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Mutati led MMD Faction resolves to form an alliance with PF

Headlines Mutati led MMD Faction resolves to form an alliance with PF

The Felix Mutati led MMD faction has resolved to consider an alliance with the PF and will commence negotiations with the ruling party for a package that will benefit both parties.

Speaking shortly after the announcement of new NEC members in at the Mulungushi Rock of authority Mr. Mwansa Mbulakulima who is now party trustee said the party will not be fielding a President because they do not want to be embarrassed but will field it own Parliamentary candidates.

The out going National Secretary tasked the provincial chairpersons to engage the grassroots in identifying and submit eligible candidates for the forth coming general elections within 2 days.

Mr Mbulakulima explained that the party is working towards rebuilding so that it can effectively contest the 2021 election saying the party is not in a position to contest presidential elections because of the battles that have been taken place within the party.

And the faction President elect Felix Mutati called on the members to be strong and ensure that the party is rebuilt.

He said there will be no retribution against the other camp and called on them to come and join their colleagues in moving the party forward.

He said he didn’t have a heavy heart against the Mumba faction adding that Dr Mumba’s contribution as the former president of the party was welcome as the party needs all its members.

Former Spokesperson Raphael Nakacinda emerged winner after beating former Deputy National Secretary Cheembe Nyangu while Mutolo Phiri and Annie Chungu went unopposed as vice presidents of politics and administration respectively.

Former Muchinga MP Howard Kunda went unopposed as the Deputy National Secretary.

Meanwhile, the Nevers Mumba led faction released the following message to the media



The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) has announced the list of new MMD office holders who have filled casual vacancies as follows:

Party Vice – President – Administration : Eustarckio Kazunga

Chairman : Miss Winnie Zaloumis

Acting National Secretary : Reverend Reuben Sambo

Acting Party Spokesperson : Ms Irene Musonda

Deputy National Secretary : Kamwendo Kamuti

Chairman International Affairs Committee: Mrs. Lissa Pasi

National Women’s Chairlady : Mrs. Edith N. Mataka

National Youth Secretary : Lengwe Bwalya

Released by Chairman Publicity Sub-Committee

Reverend Reuben Sambo


  1. Way to go! Best and wisest decision considering the state MMD has found itself in. Mumba’s 15,000 was shameful.

    I am Zambian patriot and cheerfully support this decision President Mutati’s team is making.

    • Lets support brother Mumba’s transition to the pulpit Zambia shall be Saved vision regretably abandoned for NCC. Winning Politics is for leadership of versatile political machines.

    • Pa Zed fye awe mwe. Mumba also said he will support PF, so where was the problem with all this confusion? You are all crazy leaders.


    • Very S.tupid Zambians, so you did not know that this all thing was sponsored by PF, where can Mutati get the money to organise such a big. EL is a very evil guy who has painted a picture of being humble, Why is it that all the bad things are happening under his watch, the violence, tribalism, black of opposition from ZNBC which has never happened in the history of Zambia.
      Until you guys wake up to the true EL or you are in for a big shock, EL has all the characteristics of a dictator in the making, Just watch him speak, Cry my beloved country.

    • That’s all hunger, poverty and animalism right there, with RB managing the chimps in the Zambian zoo…good for tourism though if any humna Zambians can know how to tap this wildlife and turn it into something of FOREX attaction

    • Well, is this even News Worthy – who didn’t see this coming?? With “Felix Muselela ukwa Lola ifishushi” what do you expect???? Amafi of course!!!!!

      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote ZAMBIA FORWARD!! VOTE UPND!!

      #chagwamustfall!! PamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

  2. I support none of the two factions. How can Mutati with his integrity think of supporting Lungu?? for what. I think what Mutati should have done was just form his own party. This whole faction thing is childish by both Mumba and Mutati because they really don’t have that much support. Most of RB’s people are already in PF and this will not change PF’s chances at all. I am very disappointed with Mutati. Very disappointed. Out all MMD members I thought you were principled and would stand with the majority of Zambians against the PF’s misrule.


  3. Kikiki UPND u’re defeated.U can’t win with pipo like GMB who beat women and pipo.How can u trust such a person as a vice president?U’re buried ba UPND.U saw what happened on saturday.Pipo don’t want change and are disappointed with selfish politicians.It’s Kolopa reloaded.Sela tubombeko and sonta epowabomba.Nacipwa guys.The problem of UPND chaps think about tribe too much.U can’t have GBM as a vice president jst bcoz u want bembas to vote 4 u.Bembas are cleaver and know the right person.They are not moved by such moves.U’ll for yo selves in 2016 .Pipo have resolved to teach UPND a lesson period.UPND chaps insult too much and think by calling everyday on radio makes them popular. Infact it irritates pipo by calling everyday.Sela tubombeko.vote PF

    • “Sonta epowabomba”???
      Sonta epowasangile dollar
      Sonta epowasangile economy
      Sonta epowasangile ama mining jobs
      Sonta epowasangile Presidential Salary
      Sonta epowansangile ubunga
      Sonta epowansangile PF!!!

