Male Presidents have failed Zambia-Nawakwi

Edith Nawakwi with Running mate, Dr Rev Clement Mwanza
Edith Nawakwi with Running mate, Dr Rev Clement Mwanza

Edith Nawakwi with Running mate, Dr Rev Clement Mwanza
Edith Nawakwi with Running mate, Dr Rev Clement Mwanza

FDD President Edith Nawakwi has charged that time has come for Zambia to try a female leader in State House because male Presidents have apparently failed to develop the country.

And Mrs Nawakwi has unveiled his presidential running mate, Dr Rev Clement Mwanza.

Speaking Wednesday afternoon when he successfully filed in her nomination papers, Mrs Nawakwi said most political parties ae now opting for female running mates because they have realised that Zambians now want women leadership.

She said the FDD is the most organised political party in the country and has proven most critics wrong who thought that a woman cannot lead a political party in Zambia.

“They used to call us nashalaneka party (a one-man party) but today they have feeling our presence. The multitudes we are seeing here today goes to show that we have people on the ground,” Mrs Nawakwi announced.

Mrs Nawakwi said the FDD is the only political party with a clear development agenda for Zambia.

She said the FDD believes in devolving power to the power and empowering local communities to take charge of their development through a clearly thought out decentralisation policy.

Mrs Nawakwi said another year of the PF in power will see Zambia degenerate to levels never seen before.

She charged that Zambia is now witnessing a break down in law and order and the social economic landscape has also recorded negative gains in the last few years of the PF.

Mrs Nawakwi also warned that the situation in Zambia is currently fertile for post-election conflict and called for more prayers to avert that.

At the same event, Mrs Nawakwi also unveiled the FDD’s candidate for the post of Lusaka Mayor, a Mrs Sirre Muntanga.

She also announced that the FDD has parliamentary candidates in almost all constituencies in the August elections.

Mrs Nawakwi who introduced her running mate Rev Mwanza to the crowd said only the FDD is providing fresh leadership with fresh ideas.
She further stated that a running mate should be the one with the energy to carry the party and the nation forward in an event that the President dies.

“Some of these running mates we are seeing today raises a lot of questions. What will happen if the President goes six feet under. Do they even have the energy to carry us forward? This is why we as the FDD are giving you fresh leadership and fresh ideas,” she said.

And Reverand Mwanza said he was grateful that the FDD leadership have given him a chance to participate in leading the party.
He said with his background in Theology and Community Development and Poverty reduction work, he is best suited to work side by side with Mrs Nawakwi and taking the FDD forward.

Meanwhile, UNIP’s Tilyenji Kaunda and his running mate Njekwa Anamela were the first to file in his nomination papers and promised a return to the ‘good days’ if UNIP is voted back into power.


    • Sexism is shows that FDD has nothing to over. Its not the sex but the acumen and dedication to serve people above own interest.

      Zambians want a person already rich who will not priotise his bell over suffering masses. HH ticks all the boxes.

      VIVA HH.


    • Please Ms Nawakwi, lets stop promoting gender divisions b’coz great leadership & governance of the country is not based on gender, but quality. Whether female or male, quality is necessary to lead the nation.

      The vice president is female, Ms Inonge Wina, who has been acting as president when Edgar Lungu is away. Both Lungu & Wina despite gender differences between them, have failed Zambia.

      In all Ms Nawakwi, just campaign on legitimate issues & not gender biased towards men. Stop distracting people with gender bias, even America a legitimate democracy hasn’t yet, until they are ready. FDD, don’t bring gender, it won’t put food on poor people’s tables.
      Hope its not the visionless PF & Lungu pushing Nawakwi. On 11~8, Zambians will vote for quality leadership which is not based…

    • How cheap!
      Guy Scott could also say that black Presidents have failed Zambia.
      This girl was educated free in a country that was led by a male President. She would have been married off in Nakonde at 12 years of age and she would have had 10 children and dead by 40. How ungrateful!
      It is a greaty pity that a woman should use gender as the basis for success.

    • Unkown running mate. Who votes for an unknown candidate? Should have chosen Antonio even. Edith needs to learn more of politics.

    • Edith is the best and the most reliable presidential candidate. Vote wisely, Vote for Hillary Clinton and Vote for Edith Nawakwi.
      Merkel in Germany, Hillary in USA and Nawakwi in Zambia

  1. Mama go for it you have my vote not ba under 5 making millions of promises with on plan. Nawakwi is more experienced that HH.

  2. Nawakwi is saying here that; “women now want what MEN have and want it without friction”. She’s also saying and warning other women that; “If womenfolk remain they way they are, menfolk will continue to get ‘on top’ of them”. And this time round, she’s reminding her womenfolk to be even more vigilant saying; “now it’s down with the trousers and UP with our Petticoats”….

    • Can you go home and utter this nonsense in presence of your children or go to your church and speak this language in the presence of your sisters in church?
      I am voting for Nawakwi and I am a lecturer at UNZA.

