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HH pledges to support small businesses

Economy HH pledges to support small businesses

HH adddressing the Kanyama small business community
HH addressing the Kanyama small business community

The business community in Lusaka’s Kanyama constituency yesterday afternoon bemoaned the high cost of doing business in Zambia, which has forced many small-scale businesses in the area to close.

Speaking on behalf of the Kanyama business community when they met UPND President Hakainde Hichilema, Moses Mufumbwe said small businesses owners are crying and bleeding due to the poor economic policies and lack of planning under current leadership.

Mr. Mufumbwe called on the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema to sort out the problem in markets and bus stops, which have become heavily politicised to the point where anyone not supporting the PF leadership are harassed and removed so that they lose their income.

Mr. Mufumbwe, who represented marketeers, bus and taxi drivers, and members of the hospitality among others, said public service drivers are also crying out to have licence validity increased from the current one year to five due to the slow processes of issuing the PSV licenses despite the high fees.

And Mr Hichilema said that the concerns raised by the Kanyama business community resonate with the majority of the Zambian people, especially those working on or managing small businesses in the country.

Mr. Hichilema said as a businessman himself he fully understands the concerns of the community and knows what action needs to be taken to improve the situation.

He committed to addressing the plight of small businesses, especially those owned by Zambians and particularly youths and women.

The UPND leader said there is a need to promote small businesses through the provision of affordable credit schemes and loans at low interest rates to avoid default.

The UPND leader said he has heard the plight of taxi and bus drivers on the matter of licenses and has said once in office the PSV driving licences will be valid for 5 years.
He also said the bus and taxi drivers must equally have an opportunity to be employers by owning these businesses through the provision of affordable loan schemes.

The UPND leader further bemoaned the poor water and sanitation situation in compounds such as Kanyama, stating they require urgent attention to prevent against diseases such as cholera.
He concluded by urging the people of Zambia to unite together to elect a visionary leadership that cares for the people and is not consumed by self-interest.

Mr. Hichilema was accompanied by party National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango who also called on the people of Zambia to make the right choices by electing the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his leadership.

Mrs Nalumango stresses a point during the meeting
Mrs Nalumango stresses a point during the meeting

Some members of the Kanyama small business community  listening to HH
Some members of the Kanyama small business community listening to HH

The Kanyama small business community showing their support  to HH
The Kanyama small business community showing their support to HH


    • I am pleased that these comrades have brought to fore the sheer brutality, suppression, thuggery, oppression, corruption and thievery of PF through its thugs at Soweto, Luburma, Buseko markets, inter city and other bus stops in Lusaka.

      God, save Zambia from PF. This nation is quickly becoming a failed Zimbabwe with PF cadres wounding and beating opponents

  1. HH is a shareholder in Mandahill and yet shops are closing because of Exorbitant rentals. Very caring indeed!!

    • Mandahill is a business and not a charity that must make a profit. Exorbitant fees are due to your visionless Chagwa policies which have affected everything from electricity to generally the cost of running business. These are the issues that the incoming president will sort out. While your Chagwa is just preoccupied with giving foreigners NRCs so that they take over all the small businesses the poor are doing in the compounds, HH is busy sharing ideas with legitimate Zambians on how to move forward.

    • I tear down the strongholds of Satan of mystification, deceitfulness, trickery, manipulation, slander, beguilement, craftiness, calculated deception, fakery, contrivance, dupery, underhandedness, racketeering, violence, sanctimoniousness, corruption, improbity, skullduggery, hypocrisy, intrigue and mendacity. I break and smash the strongholds of Satan formed against the mind, emotions, and destiny of this your great people and Zambia.

  2. The “what” is always simple with this man but the “how” is near non existent. How will you support small businesses? What is your tax plan for small businesses? How will you ensure that venture capital is available to these businesses and what do you define as small business?

  3. @ST DESPERACIOUS, for you own information the man can feed your entire Clan and yourself on only one day sales of sower milk, before we even factor sales for fresh milk. Don’t use your failure and limitations as means to measure other people’s potential.

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