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Brig Gen Godfrey Miyanda Responds to LT Bloggers

Headlines Brig Gen Godfrey Miyanda Responds to LT Bloggers

Heritage Party leader Brigadier Godfrey Miyanda holds a note and pen during the meeting to demand for the release of the draft Zambia constitution
FILE: Heritage Party leader Brigadier Godfrey Miyanda holds a note and pen during the meeting to demand for the release of the draft Zambia constitution


[Brig Gen Godfrey Miyanda – 26th May 2016]

On 22nd May 2016 the LT kindly published my article titled “OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU – MY DEMAND FOR JUSTICE” which paper had nearly 4, 000 views and about 28 comments.

I had another article ready on the Referendum issue, but I did not publish it because the night before the ZNBC television revealed that the President was to host a number of foreign Heads of State the following day, so I decided to withhold publication. Also I had not reacted to some of the comments by Bloggers as I usually do as I was engaged elsewhere. Since some of the comments on the article were misleading and unrelated to the subject matter I judged that if left unanswered, they may confirm the wild allegations in the responses, hence I have chosen to make a combined response through this statement, before releasing the Referendum article.

The purpose is NOT to stop those wishing to continue on their lost bearings, but to let them know that I will not respond nor comment on responses that are meant to distract attention from the subject at hand.

I always take the view that the internet, through this ingenious blogging method of debate, can be a powerful medium for exchange of disparate, even contentious views.

Of course this would depend on participants taking off their partisan spectacles on issues that not only required sober analysis, but also where such “combatants” are willing to revise their positions if a valid point is made against their entrenched position.

I sincerely believe that this “blogging” innovation would turn out to be a “cross pollination” assembly of restless and agile minds seeking answers to contentious national issues rather than seeking to perpetually “shut up” those they disagree with or dislike for whatever reason!

I cannot keep quiet; I have views which may not be expressed by many who are disadvantaged in one form or another. I believe that the more the people are bruised by the sheer numbers of the majority the more it becomes imperative for others to speak for the silent majority, who almost always comprise the poor who cannot afford lawyers.

Of the 28 responses, the majority supported my article. Here is a summarised list of negative comments which has provided me an opportunity to clarify and share knowledge:

“Miyanda is a loner who disappears but only resurfaces during elections; does Miyanda want an elected Present to dance to his tune? Why don’t you wait for the court to be operational? there is nothing wrong with the combined Referendum which the majority want; I support Miyanda but I am worried about some of the compromised judges on the CC (named) so he should wait for the appropriate time to raise these issues; doesn’t Miyanda get tired and stop? Has he managed to raise 1000 supporters?”

Firstly, I do not write or comment in order to make political points; I do so because if my rights are threatened I must first of all defend them before expecting others to do it for me; if I succeed others, especially the poor and weak, will benefit.

Secondly, I refuse the label of a loner.

Thirdly, it is because the President is elected that is why we must insist that he listens to citizens before he makes contentious pronouncements; dictators are not born but are created by the “We, the people” syndrome.

Fourthly, the Constitutional Court became law immediately the President signed the two Constitutional Acts; further the Learned Judges are being paid from the date of appointment, whether they hear cases or not.

Fifthly, how can I get tired of living? The Constitution is an inert thing, a piece of paper that is lifeless but comes to life when citizens breathe life into it by complaining and demonstrating and petitioning.

Zambians must claim their rights and fight for them or else they will become slaves under a dictator whom they help to create. We must NOT go down the One Party State cul-de-sac, even with Christian leaders who hate other Christians.

It is not asking too much to plead that you read and understand before you post comments that are not addressing the subject matter. As for me I will read your posts but from now on I will not comment on irrelevant or personal responses.

It is ironic that now it is the President who is frequently laughing at those who did not read what they were approving in the National Assembly.

But my paper on the Referendum issue is ready, though I expect to be laughed at again and be called names and demonised for alerting the President and the country again to be careful before leading the country down a shaky garden path.

[26TH MAY 2016]

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    • This quote came from Ken Peters, Professor of Economics in the Czech Republic “The danger to Zambia is not Edgar Lungu, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a Lungu presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgement to a depraved electorate, willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr Lungu, who is a mere symptom of what ails Zambia. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. Zambia can survive an Edgar Lungu who is, after all, merely a fool.

      It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their President.”

    • Dear Miyanda, what is at odds is the poor level of debate from the supporters of this particular party. They are most of the times bent on raising contrary issues to divert the attention of the people from the real issue/s, it typical of failures. Part of do not tell the truth syndrome. Otherwise, we are waiting for the article you have prepared, remain resolved to defend the weak.


