Farmers in Moyo chiefdom of Pemba district found knitting the 50 Kilogrammes bags of maize for sell at one of the Food Reserve Agency depots in the area.
Government has advised farmers against selling their produce but reserve some for household food security.

Namwala District Commissioner Mary Sakala says farmers in the district especially should not to sell all the maize but reserve some for their food security.

She was speaking at the official launch of the 2016 Food Reserve Agency crop marketing season training held at corner point lodge in Namwala District, today.

Ms. Sakala added that government recognises the important role satellite depot clerks, commodity checkers and warehouse supervisors play in the marketing of maize and other crops to uphold the required quality of maize purchased.

Ms. Sakala further said that the district will commence buying of maize once the moisture content of maize reaches acceptable levels of 12.5%.

The District Commissioner disclosed that satellite depot clerks will be deployed in satellite depots to prepare the depots in readiness for the exercise.

She further has appealed to depot clerks to tell farmers to only bring their maize at the satellite depots until the accepted moisture content of 12.5 percent is reached.

The District Commissioner warned the depot clerks that it will not be good to receive reports of farmers spending nights at satellite depots before official receiving of maize at depots is announced.

Ms Sakala has also appealed to depot clerks to guard against corruption ,nepotism and other vices as they serve the farmers and that the clerks are expected to put in their best to avoid cases of stocks being spoilt or stolen.

The Namwala District Commissioner said those found wanting will be visited by the long arm of the law.

During the last marketing season in 2015 ,Namwala District purchased 95,725 X 50 KG bags of white maize and this season a total of 13 satellite depots have been allocated for Namwala District equivalent to the number of satellite depots where FRA operated last season.

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  1. (Government advises farmers not to “sale” all their produce)? You mean not to “sell”. Sale is when you have something you want to get rid of such as clothes in a store. You offer a 50% discount sale. Sale is pronounced as “sail” as in sailing on a boat. When you grow tomatoes, onions and what-not, you sell them at the market. Sell is pronounced as in “cell phone”. Hope that explains it as they have two different pronunciations and meaning.



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