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Cadres warned to stop pulling down campaign materials

Headlines Cadres warned to stop pulling down campaign materials

A vandalized campaign poster
A vandalized campaign poster

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has warned political party cadres to desist from pulling down campaign materials or face prosecution once arrested.

Commission spokesperson, Chris Akufuna says political party cadres must stop pulling posters because it is against the law and the electoral code of conduct.

Mr. Akufuna told ZNBC News in Lusaka that the behaviour is unfortunate and getting out of control.

He urged political parties to educate their carders on the legal implications of pulling down campaign materials.

And Mr. Akufuna said the commission is still compiling the list of successful candidates in the August 11 general election.

He also confirmed that there are indications of some candidates having gone through unopposed in the local government elections.


  1. This is a good warning but it should include an appeal to the police to take action. How come campaign materials at Mandahill bridge,right in front of a Police Station can be vandalized without any one being arrested?It appears there is collusion between the Police and these vandals!

  2. Look at who is warning who.Even if i destroyed the campaign in full view of ECZ,what are they donna do about it-uuhm.Totally nothing!They ve no teeth to speak about things they dont understand,this is just a rigging plan to say they care when they care about things that dont concern them .The right organisation to sound this warning are the ZPS or the Army if ZPS is not there.Not this rotten ECZ,they failed to stop Dubai firm now they trying to do a job thats not theirs.Out of bounds,sorry ECZ-next time learn to mind your business.

  3. They have poqers to disqualify the perpetrators. It is common knowledge that PF cadres are doing it with authority from statehouse.

    Thats why nobody has been arrested, even in full view of the PF Police.

  4. Akafuna, act if you have balls. You all who is doing this and why can’t Judge Essa see his boss at State House? I feel ECZ is behind this.

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