    • Ba Miyanda naimwe tata i wonder why you are fond of swimming in delusions of grandeur. By now you should have realized that you will never been relevant in Zambian politics. Chizungu na sikopo fyeve muli navo, manje you lack that charisma to inspire confidence in your would be voters. I suggest you join the Edgar Lungu winning team. Mwilachula nomutima yama. By the way i voted for you in 2001. I bought into your village concept. I still think it is the best among all the manifestos from the parties in Zambia. I only left Heritage after reality struck that you will never be a people person. You are too humble for your own good. Nakalebalika yama

    • This is hard for me. This article came at wrong time when am analyzing either to vote for HH or Edith. Now my president comes out again with wisdom.

    • 1.1 has for surely analysed what is wrong with Zed – we only have ourselves to blame, for having a fool as our presido – we are too docile!! PamaFi will again ste.al it from under our noses if we are not careful – we need to go all out on 11/8/2016!!

      We should make sure all votes are counted & tabulated at the voting centres, results verified by all party representatives before being wired to Lusaka or wherever – people should go all out to prevent Lungu’s & Chimeses helicopters from landing – occupy all landing zones, Prevent the removal of ballot boxes from voting centres before the verification …..

    • “1.1” has for surely analysed what is wrong with Zed – we only have ourselves to blame, for having a fo.ol as our presido – we are too docile!! PamaFi will again ste.al it from under our noses if we are not careful – we need to go all out on 11/8/2016!!

      We should make sure all votes are counted & tabulated at the voting centres, results verified by all party representatives before being wired to Lusaka or wherever – people should go all out to prevent Lungu’s & Chimeses helicopters from landing – occupy all landing zones, Prevent the removal of ballot boxes from voting centres before the verification …..

    • – this vote is not just about your ballot, BUT STANDING UP TO PREVENT A STO.L.EN ELECTION!!

      PamaFikuyabebele!! #chagwamustfall!!

      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote Zambia Forward!! Vote UPND!! Abantu baya!!

      I thank you!!

    • Its unfortunate how low most contribution by PF cadres are. Most of them have no ability to debate issues so they resort to insults. Most of the issues that Gen. Miyanda writes on are very important and his arguments are of very good quality. Personally, I like reading Gen. Miyanda`s statements. Please General continue.

    • @Soulosi: In a democratic society, you cannot force everyone to join the PF you think is a right party in your own perspective, just because you are benefiting from the corruption and plundering of the country. What we should encourage as educated citizens of Zambia, is to hear different opinions, with better listening skills??? than take everything as bad or senseless. General has a point because a president is voted to serve the people. I see that not the case with Lungu (by the way he is not a bad guy but had wrong people like you around him).

      Let us not be emotional with critical issues but learn to be factual. PF (New MMD) lucks these abilities hence the use of Emotions and use of lawlessness by their cadres. It’s a shame and Lungu as a leader should evaluate himself.

  1. HH false hope

    HH is a pathetic liar

    HH over-promising

    August 11 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

    • I overrule and overthrow, according to Isaiah 54:17, ill-spoken words, ill wishes, enchantments, divinations, spells, hexes, and curses, charismatic witchcraft prayers, and every idle word spoken contrary to God’s original plans and purposes for HH. I send these words forth as Euroclydon winds in the realm of the Spirit to demolish and destroy the enemy’s camps. Lord, cause the four winds of the Spirit and of heaven to blow as destroying, conquering winds (Jer. 51:1; Acts 27:14). I superimpose the prophetic word over all abortive measures, strategies, and tactics of the enemy. Grace, truth, goodness, and mercy are HH’s bodyguards. I decree and declare that HH’s set time of favor will not be frustrated (Ps. 102:13).

  2. @Katondo boys and HH Techilema,
    It is to people like you General Miyanda is referring when he calls upon us contributors to once in a while set aside our entrenched partisan views when commenting on subjects. For you 2, it appears all you do on any subject matter is see Hakainde and UPND even where the 2 entities are not mentioned. Surely with your level of education one would hope that there are times when it is helpful to be more reflective before hitting keyboard buttons than merely taking refugee in your entrenched position in a bid to please your paymasters.

  3. We shall hold HH responsible for our losing elections this time around. How dare you hand Kabwata to Mulenga Sata ?!. Where was he when UPND members were being teargassed etc ? He was relaxing confortably in State House enriching himself with the very money us in UPND have been insisting belonged to the people ! What has happened to our sacrifice Mr Hakainde for us to be sidelined in your preference to strangers. You say Lungu abandoned Sata’s people thats why you have got them. Werent these the same people you said made up the ‘family forest’ that plundered Zambia ? You have lost it HH and we shall make you pay for this one. I am staunch UPND but will vote for PF coz it makes no difference

    • why are you contradicting yourself? If you are staunch UPND then you will vote for them no matter what. Here you are running away and say staunch. Ever head of the word coward? it is describing you here. In war, generals make mistakes but soldiers fight on.

