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Nevers Mumba sends condolences to Hillcrest Technical Secondary School

General News Nevers Mumba sends condolences to Hillcrest Technical Secondary School

Nevers Mumba at a Press Briefing
Nevers Mumba at a Press Briefing

Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) President Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba wishes to convey heartfelt condolences, first of all to the families of the six Hillcrest Technical Secondary School students who perished in a tragic road traffic accident along the Livingstone – Choma road during the night of Friday 17th June, 2016. He further wishes to convey sincere condolences to the school administration and entire student body on the tragic loss of these young lives.

Hillcrest Technical Secondary School is very dear to Dr. Mumba as he was a student at this prestigious school from 1974 to 1978 for his Form 1 to Form 5 secondary school education and is aware that students who qualify to enter this school are among the cream from around the country. It is for this reason that this loss assumes such gravity as it has robbed the country of potential future leaders of distinction.

Dr. Mumba joins all Zambians in mourning these students and pray for God’s comfort for their kith and kin as they pass through this dark cloud and may the souls of the dear departed rest in peace.

Prayers and thoughts continue to be with the injured students and wish all of them God’s strength and quick recovery.


  1. Today I have believed what people say that when one abandons God, they go mad. Ati ‘MMD President’ . Which MMD ?

  2. … Hillcrest Technical Secondary School is very dear to Dr. Mumba as he was a student at this prestigious school from 1974 to 1978 for his Form 1 to Form 5 secondary school education and is aware that students who qualify to enter this school are among the cream from around the country…

    Yes we remember you there. All you picked were qualification papers but ZERO wisdom!

  3. Hillcrest, ‘Tech’ My beloved school. Sad to hear that, May God confort the families.

  4. Imwe ba Lt what do you want to prove by calling this fake pastor MMD President? Why cant you go to REGISTRA OF SOCIETIES and do a search to find out who is MMD President because as media houses you have obligation to report the truth not following this mad pastor. And what was this jezabero CHITIKA doing at this press conference instead of being in her constituency Kawambwa Campaigning she is busy following the man friend why did she force herself to stand if knew she can not do without NEVERS near her? fwabupuba NEVERS is doing he should know that he is a reject people have said to him even HH and the entire UPND does not think properly as politicians how do you embrace a reject what value does NEVERS MUMBA bring to their campaigns?

  5. JEZABERO CHITIKA kikikiki indeed she is how can she abandon her campaigns just to come and attend a press briefing by her boy friend who is behaving confused after MUTATI kicked him out of MMD Presidency which he was holding on to for fundraising purposes only not because he wanted MMD to go anywhere. The man is political serial killer and he wanted to kill MMD the way he did to his parties he formed but MMD is not for an individual it is a party which was formed out of serious reflection and consultations and this pastor was not even near he was busy prophesying that they will be blood shed in the country if people voted out UNIP and KK then. so this guy is full of falsehood and he is not ashamed of his lies but he claims to be man of God MAN OF GOD WHERE? The spirit of GOD…

  6. Dr Mumba, Please ignore the negative comments from people still practicing stone age politics. And with your wise leadership and maturity, I know you have ignored them

  7. Iwe CHANGWA what wisdom from this man, he has failed to unite his party and now jumps on UPND just for him get a job if HH wins elections its only that HH also chipuba politically he does not read between lines, IWE CHANGWA ask NEVERS where is his office now because he is not at MMD Secretariat the owners of the Party took over stop the nonsense of commenting on things you dont understand or know just shut you mouth changwa yours NEVERS MUMBA is just conman

  8. There appears now to be MMD-N and MMD-M. N for Nevers or NIX, and M for Mutati or MUDDLE. Registrar must be approached again…

  9. Iwe Nsimbi which school teaches wisdom? Or is it that you don’t know what wisdom means? Or are you doubting the ability of the great personalities that attended that great school? I miss my school and condolences to the school management and the bereaved family

  10. I have supported this man from victory ministries,his original party(NCC),and in MMD.But now batata mu UPND mwalaya mweka(in upnd you will go alone,i will not support you) cause now am tired of your marathorn journey in politics.ELC ekateka namonapo(i’ve only seen ELC as a true leader who mean well to zambians)

  11. When you claim to love God and use his name in vain hinders such results. He will give you anything and everything as his child. But once you go dark and allow money (30 pieces of silver) and become corrupt is when he will take everything away from you. Ba Nevers when you were hungry he gave you fish. Do you recall from the Bible when Simone and the disciples where fishing? Cast your net to the right side of the boat is what Jesus said to do. When they did they were unable to haul in the fish because it was too heavy. Ba Nevers you shifted to the right after all he gave you and the reason Jesus took everything away from you. Money became you joy and passion from Canada if you recall your half a million dollar scandal with your fellow fiends. Now your time is up!

  12. I commend Lusaka Times for correctly reporting Dr. Nevers Mumba as the MMD President. According to the MMD Constitution, his term of office ends in 2017. From public records, Mutati was expelled from the MMD party early this year. The word expelled means no longer a card carrying member of the MMD Party. Hence his membership was CANCELLED along with his expulsion. So how in the world can Mutati organize a convention of MMD members when he is not a member of the MMD? It’s impossible and anything he does in the name of MMD is impersonation.

    Secondly, Rupiah Banda is seriously confused. He retired from politics yet he is openly and fully engaged in backing Mutati and in organizing the sham convention along with Mutati. So this calls for his pension from Zambian taxpayers to be stopped…

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