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GBM lawyer dismisses allegations of forging a certificate

Headlines GBM lawyer dismisses allegations of forging a certificate

Jack Mwiimbu Chairman - Legal
Jack Mwiimbu Chairman – Legal

United Party for National Development (UPND) presidential running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s lawyer Jack Mwiimbu has dismissed allegations that his client had forged General Certificate of Education from University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate submitted to the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) but was not presented to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

In response to an article that appeared in the Daily National titled “GBM forges”,Mr Mwiimbu said that his client,GBM, has never had in his possession the purported forged certificate nor has he uttered such a certificate before the Electoral Commission of Zambia in his quest to be the running mate to Mr. Hakainde Hichilema the Presidential candidate for the United Party for National Development.

Mr Mwiimbu further said that Mr Mwamba has an advanced Diploma in Finance and Investment obtained from the London School of Business and Finance.

“It is imperative to note that pursuant to the judgement by the Honourable Judge Dominic Sichinga in Sibongile Zulu and Electoral Commission of Zambia and Attorney General 2016/HB/24, our client exercised his rights by tendering an advanced Diploma in Business and Finance as authenticated by the Zambia Qualifications Authority to the Electoral Commission of Zambia to enable them to process his documents as running mate,” read the statement.

“In light of the above, our client denies any interest whatsoever in the purported certificate published by The Daily Nation. Further, our client challenges the Daily Nation and its collaborators to publish the qualifications of all candidates as per the provisions of Article 52(3) of the Constitution of Zambia Act Number 2 of 2016,” concluded the statement.

On Wednesday, PF’s Jean Kapata called on the police and other investigative wings to immediately start investigations into how Mr Mwamba acquired the GCE qualification and who could have assisted him to write his examination in such a short time before nominations.

“For all I know, you cannot acquire a higher qualification in England without a secondary school certificate and that is why Mr Mwamba should be investigated immediately. My wonder is…what could have motivated Mr Mwamba to submit a GCE certificate to Examinations Council of Zambia which he knew he was not going to present to the Electoral Commission of Zambia for his nomination as a presidential running mate. And who could have assisted Mr Mwamba to write the courses and subjects for his advanced Diploma which he used to file his nomination?” Ms Kapata asked.

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    • Why has this non so called factor affected them so much. They have said from the beginning that GBM is nothing. Now ALL PF men cant even have sex with their wives because as they have dried up and all PF women now have constant menstruation “periods” as Donald trump puts it. Kekekeke. Is he truly a non factor. Just bribe him otherwise you will all go to jail. He needs 23billion from ECL. The PF men has even lost the light complexion the all gained. There all heading to E21.

    • Jean Kapata must be sick upstairs. I live and work in England in the United Kingdom. It’s very possible to get a higher education through mature entry route for example or through work experience (Experiential learning ). What Jean Kapata is talking about is bull. When did Jean last do any UK higher education or vocational learning in the UK?

    • I’m PF but I think our leaders are not smart. They are playing cheap monkey games. Surely, are you not intelligent enough to fight GBM another way? It’s clear to everyone what you are doing. Yaba! You are just decampaigning us.

    • Oooo c’mon @Cat Power, LYING IS A FACTOR, alrighty! This ‘GBV’ of yours will be in some BIG SH!T soon over this. HH should pray the whole thing is only a witch hunt and will amount to nothing. Otherwise this may turn out to be the BIGGEST EMBARRASSMENT ever suffered by a Presidential candidate in the history of Zambian elections.

