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FAZ complains to CAF over match officiating in loss to Guinea Bissau

Sports FAZ complains to CAF over match officiating in loss to Guinea Bissau

Ponga Liwewe
Ponga Liwewe

The Football Association of Zambia has finally Launched an appeal to the Confederation of African Football.
This is according Association Chief Executive Office Ponga Liwewe.

Mr. Liwewe stated the appeal has been necessitated by what the association views as poor match officiating by the Algerian referees.

Zambia Lost that match 3-2 thereby throwing the 2012 African Champions out of the 2017 Championship to hosted by Gabon.
But FAZ CEO Ponga Liwewe told BBC Sport there was an “issue related to the game”.

He added: “If the Confederation of African Football rules in our favour, it will have far-reaching implications. That is what we are waiting for.”

Guinea-Bissau top their group with an unassailable 10 points – four ahead of both Congo and Zambia – with just one round of matches left.

Guinea Bissau goalkeeper Papa Masse Mbaye Fall has been the subject of attention with some Zambian media reports indicating that he was ineligible to feature in the match.

But investigations by the Chipolopolo Die-hards has revealed that the Senegalese born 29-year-old who plays his football in the Spanish 4th tier for CD Roquetas won his first cap for Guinea Bissau in Saturday’s match against Zambia as their regular Jonas Mendes was serving suspension.

He has never been Capped at International level for Senegal and that he is married to a lady from Guinea Bissau.

Guinea Bissau Immigration Law states that persons are eligible for citizenship through registration and that foreign person whose grandparents were citizens of Guinea-Bissau and foreign person who marries a citizen of Guinea-Bissau.


  1. Losers’ chants! Chipolopolo team’s strike force is blunt! How many goals have they scored in their last 5 games? Kamanga needs to up his game otherwise we live to regret changing a winning team of Kalu- same mistake we should not make changing ECL for some party shrouded in regionalism!

  2. Now we are playing a different game. We need the line up for this game about finger pointing. Mendes was serving suspension. Ntwanikane is married to the goalkeeper. The Algerian referees faced to Mecca and allowed our opponents to score. Fwamusebanye.

  3. Zambia being a big team should not be always cry reaping points on a silver plate just accept we were beaten. When we drew with the same team in Ndola u did not cry thinking u were going to beat them at there home ground ,now that they hammered u. you start crying foul just go back to your drawing board, and see where u went wrong bamabala.

    • @ mususa mwape . It is true .Just accept defeat and move on. Zambia is a big team which should not be going to international tournaments on silver plate. Go back to the drawing board and who knows you might just come up with a winning formula.

  4. This is the problem with us; you have to confront the situation chapwa, there was clearly an issue of officiating, why keep quiet because we had our own issues in the game and prior to the game.
    That’s not how you carry on with life; there are rules to be followed in a game if they are not followed the injured party has to complain regardless.

  5. No guys!Regardless we lost to Guinea, we have the right to complain over the game if it was not officiated according to rules and regulations of of football.Even in Kalu’s time,you remember that Zambia complained to CAF when Congo DR featured a player who was serving a red card sentence,and every thing went well on the side of Zambia.A good leadership knows what way to take issues when some thing goes wrong,and as for me there is nothing wrong for FAZ to launch such a complaint.It is the indication of good leadership quality.Agon would be having a football body which does not defend its people!Viva FAZ you know what you are doing.I have seen professionalism in you.People don’t talk any how before you you ponder well into the matter.Criticism will never take us any where;let us just be…

  6. What are rules for if not followed? Who knows, may be we would have won had the rules of the game been properly applied. Every game should be played by the rules and each party has the right to complain if the rules are not followed. It would foolhardy to accept results out of a game that did comply with the rules. Then what are rules for?

    Zambia, through FAZ, should officially file its complaint with CAF if it believes that the rules were not properly effected. There should no shame in demanding fair play.

    • Only the group leaders qualify in this years campaign from the 13 groups plus the two best second placed. Some groups already have second placed teams with 10 points or more which neither Zambia or Congo can reach.

      Iam Happy Zambia is out. Too much politics one would think the team belonged to PF and Edgar Lungu. We are lucky FIFA didnt ban us for party regalia at stadium when Lungu invades the stadium.

  7. FAZ, Please pursue this issue with CAF, that is the civilised way of doing things. If we feel something did not go right, there are channels of grievance. Forget the negative chaps saying we lost and move on, these chaps are not the judges, the judges are CAF.

  8. What are rules for if not followed? Who knows, may be we would have won had the rules of the game been properly applied. Every game should be played by the rules and each party has the right to complain if the rules are not followed. It would foolhardy to accept results out of a game that did NOT comply with the rules. Then what are rules for?

