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Minister Kampyongo offside over his directives to councillors to vacate seats

General News Minister Kampyongo offside over his directives to councillors to vacate seats


The Young African Leaders Initiative has charged that Minister of Local Government and Housing Steven Kampyongo’s directive to councillors to vacate office is in clear breach of the constitution.

YALI Governance Advisor Isaac Mwanza says the Attorney General should guide ministers on the provisions of the constitution so that they do things in accordance with the laws.

Mr. Mwanza has expressed concern that Mr. Kampyongo has directed councillors from District Councils to vacate their offices even when Section 17 clause 3 of the Constitution Amendment Bill No. 1 of 2016 clearly states that “Councillors of district councils shall continue as councillors after the effective date until general elections are held in accordance with the Constitution as amended.”

He says despite some stakeholders raising objections to Mr. Kampyongo and other ministers remaining in office after dissolution of Parliament, the President and his administration found it justifiable for ministers to cling to their offices based on one article in the Constitution and yet the same Minister Kampyongo can overlook provisions of Constitution Act No. 1 which says councillors from District Councils must remain in office until the general election.

He says Zambians ought to judge these Ministers’ ability to run the affairs of the country before casting their ballot on August 11.

He has reminded Mr. Kampyongo of the words of President Edgar Lungu that the President did not just sign piece of an Act into law but he also signed the Constitution Amendment Act No 1 which the Minister should have looked into before issuing such a directive which breaches the same law the President assented.

The YALI Governance Advisor says his organization is now left to wonder whether the Attorney General is being consulted on these matters especially that Act No. 1 is clear that councillors from District Councils shall remain in office until the general election, to be held on August 11.

He has since called ON President Lungu who himself is a lawyer to seriously guide his Ministers especially at this particular time when Parliament, which was keeping these Ministers in checks and balances was dissolved.

Mr. Mwanza says President Lungu cannot allow himself to selectively implement the law from either Act No. 1 and Act No. 2 unless he himself is only concerned about winning elections instead of doing the right thing.

Mr. Kampyongo yesterday directed councillors to vacate offices following the expiry of their mandate.

Mr Kampyongo said this is in accordance with article 153(6) of the constitution of Zambia number 2 of 2016.

He has explained that the constitution states that the term of office for councillors shall be five years commencing from the date of election.

Mr Kampyongo says council operations will be run by principal officers such as Town Clerks and Council Secretaries across the country. 

He was speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka.


  1. It makes more sense for a councilor to hand over to a new one than it is for a Minister to hand over to a new one. Go figure.

    • its Isaac Mwanza. Why do you always think in icibemba? Yes, councillors run offices. Thats the problem with certain cadres. Arguing without substance

  2. jacob read your constitution u will find the answer. who is the council chairman and mayor. are they not councillors dull chaps ready books not just checking for signs on trees and billboards

    • @ Mary, wacita bwino saana, muletwebelako ifi fi ma dull chaps…excellent

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