      Now it is even getting more interesting. Why in h3ll did GBM present one set of documents (GCE) to be verified by the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) and yet submitted a different set of documents (advanced Diploma in Business and Finance) on nomination day to ECZ? Shouldn’t this give some pause even to his Lawyer, Mwiimbu? To me, GBM is being EVASIVE and CALCULATING on this issue for a reason. I think his papers are not GENUINE or were simply…

    • ECL is scared of everybody the matters and prefers rotten campaign managers and riffraffs. Who is ECL’s Campaign manager anyway? Rotten former Father Bwalya is the deputy. Emmanuel Mwamba used, shunted and sidelined in RSA because he is smarter. What politics is ECL playing at? Does he think he will win elections (or erections) by eliminating GBM? He should tell the nation what vision he has acquired rather than decampaigning (actually campaigning) for UPND. What is PF’s next step? To get GBM out of the running? Why is ECL scared of campaigning but wants to win? He wants to be in State house decampaigning. He has to be out there to tell the people what he will do for them. That’s how elections are won not by swearing in judges, that can wait.

    • Grade 12 clause was meant to block GBM. They are now angry that instead of GBM going for Kasama seat as MP, he is going for the big one – VP and they know he will make them account for their corruption. Continue licking your wounds losers. Grade 12 never made anyone wise for leadership. A good example is Lungu, a failed leader with G12.

    • OOh no! @Yambayamba.

      Just read the wisdom from your fellow PF @Walter and probably you will have that SEX you are missing as indicated by @Cat Power.

      Move on and discuss important questions.

    • Thats true. Something is not right here. GBM definitely has no qualifications.

      Let the authorities investigate, we do not want to be fooled!

    • @cat power, it’s an outbreak in Zambia. I went ku mushi, and found my friends I used to fish with, asking me if I was Dr. Nostra. Instead of asking me how they can get to America.

    • @ Prof X yes indeed GBM has caught napping those who wanted to make believe that he was a non factor! Now people especially those in PF have sleepless nights I bet hallucinating too! No one knows what each one of us has up our sleeve thus it’s best not to grope for what you think you know other than the one that knows better and is maintaining their peace!

  1. PF are just kicking a dead dog. This is no longer an issue. ECZ have clarified that they will not disqualify anybody whose nomination has already been accepted. PF just need to get off their bums and go and campaign. Their expected knockout of GBM is just a pipedream. They should go back to sontaling.

    • The women of Zambia will not vote for a man who abuses his wife like GBM (Gross Beater of Mothers). It is clear that HH belongs to the same wife beating club as GBM and Guy Scott. GBM has no respect for women who he treats like animals. He is unapologetic and unrepentant about beating his wife. This coward who should hold a position of power!

  2. It is the usual legal gibberish that our lawyers use to the max: the fact that he did not utter the Zimbabwean certificate in question means that even if it were found to be a forgery, it is not part of the documentation that was presented for adoption. Therein lies the tale – Zambian lawyers have helped a lot of frauds escape the noose by using technicalities like this. Just bring that proof and watch the drama. PATHETIC.

    • @Kalok,
      You cant blame the GBM lawyers, blame mediocre politician that you vote to draft those laws.
      That is the reason, a few intelligent bloggers here, keep on calling these dunderheads here (unfortunately they are in majority) not to focus on trivial issues. We keep reminding them to question their politician on what they can do for a common Zambian person, you and me. We need to ensure we vote for quality people, regardless of political affiliation. Stupid Politician have realized they have stupid voters (bloggers), they keep on talking about stupid things to get the attention of these stupidity people. And stupidity bloggers talking about stupidity topics. My apologies, but i am amazed by quality of issues discussed here.

  3. Mwimbu has just confirmed that GBM is more educated than him. Perhaps thats why HH preffered Bemba brain for Verp than his fellow cattle herders. Muli kasushi ba Mwimbu

    • Exactly! But Jean Chit.oto Kapenta (pro.stitute) doesn’t know that – I am not surprised!! That shows you the level of ignorance amongst the so called PF ministers!!
      GBM knows that and took advantage and educated himself to get a very prestigious qualification recognised in the City of London by the most successful banking institutions. Jelous id.iots like Jean Chit.oto Kape.nta just keep talking and stealing like their convicted President Lungu!!
      By the way Jean Chi.toto Kap.enta was sexually active and a prost.itute from the age 10. She got pregnant when she was only 15 and doesn’t even know who impregnated her. Her mother was divorced after being caught in the act with another lover! In fact Jean Chi.toto Kapen.ta doesn’t know her father – ask her!!