    • We are not defeated do not bluff yourself. Many MMD have vowed to not go with Mutati to PF so Lungu has wasted his money buying the turncoat Mutati.

  4. True Bemba vote has emerged. GBM does not have a character of a bemba. Lungu and Mutati ba UPND mukose. Will make sure that all our srong holds votes. Bakachema will push u where u belong. To keep cattle and enjoying primitive polygamious lfe. Sontapo.

    • “Sonta epowabomba”???
      Sonta epowasangile dollar
      Sonta epowasangile economy (sugar, saladi, umunani, kabunga)
      Sonta epowasangile ama mining jobs
      Sonta epowasangile loadshedding
      Sonta epowasangile panga violence
      Sonta epowasangile belt size yobe
      Sonta epowasangile wage increase
      Sonta epowasangile corruption
      Sonta epowasangile umutende muchalo
      Sonta epowasangile ukupuma nokwibila maketeer/bus driver
      Sonta epowasangile Presidential Salary
      Sonta epowansangile ubunga
      Sonta epowansangile PF!!!

      Chagwa anagwa kale!!

  5. Mutati is F00l who has failed to bring tangible development to our constituency since assuming the seat 16 years ago. I even wonder those f00ls giving him praise that he is a patriot. He a f00l who cant stand on his own unless he is being pushed by the corrupt RB.

  6. “To negotiate a package of mutual benefit to both parties” means they will get into partnership to share positions and not to see how they can harmonise their development agendas and visions! Shame on Mutati, who duped people to think that he was genuinely concerned about development and national unity.

  7. This is Mutati and his group of soul seekers!! They know that they cannot survive on their own since they lost their constituency long before parliament was dissolved. Now they want to attach themselves to PF so that they can be adopted be appointed to Ministerial posts! If Lungu is wise he should cast them aside since those who could have brought votes to either PF or UPND moved on to these parties before dissolution of parliament.He will just cause problems in the adoption process for MPs and should thus be put aside. So apa Ba Mutati ni survival chabee. If Mutati is not careful he has been used to put Mumba out of the equation that is why RB went to the convention but even him he will put aside and asked to campaign a lot and then get nothing. Total turn coat!!

    • End of MMD BUT sure defeat for HH and his dunderheads cartel supported buffons
      End of HH. UPND it is not facebook or bloggering that votes. It is the pipo.
      Mmembe should continue insulting and insult more and more we like ECL.
      Dunder heads cousins are cousins for sure. You think GBM went to UPND to improve but to destroy the little that hh had made. HH blunders with despareation. surely you can not join hands with pipo who have shown hate for Lungu. Ka miles Na maso no lufyono talukula olo akufuma ati president KM. Atase imwe.
      Mmembe keep insulting please we want more insults so that ECL wins more hearts

  8. End of MMD BUT sure defeat for HH and his dunderheads cartel supported buffons
    End of HH. UPND it is not facebook or bloggering that votes. It is the pipo.
    Mmembe should continue insulting and insult more and more we like ECL.
    Dunder heads cousins are cousins for sure. You think GBM went to UPND to improve but to destroy the little that hh had made. HH blunders with despareation. surely you can not join hands with pipo who have shown hate for Lungu. Ka miles Na maso no lufyono talukula olo akufuma ati president KM. Atase imwe.

  9. Why are these two fighting? Even failing to field a presidential candidate as a former ruling Party.

  10. UPND yapwa guys.Teti GBM become a vice president thinking bembas gonna vote 4 u.Bembas are resolved to vote for Lungu.Mutati please come come we kolopa these violent party.Why should they continue beating women?Pf is controlled by comon pipo.Thanks kuli ba Sata.Nisontapo mune.Vote PF

    • Which Bembas, speak for yourself as a Lungu contract beneficiary. Leave me out and the many many I know who will not vote Lungu. Mark my words, we are many! And of course, we also know that the likes of you may vote Lungu and that is fine.

  11. Generation X and Generation Y electorates are now wiser than ever. This movement from democracy to democracy will soon end as we focus on qualities of individuals and not the tent they are scurrying into when theirs starts leaking.

  12. Rupiah Banda is a snake! Mutati is embarrassing himself, so all the fighting against Nevers Mumba was to deliver MMD to PF!!

