything ninshi nikubabiwa!Pathetic! You will continue hating and bitter until your faces become contorted like your hh, full of bile bitterness!

  7. The man is just a crook who is using his connections to be receiving the honours that he does not deserve. What exactly has he done in Roan constituency that other MPs have not done? Why is one person receiving these honours? This is same man whose first degree is debatable as to how he acquired it? He is very corrupt.

    • Don’t be jealous. None of us are looking for what he’s receiving, so just let him continue with new found hobby. For the degree counter check that Ndola university and August 2016 will guard what’s happening in Luanshya.

  8. Paid up exhibits. Is this the same kambwili who is on record encouraging managers of parastatals to concentrate in employing Relatives ahead of the general population.????


    • Chishimba Kambwili is the most stupid politician on earth yet this fake foundation gets to embarrass themselve this way. They America gentleman must be corrupt and useless.

  10. This sounds like a very sick joke. Isn’t this the same Kambwili who dubiously acquired land in a Golf course in Luanshya, then built a couple of luxury houses using dubiously acquired money, and then racially segregated against Africans by allowing people with white skin only to rent these house?? So, now today he is suddenly exemplary?? This is insulting to all well meaning Zambians of all races. This is gone too far.

  11. this is the joke of the year. This maroon being a man of peace with all the insults from his mouth.

  12. The Organization issuing the honour is was started by the Unification Church of Rev Kyung Sun Moon- the Church of former Lusaka Arch Bishop Milingo. Nothing wrong, its always better to know.

  13. Imwe which Ambasssdor of peace?Even a donkey deserves this award far better than Kambwili.Be honest people.Does he even know where Roan constituency is on the Zambian map,mufunseni asonte pamene ilili.Aza kamba ati this map is too old for me,iam now a doctor.And if the media dissagrees with him,he will close them down,and warn them “dont you know iam now an ambassador of peace”.All of you close down. ” Dont mess with me”-Okey?Me,now,iam ambassador of the peace and including iam also the doctor and ambassador.

  14. Ba UPND balwala kwena. Just read their comments! Ala bane real people do see and appreciate what CK and PF have done. Career bloggers please take a break and visit Luanshya, Kitwe, etc, to see for yourselves how PF is appreciated on the ground instead of deceiving yourselves on social media!!!

  15. Congratulations Doctor Chishimba Kambwili, you have succeeded where many have lamentably failed. I wish you all the best in your career.

  16. Watch out with this ka axe(kambwili) guy. He is hated by people who fell to express their points against his. That’s what I saw in Sata. Without economics paper Sata could explain how to collect taxes and how tax is converted to public use in such a simple way that lay men like us could appreciate the understanding. Kambwili talks mwe…but I still see sense in most of his arguments. I love this fellow. Keep it up Dr ka axe.

  17. These are sharp people who want this man with stinking and foul language to sober up.It is a way of taming his terrible behaviour. With this excitement of his of this set up on, he will not insult again.

  18. Ba UPND, did foreigners vote during by elections? Why do you like killing? Why are you so sure that HH is winning? Leave room for disappointment.

  19. What to say? I don’t know your background but people seem to be drawn to you so CONGRATULATIONS ba Dr. Kambwili. If I rant I will just show my bitterness because I have no accolades; if I laughed I will be seen as envious etc. We all judge each other using different stands.

  20. Koma Chimbwili Kashimba aroso, every day every day kano ifyabupuba sure! And these are the apes that took Sata to every corner of the world to find a cure for a numerosity of incurable ailments including fimo fimo fya sansancation good milile fyakuiletelela umwine. Atase, just pack your bags come August kuunka ka Ituri Forest in Kasailand kumyenu kolwe iwe!

  21. Next Kambwili will present a ‘Certficate of Parliament Attendance’…. I actually support the good ‘doctor’ but this string of certificate is just way to superficial……….

  22. @Mushota. I think you should also display your so called self-praised qualifications/credentials. I starting to doubt you are authentic. I think you blog too much to try get attention. Is your fiance doing his job as man. You might want to switch over to a black person if you are not satisfied with his performance. Because any educated person would question the validated of these awards given to Kambwili. Since when has Kambwili who almost fought at one point in Parliament and is beacon of insults become so peaceful???

  23. These are moonie. The Unification Church has been the subject of controversy over several issues. Its beliefs, which differ from traditional Christian interpretations of the Bible, have been called heretical and antisemitic by some critics. It has also been criticized for its involvement in politics, especially in support of the government of South Korea for which it was investigated by a committee of the United States Congress in 1977. The church has also been accused of brainwashing its members, which led to some being subject to deprogramming. Other controversial events include Moon’s 1982 conviction in the United States of filing false federal income tax returns and criminal conspiracy and the 2001 wedding of Roman Catholic archbishop Emmanuel Milingo to a Unification Church member…

  24. Please make a distinction, between a honorary & academic doctorate. You can honour any one you want, especially when he has made a donation to your organization.

  25. Chimbwili should know that adrenalin that drives his pageant to lie, steal and peddle in stinking tribal bigotry is a drug, an addiction. There are people like him who like to feel adrenaline, with heights, with guns, politics and men who feel adrenaline when they cheat on their wives. That is adrenaline, the sin, that maybe you will get caught. And come August 11, you will get caught pants down and you shall pay for your stinking sins you vile Iturian ape. Not even these rotten fake PhDs and awards will save you, namunungu tuwe?

  26. Oho, that’ s good news to hear. Another award for Kambwili as a hippo ? Now the fresh grass near the rivers and streams will suffer with ba Dr. Hippo CK.

  27. I think organizations see things different from individuals. Kambwili has done nothing to preserve peace in PF and less in Zambia generally. I have never been to Roan constituency and I really must see what the MP has been doing their. I’m sure there is something happening there that outsiders have yet to see. Collect them awards while they come 🙂 !

  28. Bitter, stupid and useless UPND moro.ns spewing hate speech and rubbish, what has CK done for you hate him so much? You will die of envy leave him alone and concentrate on selling your unsellable HH to masses out there! Insulting on LT won’t help your party win votes instead you are just decaigning yourelves with your vulgar mouths.Idi.ots!

  29. This is good for Dr. CK because after August 11 he will remain a loyal party member to help mentor the next generation of voters he will not have a Ministerial Post because he has not been adopted as run as MP this will enable him write books including the PF history and also develop strategies for reducing poverty at all levels its is a good retirement package. One think I like about CK is he is loyal he will campaign for the adopted candidate am sure no hard feelings that’s CK for you….

  30. Are they just giving degrees out to anyone these days.

    And you still say money can’t buy happiness, lol!!


  31. ..it is gratifying if one is honoured thru an instinct of the institution but not lobbing from the institution to honour you

  32. Kambwili na sonta…unparalled community service ku Luanshya. The Universal Peace Federation has recognized this. HH, with all your money…SONTA!

  33. Kambwili na sonta…unparalleled community service ku Luanshya. The Universal Peace Federation has recognized this. HH, with all your money…SONTA!

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