  4. You Jean kapata as a mature student enrolling in a UK uni or collage you do not need educational qualifications. If you are a mature student as long as you can read and write and are computer literate, and have the right work or life experiences relevant to the course the collage will gladly take your enrolment fee.

    Kapata the tourism industry is a shambols in zambia just thought I would let you know.

  5. .GBM is a sovereign individual with rights. He is protected from slander, malice and ridicule by law. How is it that his dignity is being assailed by every Jim and Jack? GBM should commence litigation against all those putting his name and reputation in ridicule. The tragedy of Zambia CURRENTLY is that there are no civil courts that can protect him. Defence of his honour and dignity are left to himself!

  6. This is now getting boring. Give gbm whatever he needs to qualify for RM the fact still remains that HH gbm can’t win these elections. Who in his right frame of mind would vote for a thug?

  7. GBM should just sue the Daily Nation for defamation. The question of GBM’s qualification and nomination is now a closed chapter. What Kapata and her colleagues in PF should be doing is to perfect their Election Rigging tactics. Time is running out.Without rigging ECL is dead meat. People have spoken. Any attempts to disqualify GBM thru the courts will fail. Come 12th August 2016 Lungu will be santaring (pointing) at the Exit Door in State House. Forward with Team HH,GBM and UPND.

    • Oh YES, he should that—sue! Because then some real investigations of his (GBM) academic qualifications he is claiming will be done in earnest by the Daily Nation and someone will be exposed—remember, “if you live in a GLASS HOUSE don’t throw stones.”

      And from the way things look right now, not only is GBM’s house made of glass, it is leaking as well—be careful what you wish for!

  8. God protect HH and GBM from slander, hate, malice and calumny. Hide them in the cleft of Rock Jesus where no tempest assaults. Jehovah Gibbor arm yourself with Your spear and battle axe and war the enemies and those that cabal against HH and GBM. Thunder and rain brimstone on these workers of evil and mudslinging. Lord fulfill Your promise of vengeance. Bury them as You did to Korah, guillotine them as You did to Haman, burn them and obliterate them like Daniel’s false accusers.


  10. Jean kapata just campaign and tell us what you and PF have done to improve tourist numbers, tell us how many jobs the tourist industry has added to the economy.

    Give us facts on your work done . Stop showing us how worried you are about GBM.

  11. Please ba Jean it is possible to get a higher education in the UK without a grade twelve certificate , for example if you want to do cima/acca , you start first with either AAT /Foundation in accounting as long as you are able to write and read it is possible , then after finishing AAT you can now start ACCA/CIMA and you can even go on to get your PHD.

  12. GBMs papers have nothing to do with run away inflation, run away exchange rate, miners job losses, run away mealie meal prices. PF please start working or pretend to do something in the 50 days to go. I doubt the chitenge materials will save you.

  13. I really have no interest in this GBV qualification, in fact I would be wirried if GBV was in trouble over it. Because what I wish for is for HH and GBV to be properly defeated on 8/11. Please dont spoil my chance to enjoy the big thud which we shall hear when 250kg of GBV falls from the high chair.

  14. Quoted from Zambia Reports:
    …..”Jean Kapata proclaimed to the entire nation tuned in to parliament radio “I am Jean K, Umo ndemutolokela pa mukoshi anye po fye nechisushi” (I will jump on one of these MPs such that he or she will fart).”
    “Surely the people of Mandevu must agape with shock. But then what do you expect from one Jean K other than farting contaminated air in the air-conditioned building of parliament?” End of quote.

    • Probably the people of Mandevu ululations reverberated all over Mandevu as Kapata uttered those words!

