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The Zambian Economy is recovering -LUNGU

Economy The Zambian Economy is recovering -LUNGU

President Edgar Lungu says the economy is steadily rebounding following various interventions by government.

And the President has thanked Saltech enterprises and Mukuyu ventures, the two firms contracted to build two correctional facilities in Mwembeshi for showing confidence in the economy.

President Lungu has also reaffirmed government’s resolve to upholding human rights by providing humane correctional services in the country.

He was speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of two correctional facilities and 72 housing units in Mwembeshi this morning.

President Lungu said government has embarked on an ambitious programme to reform the prison service as part of PFs promise in 2011.

He announced that government has so far built five correctional centres in five provinces over the last four years and is still planning to build state of the art correctional facilities throughout the country.

The Head of State said prisons facilities are more than 200 per cent overcrowded with a population of more than 19,000 against the holding capacity of over 8,250 inmates.

President Lungu said the PF government remains committed to upholding human rights as enshrined in international and regional human rights conventions.

The President said the idea of correctional services is meant to give inmates a second chance unlike the past system which was penal in nature.

The President emphasised the need to uphold peace and unity as the country goes to the polls.

The project is expected to create 2,380 jobs at construction stage.

This will be first ever-Public Private Partnership modern correctional facilities.

At the same function, Minister of Home Affairs Davis Mwila said the development will cut down on the congestion in Prisons.

Meanwhile, Zambia Correctional Services Commissioner General Percy Chato said the two correctional facilities in Mwembeshi is symbolical of president Lungu’s concern for the welfare of inmates.

Mr Chato said this is also a demonstration the government is committed to transforming the facility to a truly correctional one.

He said the new facilities to be added were expected to cut down on congestion.

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    • Give the nation the exact areas of the economy which are doing fine either the micro or the macro. Chances are that your excellence you are referring the state of economic affairs for your ministers are high and you are correct on that one.

    • Who ruined the economy in the first place? You cannot take credit for trying to rebuild something that was doing very well before you came along to brutalise Zambians. The real news is that the Zambian economy is collapsing rapidly. Zambia is still getting 8 hour power cuts at the end of the rain season when there’s peak water. The Kwacha is tanking and at K10.30 per USD already. It is headed to K15 where it belongs. Chakolwa has failed to run the country.

    • If Chakolwa bounces back then surely Zambia is the land of PFools who are quite happy with 10 hour powercuts every day and inflation that has increased by 300% in one year. Chakolwa is the most useless, most incompetent President Zambia will ever have. He should have been left to steal from his clients instead of being put into State House. At least 14m Zambians would have been saved from his incompetence.

  1. Yes your excellency we have seen and are seeing your great leadership in our great country. Some people will die of shocks come 12th August 2016, because our assessment puts you on 71% ahead of everyone. Some of these same and recycled bloggers especially in UPND dont have a clue of how serious PF is on the ground due to massive development and am reminding them to prepare for High BPs.

  2. Look at this utterly Lazy Bum Edgar..maybe he means his and his ministers bank balances!!

  3. Stop talking in general terms, be specific. The economy is not recovering unless in your dreams. How do you plan to build state of the art correctional facilities throughout the country? A president who does not know his priorities and understand what the people he is ruling, and wants to continue to rule, need. I thought you should have said that the government is planning to build state of the art Hospitals and Schools! The economy will not recover unless you are booted out.

    • Chakolwa may not be as stoopid as he looks. He has decongested the prisons by releasing some criminals. Now he is building better prisons. Maybe he knows he and his fellow PFoolish crooks running govt will spend a long time there and he wants the prisons to be as comfortable as possible.

  4. Parliament has been dissolved,Elections campaigns have officially begun,The party manifestos have been ready.From here onwards,watch how STUPID edgar Lungu is,you ll not need to go far.The guy will just be irrelevant everywhere he goes-watch and laugh your heart out!

  5. What correctional facilities you lumpen, just call them prisons because that is what they are. This id.iot is really maddening now, what economics did he learn where building prisons is supposed to yield economic growth? It’s like saying a woman can conceive by “swallowing Shoot from a blow job”, impossible! The sooner he is removed from power the better. As for Mumba, his desperation really stinks.

  6. If you didnt get my message clear,let me start with this:1.The guy goes to Uganda & tells the opposition in that country,to jst accept defeat if they lost the elections of that country.
    2.The guy visits Saud Arabia to beg for elections Nkongole(in form of cheap oil deals,exactly like rupiah banda did with Nigeria.In which Zambia never received the oil) and directly points fingers at Iran and Russia(Saud Arabia’s enemies).
    3.The guy comes back home(with 10hours of load shedding per day,unpaid gvment salaries,Job losses,major camponies closing down,High inflation,weakening kwacha,K75 per 50kg of maize) and says “Zambia’s Economy is Recovering”.hehehheheheheheh…bwe bwe bwe bwe bwe!

  7. I can see that there are two Zambias here, one for ECL which is recovering very well economically and for Zambians which is in bad state economically!

  8. You know when you go to a river with your friend and continue speaking to each other,there is a difference when you stand next to him and speak.Or you cross the river and then speak from the other side.Does your president sound to be speaking with you or he is calling random names from the other side?

  9. They will be coming back soon to look for jobs! Please do not allow them! They are snakes!!

  10. Recovering from what?
    According to you, up to yesterday, was doing better than expected!!!
    Now is recovering?!?
    Forget new-born baby bed-time stories. Tell us why IMF is coming to bail-out Zambia?
    Can you try for ONCE to say the truth?

  11. This man is not telling the truth: Things are bad in Zambia. The economy is a total mess!

  12. Forgive Him for he is speaking from a clueless position…… because contractors are awarded the contract which they so much needed … its a sign the economy is recovering…. He speaks of it like its an investment they are making. Can someone help this Guy… he is our local Trump!
    “And the President has thanked Saltech enterprises and Mukuyu ventures, the two firms contracted to build two correctional facilities in Mwembeshi for showing confidence in the economy”

    • Maybe the confidence that Chakolwa says the contractors have shown is in hoping that they will get paid for their work. They are also going that Chakolwa will not ask for his usual 50% kickback before any payment can happen.

  13. “”And the President has thanked Saltech enterprises and Mukuyu ventures, the two firms contracted to build two correctional facilities in Mwembeshi for showing confidence in the economy.”” Awa sure. This why when we say the person is incompetent you call us names and think we hate him. Whoever gave this man a law degree or even let in University should be discredited. Can Lungu explain how a correctional facility will benefit a Zambian who is hungry and unable to care of his children/family?

  14. You have to feel sorry for Lungu! He does not even know the indicators that show an economy on a rebound. Lungu Team are economic and financial illiterate and that is why they borrowed heavily and expensively to finance recurrent expenditures. That is why Lungu hired a plane to take his friends to America on a joy ride for a week at govt expense. He signed the adulterated amended constitution in a stadium at great cost. He buses his supporters from the Provinces to come and witness the launch of the PF Election Manifesto but fails to produce a copy. Lungu is very wasteful with tax payers money. Now he has retained his Ministers at govt’s expense in their posts after Parliament was dissolved. He appoints Concourt Judges but these judges have no rules to do their work for 6 months.He…

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