  4. Tell them General, very compact and sobering Statement – YES DICTATORS ARE NOT BORN, THEY ARE BRED !
    You nail it in a cusp General and I think our greatest problem in Zambia and Africa in general is the genetic propensity to see presidents as feudalists, as know-it-alls, as chiefs. Stand up for Zambia People! Indeed the most telling blog I have archived fro General Miyanda was about land and identity, it all adds-up. Thanks General for not succumbing to Resignation, you stand up for your rights and so strengthen the de facto defranchised! Bravo!

    • I also thought about Gen Miyanda and his article on Land when we were told that a ‘high-powered’ delegation of South African farmers have ‘landed’ to explore the possibility of setting up ‘camp’ on Zambian soil!

      Should we laugh or cry!?

    • Miyanda just like HH is just fool of good theories. Ask him to put them into action. you get Zero. And that professor fro Zchec Republic is a fooool himsef because he doesnt understand politics. Even Dictators can be better at times. Look at Libya. Whan can you say. Shame.

    • @The Monitor at 8.41: it will bedone; I will let this one run part of its day; rgds///

  5. I always see a good father and commander in you General sir, how I wish I could have saved under your command. One of these days your tenacity to offer service to humanity will be honored. Maybe with a title of JUDGE of the supreme court or a crown in heaven, because honestly right now your mere image echoes justice that we are not able to see in most so called Legal representatives in our beloved Republic. I encourage you soldier sir, for doing good is rewarded by Goodness. Well-done and thank you.

  6. After all the sonta and paka litente euphora has died down and the hangovers from all the free illicit beers have cleared from the Zambian minds, only the words of the General will stand as testament of what the Zambian people should have upheld when choosing their leader. Ridicule is always for the man who says the truth and the many cadres on this social media don’t want the truth.

  7. Gen Miyanda.

    Be careful with bloggers on here. Apart from the elite bloggers who stand head shoulders above the rest, you have the right to ignore them.

    Need I remind you that 95% of bloggers on here are not elite unlike myself and 3 or 3 others utmost, whom which I have noticed don’t even blog on here much.

    The rest are wannabe’s who adds nothing but repetitive drivel.

    So if anything pay attention to what I have to say to you – as a matter of fact, it’s a question this time. Please answer my question as the BB2014.

    HH is fighting Lungu and complimenting his entourage.
    Lungu the same – it is indeed that time right now a politician talks of what they are going to do.

    To my surprise I don’t where you stand. You criticise Lungu. Don’t support HH and find refuge…

    • …..

      To my surprise I don’t where you stand. You criticise Lungu. Don’t support HH and find refuge in LT bloggers. Why now ? Who are yin ? What is your legacy ?
      I don’t understand you.

      I also think you have a lot to offer, (I am not the only one here), however I have noticed from your demeanour, it prorrays one that is above a Ministerial post.

      The Question is why dont you endorse HH and then atleast when you make comment/s it will make a more so compounding case that, you do not believe in what Lungu us saying.

      WHat I want to know where is where you stand.

      FOr me you are a man of many traits, but a Master of nothing.




    • 13 and 13.1 @Mushota: as an elite person I expect you to prise out what I stand for by intelligent reading of my argued papers. As to endorsements another time another place though I tend to consider endorsements a game for youths: ukubuta – nshilaya eeh eeh, abaile babwela; thanx///

    • Gen Miyanda you do make some good points but you also stray into irrelevant waters by seeming to appear to be answerable to bloggers some of who use this platform to pass time and do not even analyse issues before commenting. A great point is raised by Mushota one of the seasoned LT bloggers. Your fight for the poor on this platform does not achieve your intended go I am afraid. Being either a Councillor, Executive Mayor or Ministers in government would help you serve the purpose more. But just because you were VP before you will not want any of such lower positions, that’s why you would rather be perpetually be seeking presidency as a .LONER in HP a position you’ll never win. Make yourself more relevant. I believe you have more to give than to reduce yourself to small debates with…

    • with less analytical bloggers. I will not be looking forward to your referendum article. I would rather look forward to you advising the government in the background, the very least. Some of your outbursts remains just vuvuzelas even if they may be logical and have good intentions. SHUT UP.

