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Leaked list of PF adoptions is fake-Davies Chama

General News Leaked list of PF adoptions is fake-Davies Chama

Davies Chama addressing PF Members at the mobilisation meeting
Davies Chama addressing PF Members at the mobilisation meeting

Ruling PF Secretary General Davies Chama has dismissed lists circulating that shows members who have been adopted to stand as Members of Parliament under the PF ticket.

“It has come to our attention that people are producing names to the Public which they claim to have come from the PF Secretariat. Kindly be advised that we are still Screening names and once everything is done, we shall make the public know,” Mr Chama said.

“In this regard, the general public and the Patriotic Front members are therefore encouraged not to consider any names that are being circulated until the Make available all of them.

The leaked list shows that the PF has adopted Dr Kambwili Survives for Roan constituency while Dr Paul Katema, Fackson Shamenda and Wilbur Simuusa are some of the biggest casualties.

Apart from Dr Kambwili who is defending his Roan seat, Mwenya Musenge (Chimwemwe), Steve Chungu (Luanshya Central), Richard Musukwa (Chililabombwe), Yamfwa Mukanga (Kantanshi) are among the old faces on the PF list.

Others adopted are Joe Malanji (Kwacha), Emmanuel Mulenga (Ndola Central), Ms Kampamba Mulenga (Kalulushi), Mathews Nkuwa (Chingola), Chilombo (Nchanga), Kingfred Chisanga (Chifubu), Michael Katambo (Masaiti), Bishop Edward Chomba (Kankoyo).

Further adoptions include Mr D. Sikwesha (Chisamba), Jonas Shakafuswa (Katuba), Emmanuel Chenda (Keembe), Mr S. Mushanga (Bwacha), Tutwa Ngulube (Kabwe Central), Mr C. Siingwa (Kapiri), Mr C. Chiyalika (Ngabwe), Ms D. Mwape (Mkushi North) Hon Chisopa (Mkushi South), Hon Kosamu (Serenje Central), Hon. Simbyakula (Muchinga), Mr C. Mutale (Chitambo), Mr S. Nshimbi (Nangoma), Hon Greyford Monde (Itezhi Tezhi).


1. Captain Austin Chewe…Munali constituency.
2. Margaret Dudu Mwanakatwe…Lusaka central
3.Given Lubinda…Kabwata constituency.
4.Jean Kapata…. Mandevu constituency.
5.Goodward Mulubwa… Matero constituency.
6.Potpher Tembo…. Chawama constituency.
7.REV. Mwanza…. Kanyama constituency.
8.SinkalA…. Kafue constituency.
9.Nyambose…. Chongwe constituency.
10.Patrick Ngoma….Feira constituency.
Chisamba- Mr D. Sikwesha
Katuba- Hon Shakafuswa
Keembe- Mr E. Chenda
11. Bwacha……Hon S. Mushanga
12. Kabwe Central…. Mr Tutwa Ngulube
13. Kapiri……Mr C. Siingwa.
14. Ngabwe…. Mr C. Chiyalika
15. Mkushi North……Ms D. Mwape
16. Mkushi South…… Hon Chisopa
17. Serenje Central…… Hon Kosamu
18. Muchinga…… Hon. Simbyakula
19. Chitambo- Mr C. Mutale
20. Nangoma- Mr S. Nshimbi
21. Itezhi Tezhi…. Hon G Monde

1.Joe Malanji… Kwacha constituency.
2.Alexander Chiteme….Nkana constituency.
3.Paviuma Kalobo…Wusakile
4.Mwenya Musenge…Chimwemwe
5.Moses Chishimba….Kamfinsa.
6. George Sichula…. Chingola central.
7. Malama Robert…. Nchanga
8.Musukwa Richard…. Chililabombwe.
9.Besa Abraim…. Kalulushi.
10.Emmanuel Mulenga… Ndola central.
11.Lusambo Bowman…. Kabushi
12.Dr. Jonas Chanda… Bwana Mukubwa
13.Ngambi Frank…. Chifubu
14.Chishimba Kambwili…. Roan
15.Steven Chungu…. Luanshya central.
16.Chibanda…. Mufulira central.
17.Yamfwa Mukanga….Kantanshi
18. Victor Miti… Kankoyo
19. Kapwepwe Agness….Chingola Central


    • The list is probablt true, the emarrasement however, has meant the denying of a factual hidden agenda.

      What I make of this though is that Dr Paul Katema, Fackson Shamenda and Wilbur Simuusa will ofcourse be silly not consider their position and clearly UPND will welcome then.

      Use them, thy would have a following ofcourse and step by step, who knows.,



    • No secrets in PF, they are kids, Under 5s.. this is true and embarrassing. Lungu is fooling himself with these fools.

    • Nasonta chakolwa kabola Wrungu the 2016 most incompetent and idio.tic president of the millenium.

  1. Nice try UPND but PF wouldn’t issue a list with one name and Austin Chewe has not come forward to seek adoption neither has Mulubwa….continue with you fake reports such as the B Branch “Intelligence” Report authored by Pretorious and Kelvin to be relevant and continue to be paid by their boss HH…..these were very junior officers in the service and have no idea how a report of that nature is written….so continue with speculation the only adopted candidates are ECL and IW presido and vpresido…

  2. RB lost because of the candidates he adopted. HE chagwa Lungu if you want to pack and leave adopt your candidates. It is not about being your friend or who helped you but who voters want. we are encouraging popular candidates who PF and UPND will leave to stand as independent. when we go to the booth we shall only vote our independent candidates and leave other ballot papers blank. Popular candidates please if they leave you join forces and go independent. Voters lets go for quality not parties

  3. This truely a fake list, even here in chifubu the man the pipo want is lloyd lubosha for chifubu cons: not the said kingfred chanda, if that happens then am afraid the seat is going to upnd.t

  4. Even here in Mandevu in Lusaka people are tired of jean Kapata cos she only works at Central Committee and as a minister. We are not going to vote for her. Please give the people what they want from the grassroot.

  5. Haha Davies Chama you must soonrelease the real list, and deal with the consequences of who you have chased, that’s life buddy. Names of elections candidates cannot be “donchi”

    Watch how Evil and Tribal Rupiah Banda and Lungu are. Rupiah came out of retirement just to make it sure that Nevers Mumba does not have it easy! He shocked even the churches at the level of confusion and hatred he sponsored in MMD just to make sure Mumba did not enjoy a glass of water, or must I say share the Northern vote with Lungu, he came from no where and claimed to be the right candidate to stand just to cause confusion, and later supported who (Lungu) of course! Now he is doing it again, just after a fake reconciliation, he has gone behind Mumba again to sponsor a shameless convention and Mumba has been beaten twice right on his face!!!
    And I wonder what those fake Pastors who spearheaded the reconciliation processes are thinking! {But then, they they are all part of…

  7. If the lists are fake then it’s logical not to term them as being “leaked”… They’re just fake and not leaked. If they’re leaked, it means at some point they belonged, hence, originate from the rightful source (secretariat) but ended up in wrong hands at a premature time (PHILOSOPHY OF THE LANGUAGE in application)

  8. #6 One John Banda the names you are saying are not even on the list both names. What are you smoking?

  9. You are saying it’s s fake list where is a original one?In northern province we want mps who worked with pf party.

  10. Unfortunately to the UPND whose language is now full of insults. Can we assure you that with that spirit you will never rule Zambia. Lets go Lungu for the next 5 years. Next they will be saying Lungu is sick… woooh

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