    • GBM has been very deceitful reason I personally would like the police to investigate this case. We are tired of being deceived by people who want to be our leaders. Why should we keep voting for cheaters. Our country will never improve. The police should help us by keeping such people away from instruments of power. Remember GBM at one time boasted that people will be suprised when I produce my G12 certificate. Meaning he has one but Jack Mwiimbu is say GBM has no such certificate. Something not adding up here.

  15. But just for fun, it is interesting that lawyer Jack Mwiimbu is almost admitting that there is an issue with GBVs grade 12 by claiming that the forged certificate presented by The Nation is fabrication of the Nation. Now okay if GBV qualified for nomination using “higher UK qualifications” using the Hugh Court Judgement. But he may have to give a proper answer for exposing that forged grade 12 to the examinations ECZ. Hey Jack Mwiimbu is your client going to deny that? Comebin Jack my respected lawyer, you tell me that you now take on scum.as clients? But the biggest danger for UPND is that its loyal and honest members will now see their vice president for what he is. bembas too will not be too amused to be embarrassed like this because now tongas will think all bembas are crooks and…

  16. But the biggest danger for UPND is that its loyal and honest members will now see their vice president for what he is. bembas too will not be too amused to be embarrassed like this because now tongas will confirm that all bembas are crooks and thieves. Remember tthat until recently tongas including HH called bembas as monkeys in the maize field?

  17. By the way leave our humble president out of this and fight your own battles with certificates. He has no time for this but like me and the other Zambians he just waits to drop GBV and HH with a loud thud on 8/11. Awe mwe…kikikikikikiki.

  18. The dull Jean Kapata at it again..calling for secruity wings to quickly look in it..if these empty tins didnt meddle in ECZ’s work; alot of candidates would have been arrested by now for forgery.
    And you wonder why the ministry of tourism is in an utter mess with such a dense woman overseeing affairs.

  19. The invistigations are around the G12 qualifications! By the way can GBM SPELL the word ‘Constitution’ or ‘constuency’?

    • There is something called data protection..its not Zambia where an id.ot like Jean can walk into ECZ and start running her fingers in cabinets and desktops.

  20. I wonder if ba Jean Kapata is learned or reads widely. Some qualifications are awarded to some one on account of age/maturity or experience in a certain field. After an assessment is done in some cases exemptions are granted at certain levels are a fee paid for such. I am wondering why PF officials are concerned with GBM’s Advanced Diploma in Business Finance & Investment. How do you expect a man of GBM’s caliber fail to study privately. PF better do well to put more in its campaign effort than attacking fellow competitors who successfully filed in their nomination papers before the Returning Officer. Education is meaningless if it does not benefit the community one came from.

  21. Ba jean naimwe you could have atleast done your home to find out before making such utterances.if only you had done that ,it could have dawned on you that education here is looked at very differently. so that there are no set routes perse. its about showing competence,desire and capability period.”but then thats the calibre of our ministers”…even tourism could have been uplifted had we capable thinking people incharge. but then Alas!!…i rest my case


    • The fact of the matter is he qualifies… I praise him on this one he never showed his hand until the last moment..he got that one from Sun Tzu’s strategy I guess that’s why he is successful in business; that just goes to show how useless our constitution was in the past where we had Grade 2s like Jean overseeing influential ministries.

  23. PF leaders are constantly exposing their dullness by targeting GMB. When GBM defected they claimed he is a non factor, so why waste time energy on such a person. Now the whole country is looking at GBM as a victim hence making him popular amongst the electorate. I think to defeat GBM, PF have to deal with him intellectually because that way you will prove the man is dull and his qualifications he claims to have are indeed questionable if he can articulate issues. Indeed GBM is a big and serious threat to the PF party.