  8. I always find the Generals discourse thought provoking. He brings a dimension of debate to contraversial and contentious issues of rights for the citizens of the Zambian Enterprise. He is a man of great conviction, though this attribute is hard to reflect and enchant in a political sphere.
    Yes people of Zambia, we should never create dictators by hero worshipping our presidents. They are simply men we put in charge to govern on our behalf. We should also learn to appreciate other thinkers with divergent views like the good General.
    Bring on the referendum article general, I will respectfully debate the topic as I have read through the proposed “Bill of rights” and I have already resolved to vote for YES to complete the new constitution.

    • Ever heard of arm-chair critics! Such people are enemies of progress, they will criticize everything and yet do nothing! If the Chinese criticized the root of the Tazara as being infested with snakes, Tazara would not have been built! Appreciate something that has been started General and find means to improve upon it! There has to be a first step!

    • [email protected] at 9.14: I will be looking forward to you changing from yes to know after reading it.Already I am wondering how you hav arrived at YES; it will be interesting///

  9. Here we go again! Gen Miyanda, I have always asked the question; please tell the nation what has happened to our Heritage Party. I am a supporter of your party Mr President, but i don’t know what is happening. Kindly give some time to your supporters and explain your stance. You have all the time to spend writing treatise after treatise but all in vain. Your time will be well spent if you strive to get people on your side by campaigning to the people at grassroot level. Bloggers will not make the changes that you want to happen. What you are doing is playing to a small gallery, what about the voters? You will write and write until you turn blue but nothing will happen, that is a fact. Again I shall say it, you have too much time on your hands, please do something tangible like…

  10. He is a presidential material, but he’s not advisable and short tempered.If anything he was supposed to be the third president, highly tempered, lack of patience, nabu lone-ranger as a result of what I have cited above.Come down Gen Miyanda,humbling yourself is not a sign of foolishness, weakness or corrupt or lack of integrity.

    • I was going to comment and speak directly to the general, but I had to laugh at your comment : ” nabu lone-ranger.” lol. The General is great, but I would like him to be one of president Lungu’s closest advisors.

  11. Ba General,
    I respect your principled stand on all issues and you a not a (sinking) ship jumper like the majority of Zambian politicians and also not a populist – you say things as they are. You are the best President Zambia will never have and I mean this as a compliment. We deserve the leaders we vote for – and as long a we remain mediocre in our choices, we end up being led by mediocrity.

    As to you statement above, I’m a bit lost as to why you would withhold publication of your article on the referendum issue because ECL was to host a number of “foreign Heads of State”. What impact would this have on your views on the referendum?

    • @Ba Folosho at 9.19: just a little etiquette I have learnt over the years and military discipline. Imagine special visitors come visiting mum and dad; then children pick up a fight right in the seating room. My analysis dissects way the Referendum has been handled; it is duplicitous and inconsiderate, especially of the so-called uneducated and illiterate whom I choose to call “uninformed”. I would rather have a domestic “fight” when the guests are gone. Rgds///

  12. Thank you General for that insight.People will call you names and expect you to behave they way they seen others behave simply because most Zambians have no principles.The moment I hear that you have endorsed some one like every body else is the day you will become irrelevant to Zambian politics.Continue being who you are.I also voted for you on Heritage party that time Wilbur lost to Richard in Nchanga. Please continue to exercise your freedoms and I hope that young people can learn from you.You have so far been consistent and that has inspired me.I can write a long list of people that I once admired in Zambian politics but I can see now that I was deceived. Thats the reason I stopped voting.I dont want to curse my self for the rest of my life by regretting that I contributed to helping…

    • [email protected] chishinka at 9.34: Voting is your insurance against mediocrity and abuse; if you dont vote others will and then make laws that will affect you even if you didnt vote///

  13. Among the blind, ‘a one eyed man is King’, so goes the saying. Genaral Miyanda is ‘King’, among this generation of political players in Zambia.

    What the current govt is waving before the Zambian people as a ‘silk purse’ was actually made from a ‘pig’s ear’. This is what the learned general is trying to show every Zambian in every one of his articles!

    Only a fool would sit in the presence of a great mind like the general is and still insult him afterwards.

    Match on soldier, one day your words will reverberate throughout this nation.

    God be with you.

  14. Thats the reason I stopped voting.I dont want to curse my self for the rest of my life by regretting that I contributed to helping some corrupt man to ascend to the presidency.I respect the peoples choice.I would also like bloggers on this site to be more convincing when they are endorsing people and refrain insults.Thanks

  15. I like the General. He is an honest and straight forward person. To date I’m convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that that the man was destined to rule this country had it not been for Chiluba and Sata expelling out of the MMD for selfish reasons.