    Zambia, through FAZ, should officially file its complaint with CAF if it believes that the rules were not properly effected. There should BE no shame in demanding FOR fair play.

  9. I don’t know if there’s any country that has successfully won the petition on account of bad officiating. We tried it against Diramba, it never worked. Ghana also petitioned CAF, after we beat them in Ndola recently, but that also didn’t work. These petitions don’t work.

  10. How do you score the ball in the goalkeeper s hands ,how do you continue officiating a match which has already ended, at least all of us watched

  11. l know guys u fill bad losing to a small country that’s football..more overu u didn’t beat them at ur own ground and u could beat them at their on pitch never things don’t go like that.what I know is Zambia is no longer a superpower its just like Lesotho now. poor coaching system bad selection of players a foreign coach is needed poor blant chipolopolo

  12. On those mistakes gentlemen, you can not afford to keep quiet. This should set a tone for the rest of the referee fraternity that when you are officiating a game with Zambia you better be on top of the game. Launch the complaint CEO! We wait eagerly!!

  13. To be honest, there was poor officiating by the Algerian referee. And to be honest again, Lwandamina alelyamo mu baice sana. He fumbled the moment he fused in useless players like Boyd Mkandawire, Paul Katema etc. Its really sad that he had turned Chisamba Lungu and Davies Nkausu into Benchwarmers
    The line up was suppose to be like this with the players he had called
    1 Kennedy Mweene
    2 Davies Nkausu
    3 Stephen kabamba
    4 Buchizya Mfune
    5 Stoppila Sunzu
    6 Nathan Musonda
    7 Chisamba Lungu
    8 Christopher katongo (Captain)
    9 Collins Mbesuma
    10 Winstone kalengo
    11 Rainford kalaba
    The arm band should be handed back to chris, Tulamyeba tamumfwa with your so called new blood players. The stupid new blood Players have failed. as simple as that

  14. They even don’t know safety first rule! How on earth do you head the ball backward where you do not know who is there? Sad indeed

  15. FIFA or CAF have never overturned a result based on a complaint of poor officiating.
    And it is clear that the player in question is eligible to play for Guinea because he has not played for any other Nation at senior loevel. That is the FIFA/CAF rule.

    So guys stop day dreaming and get back to the drawing board.

  16. know guys be analystic you cant start saying that,we cant cry for that please guinea was playing with a refaree

  17. If somebody is saying Caf or Fifa has never overtuned a decision based on poor officiating and the like,,, the question indeed is why do we have rules of the game? Why do Fifa promote fair play if it was not that important, i personaly watched that zambian game and the number of decisions were not only bad but pathetic,
    THE penaulty awarded was not real,
    THE second goal was already in the hands of the goal keeper
    SOME fouls given against chipolopolo was not genuine,
    PLUSS the question about the eligibility of the goal keeper
    THEIR third goal was very geneuine and you cant denie it,,,,
    WHAT does the CAF statutes say about those illegalities which the algerian reff authorised,,,, to be honesty, guinne must not only be disqualified but the job of the
    Algerian reffery must be…

  18. You know what those people who r saying rubbish things that we should stop loging a complaint to cafu or fifa r so pathetic even in your own homes there r loose and regulations you make that needs to be followed how can you say we have to foget and adimit that we lost to guinea Bissau when the mistakes were seen clearly sure.because we played well that game dispite that mistake that boyd and Adrian chama made but it was seen clearly that the reeferly was on there side because if it wasn’t the reeferly we would have carried the day trust me because it was not easy away games you come back twice a

  19. And in My case i think lwandamina should go because there is no such a coach who keeps glages to his players such as chisamba Lungu and others and what he should no is that Zambia is not belong to him but to so many souls because when Zambia loses alot of people r always be affect so he shouldnt take these things personal most especially to something involved the country and for him is like a farher to a every player when a player make a mistake he has a right to sit him down like a father and talk to him nicely by so doing that he will not be making enemies with players

  20. I think the best we should do is to look for an expertriate coach who should be given chance to identify talented players without FAZ interfering. The failure to qualify to the 2017 Afcon should be taken as a wake-up call to our football house to come up with very serious measures that will help improve football in Zambia. We need those glorious days back when every game played was a win with good goals. Let’s stop crying over spilt milk. We have been booted out of the tonament. It’s time to work on our mistakes and prepare for future games.

  21. Hi fallow mates, we should accept the result of the game, and wishes Guinea Bissau good luck,
    By the way I am from Guinea Bissau and I respect the rules of fair play.

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