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Friday, February 21, 2020

HH Speaks Out On Victimisation of Civil Servants

Headlines HH Speaks Out On Victimisation of Civil Servants

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and UDF President Miles Sampa on the campaign trail in  Chilubi Constituency  Northern Province
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and UDF President Miles Sampa on the campaign trail in
Chilubi Constituency Northern Province

We have continued receiving disturbing reports of civil servants and public sector workers from quasi-government institutions being arbitrarily dismissed, transferred and intimidated purely on suspicion of sympathising with the opposition.

The main casualties are those in the security wings, such as police officers that try to be professional in the discharge of their duties.

This is a total violation of the resolutions of the recently held political parties Indaba organised by the church mother bodies that called for an end to such acts.

It is also a violation of the people’s civil liberties and counter to the principles of running a professional civil service.

As UPND, we want to reassure all those who have faced such illegal acts that we shall restore them to their positions and pay their salaries and allowances, hence they must just consider themselves as being on holiday for now.

We also fully commit ourselves to running a professional civil service that will be depoliticized, well remunerated, and paid on time once we are voted into office on 11 August 2016.

All this is necessary for the skilled, diligent and hardworking civil service we need if we are going to advance and implement our 10 Point Plan to fix Zambia.

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  1. You will learn what a civil servant means. These are not people to be messed with. You will find them and you will leave them. Looks like HH already falling into the trap.

    • We also fully commit ourselves to be running a professional civil service that will be depoliticized ” end of quote.
      I guess those civil servants are only been reminded that they shouldn’t be partisan of which you HH you are busy sponsoring and encouraging because you are desperate for a vote. How are you going to disband them. Imagine the same civil servants being partisan and sponsored by opposition when you are president. So stop deceiving people because you have no capacity to control anything. Corruption under you can’t be reduced because your veep is on record of been corrupt. Tell us about tribalism maybe we will believe you.

    • HH has devised a new formula for doing politics – cry, cry, cry , until you are a ‘cry baby’
      What does HH mean? Does he mean these civil servants are supporting HH and the UPND and therefore they are being punished for that?
      If that is what is happening, then there is nothing wrong with what the civil service commission is doing.
      HH must understand the conditions of service for a civil servant – they are not supposed to engage in active politics.
      So if they are actually sympathizing with UPND then clearly they are in active politics. If they want to sympathize with HH as individuals they can do so through their civil right – the power of vote, which is done through a secret ballot. If they did that no one would even know; but the very fact that HH is aware that they are…

    • If they did that no one would even know; but the very fact that HH is aware that they are sympathizing with his party UPND means they are involved in active politics – which is against their employment conditions.
      So is HH telling us that he would let civil servants engage in active politics if at all he ever came to power?
      Then he is a wrong person to even aspire for presidency; it may appear that he does not understand national governance. He has no clue of what it is.

    • Why people are not questioning President Edgar Lungu’s choice for running mate vice president Inonge Wina, but Question HH’s running mate, GBM.
      Coparing the two – GBM and Inonge Wina, you get the following:
      1. GBM insults – Inonge Wina does not
      2. GBM fights and assaults people – Inonge Wina does not
      3. GBM is involved in GBV – Inonge Wina is not
      4. GBM once was taken to police by spouse for assault – Inonge Wina was never taken to police for assault for all the time the husband was alive.
      5. GBM has had many police cases – Inonge Wina has had none
      6. GBM’s education is in serious doubt – Inonge Wina’s is not
      So, HH, based on my perception that your caliber had capacity to do so I expected you to easily see the above.

    • These are the chaps who have been leaking classified information to HH which he (HH) was boasting about. Now they have been traced and HH can no longer get it

  2. It appears PF want to destroy everything in this country. Why would you victimize anybody for their Political choices in a democracy? PF needs to be civilized, this is 2016 and not 1916!

  3. HH the Civil service doesnt generate funds therefore their salaries are dependent on when ZRA collects enough money. In Mwanawasa time civil Servants salaries were once paid from money borrowed by Govt from Shoprite if you dont know. On firing of civil servants, its your very running mate who fired General Sakala, Col Masopelo who were senior procurement officers at Ministry of Defence for refusing to bend procurement rules for his daughter Sibongile’s company. People in Defence know this and believe me dont want anything to do with GBM. You should do more research before you talk about civil servants

  4. Words of a desperate man. HH is capable of promising anything for him to squeeze himself into state house. The Civil Service has been in existence for a very long time, and it has been a problem of a mind set which requires a total overhaul as a solution and not what you are talking about. That is not the solution. Civil Servants are paid heft salaries for leaving their Jackets hanging on their Chairs whilst they are out carrying out their personal businesses. Wait until you get into State house then discover that even the number of ****nds and how you have doing it on each ****nd in your bed room is published in the media. Then you will see the necessity of firing and transferring some Civil Servants. HH you are still under 5, don’t say much issues that you have no idea before you get…

  5. There is a lot of victimisation of GRZ workers by PF.

    That is why kambwili has been urging manegers of parastatals to employ relatives because they can be easily influenced over their voting rights.

  6. They ought to be dismissed! Why take a divergent view from what the government is doing- if you are a square peg in a round hole then it means you are misplaced because you may drag GRZ efforts and increase ineffiency, ninshi NiSela tubombeko!

  7. HH you have never been a Civil Servant for you to know how they operate. Can you imagine if you became President (God Forbid) and some civil servants were frustrating your Government programs. What would you do ? Running a Government is not the same as running a dairy farm or an Audit Firm. Yalikosa I tell you so throw away all those theories coz they cant work kapene kuba zungu ! Meanwhile sela tubombeko iwe

  8. The issue of civil servants participating in politics is fueled by PF and Lungu in particular. Despite PF promising a professional civil service they did the opposite. The Permanent Secretaries and District Commissioners are hard core cadres. So for PF to selectively dismiss others on the grounds that they are sympathetic to the opposition is double standards, contradictory and creating uncertainties. Fairness and justice must prevail. PF are culprits. “SAVE ZAMBIA”

  9. He condones and boasts about getting intelligence reports before government does but he forgets that it will also happen to him if he ever gets into government. It is a bad thing to have unprofessional civil servants which ever party is in government.

  10. I don’t believe that civil servants should sympathise with any political party, ruling or opposition. They must be non-partisan because any political party can get into power while they are serving the people of Zambia.

  11. I see that most Zambians PF caders employed in embassies or diplomatic mission abroad are now desperate. Ladies and Gentlemen you are coming back soon

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