  16. For as log as Godfree Miyanda fails to apologise for shoving the stinking Pubic Order Act back down our throats when he was VEEP, I will always regard him as a stinking menace to society. For any one to be demoted from veep to a mere minister of Education, the honorable thing to do is quit cabinet, however, in this poor general’s infinite masalamusi, he lingered on until Chilubapushed him out. When Chiluba was busy angling himself for a 3rd term, Miyanda claimed Chiluba was not gerrymandering the constitution, only because Chiluba, an quote: “did not tell me so”. He urther claimed that there was no war because he is a trained soldier thus would have been the first to see it! Now, one has to be very mad in te head to listen to a full cycle i.diot like this f.ool.

    • [email protected] at 10.17: 1. You have lied. Read the Mulundika judgment and come back to debate coherently. I left government more than 10 years ago Why is the POA stil a problem today? 2. Your so-called demotion was the best time of my tour of duty(BESSIP, vehicles in every provincial HQ and district,). History is there. 3. Lastly ask someone to write for you so I can follow your trend of thought as I cant follow what you are debating///

    • Bombeni musonte na pa mutengo wa bunga, road shedding, dollar and job losses its a pity that PF still bits it chest that they have worked well. These roads they are talking about requires a rework because they are substandard shame.

  17. Its unfortunate that after going through all the comments, its like very few have understood what the General is trying to talk about. Please Zambians lets unit ourselves, do not just utter words based on hate and disrepute NO. Look at important issues he raised concerning selfishness in some leaders, dictatorial. Lets look at pertinent issues he has raised such as how the president assented to the constitution, some clauses he is desperately want to change through us Zambians. Zimbabwe is where it is today because of poor Zimbabweans, engulfed with fear, brutality, inability to hire their views and rights. Believe you me that’s where Zambia is headed for if we leave these leaders free to do anything they want out of their selfish gains. its a pity that up to now peoples comment are…

    • PF and UPND cadres have little to offer Zambia. Reading the comments, usually leaves me upset, knowing that these are the brains you would expect to change Zambia. Wisdom though is God given. Only a few shall ever attain it.

  18. Somebody posts something sensible for you to discuss and all some of you can do is behave like little children in day care. Maybe LT should start demanding real identities before allowing people to comment because we might be debating with infants it seems.

    Even after the man pleads with you to read his post and challenge him based on that you are still on the same insanity super highway? I don’t hide my identity because I take responsibility for what I write.

  19. General, i opine that being in opposition has a shelf life.

    Yours has simply expired, that is if at all it had the potential of offering governance alternative.. The brand of Heritage Party is currently insipid. As a forty year old male Zambian i share the concern of my peers as to when we shall narrow down to a few relevant political parties that encourage intra-party policy debates and not what we are currently witnessing.

    Zambia has more than thirty registered political parties yours inclusive. Does that translate into more than thirty different ways of eradicating poverty in the land later on thirty ways of governing the country? One can only guess.

    “One Zambia One Nation” so we chant, but is that for Real? You politicians are simply gullible especially those of you that…

  20. Gen. Miyanda you are well known & respected politician who can even do better than most of today’s front runners as republican president. Going by slogans like Sontapo, you are former BG, VP, MWP where you have previously served mother Zambia honestly & diligently. No doubt you are Christian believer with your family. However, for you to achieve your aspirations of becoming republican president & God to help you, you have to do something not relying 100% on bloggers who may not even have voters cards. God has done 100% his work but you don’t want God you believe in & your supporters to help you. Why have you abandoned your course of 2001 & 2006 were you had mobilised robust Heritage Party & public campaigns? By now you would have already been a president rather than attacking President…

    • By now you would have already been a president rather than attacking President Lungu as Heritage Party (opposition) President, while masquerading as concerned citizen. Why use open letters to President Lungu to air your views when God has blessed you with Heritage Party which you don’t want to revamp, win many seats in Parliament or even win presidential race. Open letters are for private citizens like Pilato who haven’t been blessed with parties. Your job right now is to stage robust campaigns countrywide since its campaign window & sell your manifesto to voters than selling it to Pres. Lungu. Unless you have dissolved your party & your MPs to represent your party in Parliament, then I am 100% in agreement with your open letters option.