  24. Jean Ch.itoto Ka.pata:
    What a retarded Chihule!! She is a totally ignorant and illiterate PF cadre who thinks with her smelly Old pus.sy!! Who says Grade 12 is the only qualification to higher education, especially in England of all places? How long will such uneducated illiterates continue ruling us?
    In England and world over, you don’t even need grade 12 to go any University – you can to any university under MSER (Mature Student Entry Requirement) so long you are 21 years old or older. You can even register and do ACCA under MSER from Zambia!! You can now see that GBM is way ahead of your epileptic and convicted thieving president. GBM has one of the finest Business Qualifications in the world!!
    Jean Chi.toto is the mother of whores which is why she got pregnant to an unknown man…

  25. Its a straight forward issue – if the papers frog-gbm submitted have come out as forged – arrest him. The courts have precendence on how they deal with forgers. Chapwa!

  26. GBM chipuba together with HH. This issue is simple as letting authorities do their job and verify his credentials period. You don’t layers unless your quity

  27. jean kapata you are so ugly that you have stopped reasoning properly…..you can get a higher certificate or diploma through vocational training and experience…kikikikiki,our useless cabinet ministers.

  28. GBM has no qualifications period! Everyone knows that…….why are you UPND supporters fooling yourselves.

    AS FOR CONGO @ you are the one that is ugly.

  29. HEHEHEHE,but what qualifications do people like Jean Kapata have?Including others PF grade 7 dropouts like Kambwili,Chikwanda,Mrs Phiri and her secretary general?Infact half of the PF top officials will be found guilty on this one and fired immediately.Again,they are shooting themselves in there feet.Nivima Patriotic Foooooooools zoona.

  30. Ignorance kills. Try to do your own investigations on UK professional qualifications. I’m not too sure that G12 is still the minimum entry qualification.

  31. @26 Political Man, thank you for that1. But tthe matter can be taken to ConCourt. Anyway lets not waste our time, GBV and HH will not be issues after8/11, the 250kg GBV will ensure that together they fall with a loud thud.

  32. The moral of the story is weather he has a forged document. It is immaterial weather he uttered it or not. What is paramount is if he cant be sincere enough and forge a document then he has no right to be a leader. Its not if he qualifies or not. Ideally he should present his grade 12 certificate and put the matter to rest

  33. When I watch some UPND campaign adverts in bemba on TV I get amused. It doesnt sound natural at all. Why? They always remind me that just recently the UPND called bembas “monkeys in a maize field”, thieves in other words. Today UPND is comfortable to campaign in a thief’s language? Can you trust them?

  34. PF has forged that certificate go round on social media this is how low the can sink their manifesto is about HH and GBM, the best Lungu can do is step down before he is embarrassed.

  35. PF knows that they will concede defeat hence these senseless allegations. What PF and ECL should do before 11 August 2016 is to impress the civil servants, put aside useless issues like this one, stop working with MMD failures and concentrate on their agenda of uplifting the living standards of the people.

    If they do not work on the calculations well, they will lose it and will hold themselves to blame for that.

  36. PF knows that they will concede defeat hence these senseless allegations. What PF and ECL should do before 11 August 2016 is to impress the civil servants, put aside useless issues like this one, stop working with MMD failures and concentrate on their agenda of uplifting the living standards of the people.

    If they do not work on the calculations well, they will lose it and will hold themselves to blame for that.

  37. Here is a proposition! In North America the Government or any organisation associated with the government can ask for a persons school transcripts. The school has to provided them meaning the person/s being questioned have to request for them. They show the date of enrollment, courses and grades among many things. A person cannot pass unless they attended classes and passed the courses. Can we request all those candidates who produced their grade 12’s, diploma’s, bachelor and masters’s to a PhD to bring us their transcripts? This will be very interesting!

  38. This issue started with HH and UPND with the abuse of WATCHDOG who called GBM uneducated with a form 3 certificate from Mungwi Secondary School. PF and Edgar Lungu were not party of the constitution making process so this blaming and figure pointing should go Jack Mwiimbu and friends.

  39. We have had this chaff of leaders protecting each other without much ado and plundering our resources to enrich themselves now see how they want to come clean in support of paper qualifications and education that was never an issue they wanted to embrace! Let’s have all qualifications of others published too starting with presidents and their running mates! By the way for Jean Kapata is it enrolled or registered nurse?

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