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Selling Solar Electricity to Zambians by Solaric

Videos and Audios Selling Solar Electricity to Zambians by Solaric


  1. If this incompetent PF GRZ was not preoccupied with stealing eurobond monies by awarding themselves overinflated projects, at least 60 % of the population would have been using solar for daytime power

    This would have saved countless trees of Malasha, freed up consumer spending on things other than electricity, and this was a big opportunity to assemble solar panels in Zambia using Zambian copper for some parts.

    But no, they were all busy awarding them selves road contracts to do any other work.

  2. this is the way of the future for Zambia and third world rural communities and urban communities too. No need for diesel generators. We have copper, let GRZ embrace this technology & have the panels done from our own copper. I will get this system for my village soon.

  3. This is good Appropriate Technology. These 3G Solar Home Systems, delivered as a unit, make a lot of sense. I know there are people who have already wired similar systems in their places, but to package it as a unit certainly makes it more user-friendly.

    As the old saying goes: – “Necessity is the Father of invention”.

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