    • 29 and 29.1 @True Zambian: 1. I wrote the Petition privately to the President but he never answered it. 2.Pilato is a serious thinker who has his own unique way of writing Open Letters which politicians ignore. Rest of the comments are not relevant for today///

  21. I like General Miyanda and I have always liked him. One thing about the General though, which, I don’t understand myself, is why he doesn’t want to leave the comfort of his office to go out in the field and campaign like other Parties are doing. He prefers writing letters to his supporters than going out there to campaign. I am not in any way blaming him. He has always been like that, writing letters, and in life you can’t all be the same, for him that is the way he sees it fit. General Miyanda, you are not taking part in this year’s general elections and I am very sure you have read all manifestos of other parties with your meticulous attention to detail, are you endorsing any Political Party just as young Mushota asked you, none at all or is it your secret ?

  22. I have always believed Gen Miyanda is the one man who can bring sanity to the Zambian politics and the citizens work culture/ethics – I think we need these two in good measure to get this country back on its development course.
    The general knows the power of alliances especially when countering a foe that is well resourced like the party in government – the reason he does not want to move into an alliance even when he knows his track record so far, beats me! Some bloggers think you are a loner because you seem (by your actions) insist on working alone. It is not enough to write a few clever letters Sir, we need you in the arena toe-to-toe with the heavy weights and not at the back of the queue picking scraps!

  23. The Lone Ranger was my favourite cartoon character. I have nothing but admiration for your genuine efforts.

    Just remember the Internet has provided a global platform like no other and it means there are millions of voices chatting whom no one would listen to in real life. Those ‘keyboard warriors’ like nothing better than to swish their swords around and stab at leisure. Before Obama no politician harnessed social media. Since then the explosions have been epic. Like everyone else you have the right to voice anything you want to. They also have the right to respond. The rest is whether you like to engage with keyboard warriors or not. Keep writing!

    • [email protected] phiri at 12.23: Once a warrior always a warrior but there is a time for everything. Note that I have not stopped the KBs. This particular battle is about contributing to the constitutional mess that has befallen us; it cannot be treated as a partisan issue. So your KBs can continue their misplaced punches but I will NOT engage them.

    • As always I appreciate how you step out and stand your ground. Don’t ever stop.

  24. General Miyanda, I agree with you that some of the comments and criticism of writers like you and me by bloggers on serious articles are unfair, childish, shallow and always interpreted from political angles rather than objectively and not based on the article’s content. Bloggers want a writer to either support the ruling Party(PF) or the Opposition or main opposition(UPND). They do not understand that there are issues of economy and governance that are non partisan. There are many Zambians who are non partisan and independent and will vote for a Party that is making sense at a time. I personally do not respond to such criticism as there not objective. I, have, however, learnt from some very good criticism and comment. This forum is so important in a democracy and i am appealing to…

  25. I, however, I am critical of you in that you seem not be a person who does not compromises, otherwise you would have been President of Zambia by now and there are many Zambians like me who would have wanted you to be President so that you could have cleaned up the Corruption. We still remember how you used to retire imprest when you were in Chiluba regime unlike your colleagues. When you turned down President Mwanawasa’s offer for the Vice President and a possible successor we felt betrayed and we will never forgive you for that.
    President Barack Obama said Politics and the legal profession is about compromise and your inability to compromise means you are in the wrong profession. I grew up in the Army in the 1970s in Lusaka and knew you when you were head of MILTEZ at Kohima and you…

    • 33 and [email protected] at 12.45: It is difikoti to answer you when you believe what you believe about me without engaging me. You are judgmental I cant change what u believe . Were you a soldier or the child of a soldier? How can you know me from a distance? In the Army I commanded a platoon about 30 men bearing arms; not easy. Then later a company, a Battalion Commander, later joined the General Staff after establishing the academy at Kohima. In all these I learnt nothing? Add on Cabinet Minister and Vice President. In all these I learnt nothing? That’s NOT fair. I have broken my own rule about today’s debate because yours is the last post. Good to end on a military note, Kohima Barracks. It is a day worth it. Blessings to you. AM OUTTA HERE. Byeeeeeee



      Carlos Jose Antonio
      Carlos Jose Antonio, MP
      Constituency: Kaoma
      Political Party: United Party for National Development (UPND)
      Portfolio: Back Bench –
      Chifumu Kingdom Banda
      Chifumu Kingdom Banda, MP
      Constituency: Chasefu
      Political Party: Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD)
      Portfolio: Deputy Chairperson of Committees of the whole House –
      Esther Banda
      Esther Mwila Banda, MP
      Constituency: Chililabombwe
      Political Party: Patriotic Front (PF)
      Portfolio: Deputy…

  27. President Barack Obama said Politics and the legal profession is about compromise and your inability to compromise means you are in the wrong profession. I grew up in the Army in the 1970s in Lusaka and knew you when you were head of MILTEZ at Kohima and you played for Kabwe Warriors with the Chiltalus,Edward Musondas, the Simutowes etc and how I wish you could have brought some integrity to Zambia’s governance! I think you should learn from General Buhari and re-think your strategy.