  13. Felix Mutati and Rupiah Banda secretly joined the PF soon after the late Sata’s death.But at the same time they want to benefit from the MMD’s properties and money.These opportunists don’t mean well; Zambian voters must be sensitized to reject them.

  14. Wow wow wow! It would be very interesting to hear what Felix Mutati would be saying about UPND,the party he strongly supported and campaigned for in the last Presidential by-election. But politics fiiko,mwaliba ubuhule!That’s why I just decided to abstain from voting.

  15. Okey it is their Democratic rights, but for the original MMD let’slet’sw go ahead as a party and field our own president in Dr. Nevers Mumba forget about these traitors, they will be swallowed by PF, a thing which RB so cherished. We are voting for MMD under the leadership of Dr. Nevers Mumba. All grass root members, do a don’t Kubeba, on all the traitors. Accept their money but cast your vote on the legit!ate Movement for Multiparty Democracy. Ignore the fake cabon copy Movement for Mutati Demons or Democracy.

  16. Wow Wow Wow! It would be very interesting to hear what Felix Mutati would be saying about UPND,the party he strongly supported and campaigned for in the last Presidential by-election.Politics,awe sure! That’s why I decided to abstain from voting.

  17. MMD is a finished party just like UNIP! Mutati, the sweet talker is a big let-down for aligning himself with PF. He should just continue looking for an international job otherwise he is just another failed politician.

  18. Whether MMD supports PF or not. I can not vote for PF again, 2011 was the last time they benefited from my vote batubepa pafula ba PF – PROUD FAILURES. The issues in their manifesto are still the same things they promised us in 2011, they have failed to walk the talk. The economy has deteriorated from where RB left it though the big man his teaming up with them, any way personal interest at play. August 11, 2016 Pack and Go PF – Proud Failures. Viva HH Viva UPND with you all the way.

  19. Felix Mutati supported HH in 2015, if he had supported HH this time around you were not going to call him names. To you GBM has stopped being violent, Andrew Banda is not corrupt, Sylvia Masebo is an angel, William Banda is a wise man, Scott has stopped being muzungu opusa, Maureen Mwanawasa has never misappropriated Global funds and other bad activities, etc. Am sure if Dora Siliya or RB were to join you, you would not call them names, to you these people joining you from PF/MMD and others you are waiting for from PF to join you are not corrupt. To you it was ok for MMD MPs from Western and North Western to join your party, to you they are not job seekers. It is ok for you to receive defectors but no for others. Be serious.

    • @Preso,walasaa!! These guys instead of just giving a balanced analysis on all these political turn coats (or Crosstitutes as some one once called them) that you have mentioned,they stay fixated on denouncing only those going to PF!! For example what makes Guy Scott a former second in command for 3 years of 5 years PF’s rule better than Edgar who has only presided over the affairs for a year and 5 months? GBM was Minister so was Masebo and time and again these people were being accused by the UPND of being corrupt and abusing offices -something which cost Silvia her job! GBM was accused of abusing his position at Ministry of Defence to get govt contracts and Scott himself called him corrupt and tribal- what has changed now?

  20. Well done Mutate and group ! U are supporting the winning team unlike Fatty Joe who has joined cow dung out of frustration.He will regret his actions now and in future.

  21. I thought Mutati stood for something better than Mumba like a revolutionary MMD founded on strong principles!
    Alas, it is the same low class ‘Munkombwe/RB’ politics of the belly. Zambian politics is becoming annoying to citizens of good will.

  22. Bane. I just have a feeling that Mumba is not yet down and knocked out for dead……..I don’t know why but I feel that the Chinsali man is not over!

  23. Am not on the PF or UPND side but I feel sorry for some of you.You take these politics so personal you have stopped being rational.You are being used by recycled people and what do you benefit?Mutati is hopeless in my opinion. For a former minister he should be ashamed of himself.Yesterday he is for UPND, tomorrow he is MMD presido,the next hour he is endorsing EL?Really.This a country of clowns!

  24. Technically Speaking, UPND has just lost this ELection Again! You can never use a Bemba to fight what u percieve to be a Bemba Party and expect to win ! The only mistake HH made was to embrace selfish fellas like GBM MSata and Miles ‘fyaba yama’ Sampa ! HH had a great team in Nkombo et al but chose to sideline them !

  25. By the way is he called Mutati or Mwita ati, because such kind of leadership can only be accepted in PF. Mwita ati, if you were wise enough you could have formed your own party and not selling MMD to PF. I do not support Nevers Mumba neither do i support you. Zambians are bleeding because of people like you. Abash politics of sonta epowasangile??????? Too much suffering, students expulsion, etc

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