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A minister hired the thugs who tried to bring down UPND helicopter – Katuka

Headlines A minister hired the thugs who tried to bring down UPND helicopter...

UPND youths trying to put out the fire
UPND youths trying to put out the fire

The opposition UPND says the group of PF cadres who caused havoc in Shiwang’andu yesterday was hired by a known Minister and his District Commissioner.

UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka said the savagely acts of alleged PF cadres who attempted to bring down the helicopter would led to lose of life and that the cadres threw all sorts of objects in addition to blocking roads to the meeting.

“When our campaign team arrived in Shiwang’andu, Muchinga Province, yesterday they were confronted with a group of PF thugs hired by a known minister and district commissioner.

“They savagely attempted to bring down the helicopter carrying the UPND team, a situation that could have led to loss of life. They threw all sorts of objects such as pangas and stones, in addition to blocking the roads to our meeting.

“Even when the police, along with our members, managed to quell the situation, they went to light fires at the venue for our meeting with a view to intimidate and provoke,” Mr Katuka said in a statement.

He also reminded the nation of the events in the same district when alleged cadres from the ruling party pursued the former first lady and her counterpart Mutale Nalumango after they tried to hold campaign meetings in the same District

“Many will recall the shocking scenes from Shiwang’andu last January when PF cadres pursued and threw stones at former First Lady Dr. Maureen Mwanawasa and UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango, along with other members of our team. Yesterday these thugs showed themselves to be as barbaric as ever,” he said.

He thanked the police for acting professionally who quickly dispersed the cadres and other institutions should also starting exhibiting such levels of professionalism if the country is to move forward.

“Nevertheless, we would like to recognise the professionalism of the police in the area, who recognised the threat to the safety of our people and acted quickly to disperse the thugs.

“Putting the safety and security of our citizens first, without discriminating on the basis of political affiliation, these police officers demonstrated the kind of behaviour we need to see more of in this country.

“Acting in the interests of the Zambian people as a whole, and not just those who belong to one party, fosters unity and confidence in our public institutions. If only we could see such professionalism and integrity in service across the country, and at other critical institutions such as ZNBC and ZAF, then it would pave the way for free and fair elections that inspire the full confidence of all our citizens,” the statement further said.

Mr Katuka also said President Lungu will be held responsible if he fails to act on yesterday’s violent acts by alleged PF cadres.

“We wish to warn President Lungu that if he fails to take action following such incidents then he will also be held responsible for retaliation as people begin to defend themselves. As President of the PF and the country he must bring such thugs under control. There should be no such things as a ‘no-go’ area during an open, free and fair campaign and there should be no tolerance of thuggery in party or government structures. President Lungu must act now or reveal his lack of sincerity and care for the peace and stability of our nation,” he said.


  1. An opposition party president hired a retarded Genetically Modified Basturd to be his Running mate. This Kaponya (HH) used tribal reasoning for his choice of Running mate.
    Don’t shift the attention of the electorate we know your publicity stunt was staged. Where is the helicopter?
    And why are those dirty UPND riff raffs walking with dry flammable sticks in the bush? Retards

    • I agree with you @Hung Them High. This UPND Secretary General is an embicile. How does Kaponya (HH) work with such people.
      Kaponya (HH) Sonta po!

    • It is time the international community paid attention to this state sponsored terrorism in Zambia. We a an incompetent Commander in Chief who does not know anything. Edgar Lungu is clueless on anything.

    • Kudos you a big big fool. Learn to understand reality its surprising you can come out like that. So with you all is well? you a buffoon and daft. This is the type of characters that PF has. Lungu is going no where beware of that.

    • Look at yourself in picture, where did take the brain, all those body parties you decided to keep the skull. What skeleton party is your PF Minister of Thugs Kapyongo carrying with him, I suspect right hand.

  2. Katuka, who are you in the first place? Don’t dare us because you started this nonsese in Southern Province expecting us to fold our arms in our land?
    Go tell your Kachema to denounce Fat Albert chi GBM on that vulgar video. If not expect the waste. We haven’t forgotten what you did to PF in January 2015. Recently your carders murdered the boy who defected to PF and your HH was celebrating so what can you tell us?

    • HH is un toutchable that’s why you are trying to bring him down you wont manage him. Northern province is no longer for PF kwakana if you are not careful you will reap nothing. HH alikwata isukulu na money continue wallowing in poverty under the regime of ECL

  3. PF need to condemn this whether you hate UPND or not this is not the way ……this is how mass fights start and innocents get involved

  4. PF has taken the country backwards with regard to democratic credentials. They are behaving very primitively. The Lack of leadership at the top is all too clear for all to see.

  5. This is stupidly backward.

    Our President better deal with this as quickly as possible.

    If left as it is, it will turn people away from voting him back into the Office, and in years to come people will ask what sort of President he could have been had he been elected President in 2016.


  7. ECL please act on your group, you are the presido, if your team kills the opposition leaders it will be bad for Zambia, you will not rule the country at peace as people will sacrifce to cut off your head as well. Just campaign at peace and since you are a sitting president you can still win this election without putting other lives at risk.

  8. Stephen Katuka ati “…..they threw all sorts of objects like pangas….”.
    Now Mr Katuka, that must be a lie as usual because pangas are not for throwing as far as we know from UPND cadres.
    From what we know about UPND, e.g. “drilling” its cadres and hacking rival cadres, pangas are meant for close body attacks. Therefore this can be taken as cry baby, cover up for your evil actions and point at others, or downright lies to seek sympathy.
    Remember that in Livingstone you recently hacked PF cadre with a panga. Last week UPND cadres stabbed to death a PF cadre in Kasama near a UPND bar.

    • Lie. just remind your president that he wont rule ka Zambia but should ready to sacrifice his swalen head

    • How do you know that Pangas are meant for close body attacks. Thats how you are jailed even in court.

      Ba PF (Patriotic Fools)!

  9. Is this same Katuka that we k ew from the good Mazoka politics? If so What has happened to.turn him from a respected politician into such a liar? Probably association with GBM, the driller. And of course sanctioned wholeheartedly by hechihechi.

  10. At least the Police commissioner this side is more proffssional than chilya ichipuba beba ati Kapeso.

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