  28. General Miyanda, I am one of those that you inspire. But one thing worries me about your disposition on politics. You always think you are right, even when you are not. The heritage manifesto was one of the best, in fact it can simply be translated to be an ”indigenous philosophy” as one of the best ways to tackle poverty. But you are short of one important thing in your ways of handling politics, open dialogue with your supporters. If you had taken the Edgar Lungu style of being a listener, you would have already been Republican President by now. But you are closed. Even if one wants to see you, its even difficult to know how to get hold of you. Kindly note that no one has the monopoly of knowledge. I know your training as a soldier probably had impacted heavily on your mind but I…

  29. I have often admired you on your principled stand against on issues and your usually eloquent expose on matters of national interest. Nonetheless, it is rather too little too late. You have been in the MMD government that sowed the seed of what we are reaping today. You were the second most powerful man in the country once upon a time and with a ‘brother in Christ’ you failed to right the wrongs. You never said anything that was of lasting legacy to the advantage of Zambians. You lead a political party which has never held democratic elections and yet you are at the fore criticising persons who have the mandate of the majority of the people!

  30. A good man, even a good soldier yet he remains an enigma. Hate him or love him, General Miyanda is a deep thinker and it clearly shows on his visage.

    Soldier on good man……Presidency is not everything let alone for everyone. Who says Bill Gates is great because he occupied the White House? There is more to life and perhaps even a greater impact outside of the laurels of pomp and power and its attendant propensity to corrupt and they say wickedly absolutely so!

    I salute you, Sir!

  31. @Godfrey Miyanda 29.2, I’m not personally against you or your party. I salute you for your stance of not suppressing your beliefs & your philosophy of the Party by endorsing others, the way many are doing & that is the way people who have discovered their own destiny behave, resiliently until they achieve God’s will regardless of how long it takes. God’s time is the best not man’s time. I have long read and understood all your petition points before commenting. Definitely, you are right & you have the interest of Zambia at heart just like True Zambian. However, you needed to convince Zambians themselves to understand but not President Lungu who was under siege from the opposition, YALI, ZYAFAC, NGOCC, citizens, etc, who even demeaned you for petitioning since they wanted the…

    • However, you needed to convince Zambians themselves to understand but not President Lungu who was under siege from the opposition, YALI, ZYAFAC, NGOCC, citizens, etc, who even demeaned you for petitioning since they wanted the constitution like yesterday. In my view the Constitution Court is not a solution because the Constitution has already failed to stand the test of time for majority of Zambians & it is very expensive for govt & citizens to be running to courts for one to move an inch every time e.g. G12 Cert. A law which requires legal interpretation every time is expensive & not user friendly to both the court & citizens. Unfortunately, it has only benefited those who made proposals for their own benefit & majority supported them, just like the privatization did.

    • This is the problem for us Zambians we copy & paste & implement from others without understanding that our situation & destiny is different. The way forward for us who have lost to majority like you, me & President Lungu who couldn’t exercise his right of refusal to assent, is to wait for onother chance to amend the Constitution.

  32. General Godfrey Miyanda speaks a lot of sensible things and I don’t understand why most bloggers don’t take him seriously. He is always sober in his articles how I wish he joined any of the major political parties. He will really make a difference.

    • His vision & morals are different & can’t work with most of major political parties who use God’s and People’s (Zambians) names to advance their selfish intentions. The only way forward is for him to go back to his former roots & that of Heritage Party of 2001 & 2006 elections i.e. rebuilding the party, not re-branding like UPND, & intensify campaigns. He has got what it takes to make it although in Zambia voters are corrupt, they need free Chibuku, free t-shirts, free chitenge, free bus rides, free lunch, free power to allocate plots (free insults), free speech to insult others, free abusive power to corruptly allocate plots before they can vote for you & this is what has killed & burried Zambia alive. In short the Zambian problem is voters but not leaders or ECZ.

    • @Animal Farm i totally concur with. The biggest problem with most Zambian are dull and not mature. hence they not dont support a sober minded and sensible person but support those who talk rubbish and insults. General Miyanda can make a very good republican president, he is far much better than most of the politicians that we have.

      My appeal to The General is not to relent but soldier on with marvelous work.

