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Collins Mbesuma searching for a new club

Sports Collins Mbesuma searching for a new club

FILE: Collins Mbesuma dribbles way past Ethiopian Defenders
FILE: Collins Mbesuma dribbles way past Ethiopian Defenders

Collins Mbesuma has been left out of the new Mpumalanga Black Aces squad for next season, new club owner John Comitis has confirmed.

Aces are set to relocate to Cape Town after Comitis purchased the club.

Mbesuma scored 14 goals in the 2015/2016 season for Aces, finishing as the league’s top goal scorer.

“I have a squad of 15, the squad does not include Mbesuma,” Comitis told Metro FM.

“I have worked with players whose contracts are continued, some of the players’ contracts were coming to an end and needing to be renewed, so we took the ones that we are obviously responsible for and we ensured that every player’s goodwill is taken care of and that we honour every contract.

“My squad size is 15 and we need to build from that. The good thing about that is that the majority of the 15 were starting line-up players so we are quite excited at having that, and we want to fill in the gaps with young players from Cape Town and possibly one or two bigger names.”

Earlier, Kick-off revealed that the new owners of Mpumalanga Black Aces have decided against retaining striker Collins Mbesuma and goalkeeper Bafana Nhlapo.

Aces under new owner John Comitis and are set to relocate to Cape Town at the start of the new season, with the club keeping current coach Muhsin Ertugral who is set to be assisted by Ian Tayler, formerly with Ajax Cape Town.

The club will however be parting ways with Zambian forward Mbesuma, who ended the season as the PSL’s top scorer with 14 goals, as well as 36-year-old goalkeeper Nhlapo.

“We have only retained the two goalkeepers, Walters and Mabokgwane,” Comitis tells KickOff.com.

Comitis has also confirmed that his club is interested in retaining the services of vice-captain Zamokuhle Ngalo.
“We are still talking to Ngalo,” he adds.


    • They have no respect for collins. He singlehandedly powered them to 4th position. They should have asked for his opinion before leaving him out. Collins marketed aces last season and they are being disrespectful to him. For mbesuma, i feel he still has a future in his legs. he will even find a better paying club soon.

  1. it is okey since they have shown not to appreciate ones effort after finishing top then you live him.bravo collins another door will surely open.

    • Xenophobic is well and alive in South Africa. How else do explain that the PSL top scorer Collins got R25000, while a South African whose lone goal was voted the best goal got R50000? One goal against 14, if Collins was South African, there is no way this could have happened.

  2. John Commits always wants cheap players. He insists on development players because he does not bliv in paying. I know him from Ajax Cape Town. Mbesuma will easily find a team in the PSL but he won’t come cheap, let’s face it. No need to worry our one Zambia will never lack. Without him MP Black Aces is not exactly the same. Apart from scoring he supplied most of the goals. No worry

  3. This is not true. The statement from John on Super-sport Blizt last night and this morning was that MP Black Aces were NOT RETIRING Mbesuma. He was responding to the same article from the Kickoff Magazine.

    • Who really cares. Miners on the copoerbelt have been thrown into reluctant and un experienced farmers here in zambia by ECL and team. Collins can also be a good farmer. Atase

    • Carelesswhisper,how does ECL come in here? Echo mulepenena. Learn to debate issues on the table and not exposing you bitterness.

  4. I think ki pupeho yahae yeba sabisize. I mean look at the chap, you can see he is still evolving towards Homosapien. You put him next to Nkandu Luo, Kapasa Makasa, Bwezani Banda and that ape called Mmba or is it Mwila at Home Affairs, is that nt a trope of apes we are talking abt here.

    • @ Muuba Mwendanjangula Njangwamuloti You mother whose womb you came out of is the APE. Stop insulting people and being petty.


  6. @TULANDEKO. don’t worry about me I say things carelessly. I am glad you normal people don’t see how ECL comes in in this localised debate about Collins. In any case what I am carelessly saying here is ECL has given land to those retrenched miners with no skills or capability to be farmers. So let abena tomfutomfu be kachemaa also if his kalabu has fired him. Now that I have landadi carelessly I guess a cup of warm water can help soothe your throat. Dzikomo

  7. Mbesuma the League’s top scorer in the just ended PSL cannot be handled carelessly like that. Even John himself knows and is aware that other clubs are looking at him. He can’t let him go just like that and am very sure of that. Mukanjeba bane….Ninshi takwata amano zoona fye.

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