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European Parliament Rejects GMOs in Europe and Africa

Health European Parliament Rejects GMOs in Europe and Africa


No GMOs in Africa

Members of the European parliament do not want GMOs imported into the EU, so it is only logical that they also oppose promoting GMOs in Africa. But that’s precisely what is happening through the so-called New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Africa (NAFSN). This public-private partnership was launched in 2012 under the auspices of the G8 and aims to leverage private investment in agriculture in order to improve food security and nutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa.

NGOs have repeatedly criticized this scheme for fostering land grabbing, limiting seed freedom where it is most needed (farmers must be able to reproduce their seeds themselves instead of buying them every year), but also for pushing GMOs down the throat of African farmers. Just to be clear: Introducing GMOs into the environment raises serious problems for any farmer who wants to keep their farm GMO-free, as these organisms spread uncontrolled in nature.

The EP’s report voted on Tuesday makes all these points and opposes any promotion of GMOs in Africa with European taxpayers’ money. The draft report had prompted accusations of neo-colonialism from Monsanto, which is quite ironic, as industry has been exploiting the New Alliance in order to change African legal frameworks on land ownership, seeds and GMOs for their own benefit.

Source: Sustainable Pulse


  1. It’s all about money and exploiting the ignorant. If America really wanted to end hunger in Africa they would encourage free trade, they would let us process our own raw materials so we would not all have to trade in the US dollar. Now they want us to all die from cancer.They come with disguised names and give small scale farmers ‘seeds’ – seeds that contain genetically modified genes.After flying our scientists for conferences to the US ,our scientists unwittingly agree to everything they say. Haven’t you noticed the US has the highest rate of cancer? Haven’t you noticed for the first time we are seeing alot of it in Zambia even among the young? Only Mwanawawa was brave enough to resist …they have however sneaked into our country while we focus on elections upon elections.

    • That’s true Dr ABC,these whites are so crooked all they want is to eliminate us Africans from the face of this planet.They brought HIV/AIDS to Africa,brought cancer,most lifestyle diseases and many more to come.PLIZ Lets be natural here in Africa icimpwena eciletulya nabumusumina yote.

    • Always be highly suspicious of what the West is trying do in Africa. More often than not, their intentions are crooked, and nefarious. They don’t have true Africa’s best interests at heart. Helping Africa develop is the least of their concerns. Rather, they’re constantly thinking of ways to worm their way back into Africa to rob, plunder, pillage and ravage it. It’s high time we started to take our destiny in our own hands, and do business at our own terms. Over dependence on the West just makes us look foolish, and immature. African politicians, wake up and stop allowing these foreign vultures from stealing land from under your people’s feet, leaving them destitute in their own countries. Stop over-dependence on the West. Empower your own people, and always thoroughly examine…

  2. Agreed with article and @1 and 1.1. In fact the EU will just ban exports from countries that will agree wholesale to this USA GMO agenda! There is a silent war for economic position on the African continent with each of the big players coming with ways to bait the unsuspecting Africans. There Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), the USA aid programmes (Trade Africa,Power Africa etc), China’s FOCAC,India’s..whatever program are aimed at gaining a foothold on the African continent and grab the share of control of the African economy. The exploitation will never end until we come up with our own means to control our own destine starting by first of all believing in ourselves and doing things for ourselves. Like @1.1 has said:”let is be natural..” I would say let us be ourselves. Why…

    • continued… why do our women wear other peoples’ hair and bleach their skins? Everything foreign and unafrican is always attractive to us (africans) as a result we appear to have no direction and other races take advantage of us!!

  3. we have the same education as them but why are we failing market ourselves. Let us believe in ourselves starting with our leaders. Put in programs that will make this country proud. KK at some point said play only 30% of foreign music… what has happened now? We are all proud as Zambians because there is some music we can identify ourselves with. Since now it mandatory to have grade 12 I hope policies that will be made will be reasonable.
    Avoid misplacement of labour eg Nkandu Luo… how would you surely assess her potential by interacting with Chiefs? Let us put right people in serious positions eg energy,agriculture etc. This is like putting Mrs.Vera Chiluba as deputy Minister of Environment …do you know it happened? this is how Africa shames itself. Leadership must pave the way…

  4. Gosh,I had four very good years in Zambia and was wondering whether I would be able to retire there but it seems that “the blame game” i.e. blaming all the country’s and individuals shortcomings on those dreadful whites – is as rampant there as it is in South Africa. When are Africans going to start taking responsibility for there own shortcomings and building on all the positives that they have in their own countries?

  5. But the likes of Mosonta are busy buying land in Africa and our dull politicans are eager to shake hands with them.
    The ignorant fat Americans are busy chewing GMOs like no man’s business!!

  6. And we have first world sicknesses like cancer, with third world hospital facilities.. Killing us softly!! Bwafya

  7. GMOs sold by the developed world exist to make more money for their company shareholders. For example, pesticide-resistant strains that enable the likes of Monsanto to sell you more glyphosate. But if you want to improve crop yields and feed the people, why not support the farmer in such ways as allowing him to save his seeds and provide education and support for selective breeding. Selective breeding has been used for thousands of years to improve crops and uses natural processes rather than the artificial ones of genetic engineering. This is the traditional African way to modify genes that does not need western products or expertise. In any case, the problem of feeding the world isn’t primarily caused by there not being enough food, it is a problem of an unfair distribution of global…

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