  33. Gen Miyanda you think very highly of yourself. You think only what you say makes sense. Do you for once show some friends of yours what you intend to publish before you go ahead to publish it? For example the issue of cabinet continuing, I think you should look at what others have said on this issue without prejudice of a political party hovering over them. I find Munshya’s article very enlightening on cabinet continuing. As a soldier, I am sure you aware about of the word, operationalization. Yes the Judges to the Constitutional Court has been appointed but these do not start immediately to hear cases. They have to operationalize the court first. Yes they are working and have to be paid. Please choose today whether to support HH or Lungu otherwise you are a loner.

  34. General Miyanda, why can you not be President Lungu’s chief advisor. You cannot let honorable Kambwili or GMB be ant where near power structures. Am a Christian, but at times it is good to come out and say it. How did we vote for some one that wanted to name a stadium the Gabon disaster stadium. Does President Lungu only appoint him as minister to keep Luanshya voters? In all fairness, that city would do far better to elect someone else.

  35. Who knows maybe the general responded to his own comment just to drive home a point or to just answer some quaries people have about him.That blogger could be the general doing a split personality on us.

  36. General! Tell me, I have been wanting to ask you this.
    1) Why is your party low energy? I mean Heritage party sounds good but what happened?
    2) Is there a lack of proactive Leadership in your party? At least tell us the way forward for HP.
    3) Did people fail to buy in the Village Concept you were proposing? To me this sounded like a good ideology.
    4) You are a veteran politician and some people in this country are saying that people, your age, may not get the chance to be president, your comment sir.
    5) How do you rate Zambian political dispensation relative to other African countries, I seek your honest opinion.

  37. mwebafyashi mukwai it is, my father was one of your supports when you were making your party,he loved you dearly and I believe he still does,he had the right message for zambia,right manifesto that left a lot of zambians impressed,matter of fact then I think the party that was even afraid of you was pf,the name that people praised was miyanda this miyanda that but dad you appeared then during campaign and disappeared after like you are doing now.Do you think your words are more valuable during this period,even if you were not republican president, so long as u continued to speak out,by now you could have been a party to fear,you could have said your ideas and the party in power would listen,over and over again until they sink in,right now daddy all the minds are concentrating on the big…

  38. ECL is inadvisable, a crook,a thief,a hypocrite and a drunkard. He is simply a visionless dictator in making. If Lungu is re-elected as President Zambians will have a torrid 5 years of ECL and PF misrule and mismanagement of the economy. Those who will vote for Lungu and PF will do so at their peril. The writing is on the wall!

  39. we wouldn’t want to,disrespect our elders but mwebafyashi if we do not tell u where u go wrong you might think your behavior is ok,matter of fact you can make a,better opposition pantu u dont end your sentences in I WILL FIX IT like up nd down party, you can point where its wrong and how to fix it but you prefer to share your ideas in your house then during campaign knock knock knock and we are all surprised ati abafyashi is still alive,please change ur ways of addressing the country and nation only then can we too take you seriously ….

  40. meant country and government
    ….kikikiki,do u know what kikikiki is,mwebafyashi,its a new way of laughing, kikiki

  41. There comes a time in every person’s life when one has to let go and move on! Mr Miyanda seems to be a perpetual exception to this rule. He should realize VEEP is the highest political position he will ever ascend. The sooner he accepts he will never be president like Chiluba or Lt Gen like Tembo the better.

  42. Sober minds,level headed leaders,issue oriented candidates,men of integrity and development conscious visionaries (i think Gen Miyanda is one) never seem to find rapport with vast majority of voters in Africa.

    Triablism,regionalism,the “our man” syndrome and empty populist politicians are the choice hence our poor record of self rule the last 50+ years.

  43. Your contributions in our contemporary politics are still valid though this forum may be a bit rough. I personally feel honoured to note that your one of us (bloggers) though I could not agree with your stance on the Ministers continued service to this beloved country during this period. This said, I wanna know why you are always only active during election time.

  44. This applies to all illogical, uncoordinated and ignorant comments; The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all. John F. Kennedy

  45. Just look at what happened to UNZA during Miyanda’s stint at Education after he was fired from VP, tragic! The soldier shut the institution down and he would as usual not listen to word of reason. Even in the army, ask Chinkuli, Mibenge, Masheke or the late Tembo, Miyanda was literally impossible to work with. Even in Chiluba’s cabinet, it was always his way or no other way, especially when he was acting president. No wonder Heritage Party is Miyanda and vice versa! As someone above stated, the POA was Miyanda’s creation, a stinking and draconian piece of legislation that still haunts our statute books. The judiciary saw it as vile and outlawed it, Miyanda brought it back instantly. I’m glad it was his stinking backside where it never shines it bit a junk out of not long after he left…

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