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ZRA Chief calls on business community to comply with the tax payments

Economy ZRA Chief calls on business community to comply with the tax payments

Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA)Commissioner General Berlin Msiska during the official opening of Chipata domestic taxes offices
Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA)Commissioner General Berlin Msiska
during the official opening of Chipata domestic taxes offices

ZAMBIA Revenue Authority(ZRA) Commissioner General Berlin Msiska has said voluntary compliance of paying of tax was the best way to deal with business.

Mr Msiska said at ZRA stakeholders meeting held at Protea hotel in Chipata yesterday that business becomes expensive if the business community do not comply in voluntary compliance.

He said it was better to pay the tax in order for the Government to carry out various developmental projects in the country.

Mr Msiska said there was need to comply by obliging to voluntary tax so that the business becomes cheaper.

“Voluntary compliance is the best way in dealing in business.As you might be aware,Government depend on the same resources to carryout developmental projects in the country.So please comply to voluntary in paying tax so that your business cannot become expensive,”he said.

Mr Msiska said ZRA has undergone several reforms since 1994 with the help of the Government made several reforms in a number of areas.

He said ZRA had put some online systems which would assist in knowing who have complied in the payment systems.

He said the online systems,one was placed in Ndola,Kabwe and Lusaka respectively in an effort to ensure that there was efficient in the payment systems by the business community.

Mr Msiska said he was happy that ZRA has also upgraded the Chipata domestic office in order to meet the requirement of the authority.

He said he said the construction of the One Stop Border post at Mwami border would assist in boosting up regional integration between Zambia and Malawi.

He said he was also happy that ZRA has put up scanners at Chanida and Mwami border posts which were able to scan what was in the transit containerised trucks exiting and entering the country.

And ZRA Commission of Finance,Bridget Muyenga refuted claims that ZRA was only following those perceived to be on opposing side.

Ms Muyenga said ZRA was an independent body which was focusing on collecting tax without any discrimination.

She said ZRA had a duty bound to ensure that various taxes were collected in the professional manner without targeting the opposition political parties.


    • Imagine how does one barred lawyer Lazy Lungu double his net worth in a mere 12 months on a President’s salary with no tangible businesses before he moved into State House…its clear that if you run a check on him the numbers will not add up. I bet you the wife and daughter have also increased their networth by hundreds given that they now proud owners of charities convenient for them to launder Lungu’s kickbacks from RDA contracts.


      Abantu baya!!

      #chagwamustfall!! #PamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

  1. My question always in the implementation of Zambian laws and regulation is why do we advance the rule of the “good man” in dealing with matters of regulatory and legal requirement? How is it that someone stays non-compliant and in operation for YEARS (not even months)??? Why are politicians considered more powerful than the laws they are elected to uphold?

    • Once, in Namibia, a list of name-and-shame of all those who had municipality bills arrears were published in the press for all to see – and most were respectable names in that society. These arrears were not selected – even a few cents in arrears were published. Why? So that equity could be seen to be applied. Muyenga would do her posterity a lot of good if she tried to do something in those lines. Show us the list and let us see who is not paying their share – after all, we are the owners of that public purse and we deserve to know. Don’t hide behind speeches and rhetoric. Walk the talk.

  2. Tax is what our civil servants get there salaries from and Mmembe proudly denies to pay tax and goes on to mock govt for failing to pay salaries on time. This is atter rubbish and a desperate politician who wants to go to plot supports him.

    • And who is this CONVICTED EMBEZZLER and how do you know he/she is not being taxed? This silly and shallow way of debating National issues is really juvenile. So, in your pea-brain you think it is perfectly OK to excuse a CRIME just because other people you think are committing similar offences are not caught or prosecuted? Really!

      And I am quite sure if this issue came up during the time M’membe was calling all yo Bantustans, you wouldn’t be up here supporting this nonsense. NOT PAYING TAX IS A CRIME AND M’MEMBE HAS GOTTEN USED TO BENDING THE LAW BY COZYING UP TO AND KISSING @SSES OF POWERFUL POLITICIANS. He did it with Sata, and he has seen a similar opportunity in NAIVE HH. M’membe will easily DUMP you like a used condom once he sees another better placed Politician he can use to…

    • continue…

      …continue his TAX EVASION CRIMES—be careful what you support and be PATRIOTIC to the Country for once!

  3. continue…

    …continue his TAX EVASION CRIMES—be careful what you support and be PATRIOTIC to the Country for once!

  4. ZRA needs serious reforms itself…surely if you buy a vehicle in Ghana from the US you know exactly what you are going to be charged right to the point you start driving on the road…but in Zambia its shambolic and corrupt system, you buy a vehicle for £3000 and end up paying the same amount in taxes,transport etc.

  5. Yeah
    Pay tax so that the likes of Kampyongo,Kambwili,Kapata, and all these sorry excuses for Ministers[who have illegally continued being Ministers and depleting your tax revenue]continue enjoying themselves at your expense.Just imagine that the tissue Kambwili used this morning was paid by yourself while he is urging cadres to annihilate you.
    No to forget those useless mwenyes in Madras literally pay no taxes whilst abusing Zambian workers and enjoying these PFools s roads.Zambia the real Africa.

  6. ZRA should first publish Tax returns for all presidential candidates so that we make sense of their declarations. This is a great measure of one’s stewardship.

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