Chanda Mbao Gets Down on One Knee for Maria Nepembe in Latest Video




Chanda Mbao released his highly anticipated video for his new single “Selfish” which features Scott Song and was produced by Shom-C

The video was directed by DJ Lo of IKONiK Media and stars former Big Brother Housemate Maria Nepembe .



“the artwork for ‘Selfish’ is inspired by The Odyssey by Homer and depicts my African version of Penelope. In The Odyssey, Penelope waited 20 years for Odysseus to return from The Trojan War and all the while, she remained faithful. Even though it may be an excruciating sacrifice to make–waiting while we fulfill our destinies as men–there are amazing women out there who do exactly that, despite all of the things they are responsible for, including raising our heirs. While our odysseys may seem selfish, ultimately, we attempt to conquer these ambitious pursuits with the desire to be the great men you believe us to be and to fulfill our responsibilities of providing for you and our offspring. We do, indeed, do what we do for you.”



  1. Great head voice Scot hit that pitch right I believe ya got the swag voice just explore it more. Chanda you have a great chest voice but ya re holding it back…hit those hosy cozy notes right man and have the confidence. Otherwise great mix well done I expect more and better next time. Peace out ??

  2. This is lovely. Sorry bro i criticized you on your other video because of your wardrobe and poor voice coordination. I take my words back. You are the man.Keep it up.

  3. Not bad at all. I don’t know any of the artists but it is a track one can listen to even without the video, while the video is also coherent and actually captivating to watch. It tells a story unlike so many other videos out there (Zambian and from afar). I found a few pieces a bit off (I must confess I was watching very critically). The focus on the watch and chess pieces at beginning… They are nice props to have but I think should remain in the background not actually be in the main frame or focus of the video shoot. Otherwise well done. Keep it up.

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