LUSAKA residents are poised to get more water supply from the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) following the reduced load shedding by the power utility, Zesco Limited.

LWSC public relations officer Nshamba Muzungu said in a statement that he expected the move announced by Zesco that it was reducing load shedding by 50 per to significantly result in the improvement of water supply in the city.
However, Mr Muzungu said that there would only be meaningful improvement in water supply if there was consistency and adherence to the stated reduction in load shedding hours and power outages.

“The company will continue with the water rationing programme as loadshedding has not completely ended but expects an increase in water supply hours to its customers as compared to what they have been receiving.

“Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company is delighted with the news from the power utility,” he said.

Mr Muzungu said the development would have a positive ripple-effect in terms of increasing the company’s water production levels which drastically reduced on account of load shedding.

The company would like to assure its esteemed customers that it would continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments to supply levels as the situation improved.

Water rationing was instituted in view of the increase in demand for water in the city due to population increase and the drop in water production capacity at the same time.

LWSC has been experiencing challenges in water production and distribution in the wake of the power deficit in the country.

This has seen the level of water production for Lusaka city reduced from an average of 258,000 cubic metres per day in 2014, to a little over 190,000 cubic metres per day in 2016, representing over 25 per cent reduction in water production, mainly on account of power load shedding on the 125 ground water sources spread around the city.

To fully meet the demand for Lusaka, the company needed to produce an estimated average of about 410,000 cubic metres per day.

Mr Muzungu said the water utility was grateful to its clients for their understanding, patience and continued support.

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  1. Bwana PR can you explain why my water bill has gone up if you have been rationing water or have you hiked the water charges to make up for the water rationing and what technology has ZESCO used to isolate State House and ZNBC from load shedding that cannot be applied to your water plants. ZESCO has had over a year to do the necessary modification to isolate the water plants from load shedding. I share your skepticism with ZESCO’s ability to keep up its promise on load shedding.



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