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President Edith Nawakwi files in nomination despite minor glitch

General News President Edith Nawakwi files in nomination despite minor glitch

Nawakwi filling in her nomination
Nawakwi filling in her nomination

Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) President Edith Nawakwi’s bid for the Presidency almost flopped after her running mate failed to produce his educational qualifications at the nominations center.

Ms Nawakwi’s running mate Dr. Clement Mwanza failed to produce his original copies of his educational qualifications prompting a closed door meeting with the Electoral Commission of Zambia officials.

Later, Ms Nawakwi’s nomination was accepted by presidential returning officer Justice Esau Chulu.

And addressing hundreds of her supporters after filing in her papers, Ms Nawakwi said time has come to usher in a new leadership and reject recycled politicians.

Ms Nawakwi says this is the time Zambians should liberate themselves from hands of poverty by voting wisely in the forthcoming general elections.

Earlier, UNIP Presidential candidate Tilyenji Kaunda successfully filed in his nomination.

Meanwhile, Democratic Assembly President Maxwell Mwamba who was also expected to file in his nomination could not manage for unknown reasons.

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    • Stopping her would have angered the donors. they have put in a lot of money to make sure that this democracy looks good. A female candidate is an important aspect.

  1. Sometimes i wonder how educated people can make differnce to uneducted.edith, miyanda,msoni and kabimba have no following worth to talk about but look at how they pretend to make it to the presidency.like rainbow how mps,mayors or even councillors have they fielded across the country depite being supported by the post?

  2. “Ms. Nawakwi said time has come to usher in a new leadership and reject recycled politicians”. Sometimes I wonder if some people listen to themselves when they talk. Is Nawakwi new on the political scene? Isn’t she a re-re-recycled politician?

    • Good one Marc.

      Nawakwi too is a recycled politician from MMD of which she was finance minister & others but failed. After failing in MMD, now Nawakwi is FDD, soon she may be recycled into FFD or DDF. Ba Nawakwi, weren’t you in MMD now re~recycled into DDF, or sorry, FDD?

      69 days left, the recycled have migrated from MMD to other parties & on 11~8, its Forward with UPND. Save the K75m & join the winning team, UPND.
      Where is Antonio Mwanza?
      The Skeleton Key

  3. @koko man..to compare Nawakwi to Hillary C is like comparing taste of meat and fruits… You cant compare the two girl.. The only comparison is that they are both female.. Nice try though.. You are onto something…

  4. so you are the reason why we had that traffic? you made me reach home at 20:00hrs and my husband ended up chasing me from home! its either i sue you or i chaya a precious Longwe formula on him for not understanding my predicament.

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