  3. In southern province HH is already a president of Choma especially that Choma is the HQ of southern province. Forward with the tonga party. Chalo cha Bemba with other cousins from Eastern. Go Lungu go or Nawakwi

    • @Chilufya Mulenga Katai.
      Nawakwi is a Namwanga not Bemba ok. Namwangas are not Bembas if you know what I mean. So please if you want to practice tribal politics, don’t include Namwangas who have nothing to do with the tribes you have mentioned.

  4. …..this time women are saying that the old adage of “DOWN with the Petticoats, DOWN with the Petticoats” is LONG gone. It’s now “UP with the Petticoats, UP with the Petticoats and DOWN WITH THEM BLOODY TROUSERS!….

    • @Nkope,
      LOL, – Ba Nkope, slow down…steady, now read what you just typed. “It’s now “UP with the Petticoats, UP with the Petticoats and DOWN WITH THEM BLOODY TROUSERS!?”. What are you implying?

  5. Mama you should have just accepted the vice president position. Now you’ll be in opposition for another 5 years. Anyway, stay strong. You’ll be the next president if whoever wins this time fails to deliver. I like you but I don’t think my vote will count for much of anything other than a statistic if I cast it on you.

  6. LT don’t tell me you can not differentiate gender. Nawakwi cannot be a HE, unless something happened that we are not aware of.

    “Speaking Wednesday afternoon when he successfully filed in her nomination papers, Mrs Nawakwi said”

  7. which good old days is this UNIP guy referring to? Madam Edith, its about what you have to offer to the nation regardless of whether you are a skirt or trouser

  8. Ba Nawakwi, please be real. Your battle is between yourself and the Under 5 and because all of you are scatter brains, Edgar Chagwa Lungu will defeat you heavily especially this time around. You and HH are just broke people who have chosen politics to amass wealth and not to serve the people.
    Both your parties, have not given your manifestos meaning that you have no plan or clue of how to run a country. PF has realised its manifesto for 2016 to 2021 and clearly in this day and age, you cant win being attacking your friends but by selling yourself clearly and realistically. PF will emerge the winner by over 65% in the first run and the reasons are too many for anyone to comprehend.
    Seleni ba Lungu babombeko please!!!! Viva ECL viva PF.

    • @Over,
      Where were you when clueless Lungu was nicknamed “Me also” after listerning to UPND plan? Clearly you are one of these die-hard ‘dependents’ of PF who are part of its problems, and not the solution.

  9. Ms Nawakwi knows too well that it is not the gender of a person that matters, but the person’s competences, passion, hardwork, tenacity and integrity. Ms Nawakwi was in govt. How come she has not told us her real achievements when she was in govt?

  10. With due respect to the only Female Presidential candidate Zambia has ever experienced, without chauvinistic considerations, I think Madam Nawakwi is proposing political gender based violence by implying that Male Presidents have failed to develop the nation. Our standard of living generally has improved, our income generating capacity has improved except for lazy people who pry on dependency syndrome and begging day in-day-out. Even in villages cars and good roads are not scarce. No one can ever walk for lack of transport from Livingstone to Lusaka through to Nakonde. Even mere civil servants and lots of retirees are driving cars which are road worthy though second hand, but they manage daily to buy fuel. Innovative Entrepreneurs and self-employed business people are thriving. Every…

  11. Edith the day you begin to say men have failed us it could mean Hambulo has failed his wife…I have said before you offer a rich government CV but too many skeletons in your closet… plus we haven’t forgotten seeing you pleading to let your people file out of time and you think that’s how things are run? Get better organized! Then man you have fielded as your mate who is he? Lol kkkkkkkk…you should have accepted to be number 2 and contribute your ideas if you have any left Ms Carrington maize deal, japan tractorgate, need we go on…upnd is not feeling the heat

  12. Every one knows that even if PEACE is not edible the six male Presidents we have ever had have tried and maintained to implore the citizenry to remain peaceful. Some Presidents are now have the novelty value of Female Running-mates, with lots of other Females appointed to higher decision making positions. I pray that this year if Madam Nawakwi fails to win she should spare us from her personal desire at all costs to wish to rule us one day, and vacate the political horizon for other females to explore their chances to win in future where this honourable pioneer female presidential aspirant has ever failed to succeed.

  13. Another man of gold…wrong strategy FDD and campaign on what you have to offer not sexism imagine if Hilary Clinton did that?

  14. Ba LT…….
    And Mrs Nawakwi has unveiled his presidential running mate, Dr Rev Clement Mwanza.
    Speaking Wednesday afternoon when he successfully filed in her nomination papers, Mrs Nawakwi…..
    Once I can understand it as a TYPO! Twice?

    Vote FDD though I am not sure about the running mate.

  15. How would you support the gender equality when you are already sidelining the man. You must be dreaming. What God has put no mortal can put asunder.

  16. Why are you referring to Mrs Nwakwi a femal as he or his? Are you aware of something we may not know about? Please LT tell the nation, did Mrs Nawakwi ever go for organ exchange for her to become a him? I need your very serious ruling.

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